Crime unit probes bribery at Tine

A director at Norway’s dominant dairy conglomerate Tine was treated to travel, spa visits, gifts, 145 dinners and 246 rounds of drinks over a four-year period by a seller at Tetra Pak, the packaging firm that has Tine as its sole large customer in Norway. The alleged bribery was so massive that Tine opted to report it […]

Norway high and low on corruption list

Norway has once again ranked as being one of the world’s least corrupt countries, but wound up as the most corrupt country in Scandinavia and the Nordic area. That may be because all of Norway’s biggest companies, in which the state government owns substantial stakes, have faced corruption charges. “We’ve had some quite serious and […]

Convicted Yara executive appeals prison sentence

Ken Wallace, the former chief legal counsel for Oslo-based fertilizer and chemical company Yara International, has decided to appeal the seven-year jail term he received after being convicted of corruption. It’s up to the Supreme Court whether it will hear his appeal. Wallace, an American, was the only one of four former Yara executives who’d […]

More trouble for Telenor, in Bulgaria

Norway’s international telecoms firm Telenor has run into even more trouble at its overseas operations. This time the problems are in Bulgaria, where a police investigation is now underway into what the company calls “economic crime.” Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Friday that Telenor discovered shortly after buying its Bulgarian operation in 2013 that it […]

Yara’s nightmare draws to an end

One of Norway’s biggest companies, Yara International, may finally be able to heave a sigh of relief, after the last major appeals court action involving corruption at the fertilizer producer played out this week. It resulted in a lengthy prison term for Yara’s former chief legal counsel, the only one of the company’s former top executives to actually […]

Holidays not very happy at Telenor

A form of Norway’s much-cherished “julefred” (literally, Christmas peace) settled over Telenor the weekend, as it and other Norwegian companies recessed for year-end holidays. Most analysts and academics are not expecting a very happy New Year for Telenor, however, since its chief executive has been weakened by the board leader’s unsuccessful attempts to fire him, and her […]

Statoil faces new corruption probe

As Norway’s state-controlled oil firm Statoil wraps up another challenging year, it also faces a new state probe into possible corruption involving a high-ranking employee. Both he and the leader of a company doing business with Statoil, Norsk Helikopterservice, were arrested and charged last week. Newspapern Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the charges were filed by state […]

Former Bergen mayor cleared

Trude Drevland, the once-high-profile mayor of Bergen, won’t be indicted on corruption charges after all. Nor will Bergen’s former harbour director, Inge Tangerås, or the shipowner who was alleged to have bribed them both in connection with the launch of his new Bergen-based cruiseship. Drevland was forced to leave office and politics and Tangerås was suspended […]

Telenor bosses have called a ceasefire

Telenor’s embattled chief executive and the leader of its board put on a united front Wednesday, posing together after months of conflict and claiming they personally get along well. They deeply regretted, though, that the company was put through another round of turbulence and uncertainty while its divided leadership tried to “clean up” after a string of earlier […]

Brekke keeps his job at Telenor

Sigve Brekke has survived a reported attempt by the leader of Telenor’s board of directors to force his resignation as the company’s chief executive. Now speculation is swirling over whether she’ll survive months of top-level conflict and retain her post, after failing to win support from the rest of Telenor’s board. The troubled Oslo-based telecoms firm issued […]