Corruption concerns rise in local communities

Bribery charges tied to a series of construction projects in the city of Drammen have boosted fears that corruption in local communities is more widespread than believed. The charges in Drammen resulted this week in the third conviction so far. Th corruption scandal that has rocked Drammen, west of Oslo, continues to grow. Three people have […]

Prosecutor drops UD probe, for now

UPDATED: Norway’s state prosecutor (Statsadvokaten) was raising questions Friday about how the country’s foreign ministry (Utenriksdepartementet, UD) has handled a case involving the former Norwegian ambassador to Indonesia. The ambassador had secret romantic relationships with three Indonesian women during the course of his four years in the mostly Muslim nation, one of whom received NOK 1.4 million in […]

Scolded ambassador could face charges

Norway’s former ambassador to Indonesia was stripped of his title late last year and recalled to Oslo, after he was found to have been involved in supplying foreign aid funds to one of three mistresses he had in Jakarta. He still works as a diplomat for the foreign ministry in a high position, newspaper VG reported […]

‘Wonderboy’ set to log huge gain

Jo Lunder, once dubbed the “wonderboy” of Telenor who later was arrrested on corruption charges, may still live up to his nickname. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that Lunder is set to profit handsomely from his brief tenure at the Norwegian tech firm Evry. Lunder spent just eight months serving as Evry’s chairman in 2015, from March […]

Cop charged with corruption ‘must be acquitted’

The high-profile defense attorney for Eirik Jensen, once one of the Oslo Police District’s own most high-profile officers, likened his corruption trial to a “fairy tale” based on speculation and no concrete evidence. John Christian Elden claimed that Jensen’s former informant who turned against him, hash dealer Gjermund Cappelen, simply can’t be believed. “‘Once upon […]

Corruption defendants fight jail terms

Former top Oslo cop Eirik Jensen and his alleged informer, hash importer Gjermund Cappelen, were gearing up to fight lengthy jail terms sought by prosecutors as their marathon trial ended on Friday. Jensen should be sentenced to Norway’s maximum term of 21 years in prison, prosecutors told the court, while Cappelen should spend 18 years […]

Corruption concern grows at dairy

Norway’s large farmer-owned dairy co-op Tine, which controls 80 percent of the market for dairy products in the country, remains caught in a corruption investigation that expanded this week. The man at the center of the probe is no longer a top official at one of Tine’s main packaging suppliers, Tetra Pak, and now Tine has reported other concerns […]

Publishing firms fined for collusion

Norway’s four largest publishing companies (Aschehoug, Cappelen Damm, Gyldendal and the former Schibsted Forlag) have been fined NOK 32 million (USD 3.8 million) for what state competition authorities call “illegal cooperation.”  State officials at Konkurransetilsynet claimed that the publishing firms broke Norway’s competition law by “collectively boycotting” distributor Interpress, and sharing competitively sensitive information. Interpress […]

Corruption-plagued VimpelCom changes its name to VEON

The controversial telecoms firm VimpelCom that’s owned by Norwegian and Russian interests is changing its name to VEON. The name change comes after the company has faced serious charges of international corruption. Norway’s state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor currently owns 23.7 percent of VimpelCom’s shares. Telenor has also been in trouble for years over its VimpelCom […]

Tetra Pak’s rival reacts to tight Tine ties

The chief executive of Elopak said on Monday that he was “negatively surprised” by news that his company’s arch rival, Tetra Pak, is under investigation for allegedly bribing a top purchasing executive at Norwegian dairy conglomerate Tine. “We’ll have to see what comes out of this,” Niels Petter Wright of Elopak told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). In a lengthy […]