Group to re-erect ‘Trollpikken’

An appalled but enthusiastic group of activists is determined that their local landmark, a stone formation called “Trollpikken” that resembled an erect penis, will rise again. Police are searching, meanwhile, for whoever literally cut it off over the weekend, with the culprits facing six years in prison for environmental vandalism if caught. Reaction has been swift after a […]

Corruption concerns rise in local communities

Bribery charges tied to a series of construction projects in the city of Drammen have boosted fears that corruption in local communities is more widespread than believed. The charges in Drammen resulted this week in the third conviction so far. Th corruption scandal that has rocked Drammen, west of Oslo, continues to grow. Three people have […]

Man gets maximum sentence for killing wife and her son

A 59-year-old man in Kirkenes, Northern Norway was sentenced Thursday to 21 years in prison, the country’s maximum term, for shooting his wife and her young son at close range where they had been sleeping. He appealed the conviction on the spot. The court ruled that the 12-year-old boy from Thailand was shot first in front […]

Teenage double murderer faces 10 years in prison

The family of a 48-year-old woman in Kristiansand who was stabbed to death when she intervened in another stabbing while out walking her dog is protesting the relatively short prison term facing the 16-year-old murderer. “How do we know he won’t do this again?” questioned the woman’s husband. “He shows no signs of remorse.” The […]

Rash of car fires sparks major probe

A police helicopter flew over Oslo during the night after eight more cars burst into flames around the city’s east side. Car fires, which also have blazed in Swedish cities, have spread to Norway and may be tied to earlier bursts of vandalism and violence against emergency crews. “We are putting a lot of resources […]

Farmer, co-op worker accused of fraud

An employee of Norway’s largest cooperative for producers of fruit and vegetables, Gartnerhallen, has admitted to gross misappropriation of funds and testified that he transferred nearly NOK 50 million to a farmer in Hedmark. The farmer claims he received the money as loans, and that it amounted to NOK 18 million, not NOK 50 million. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Bhatti ordered held in custody

An Oslo court has granted a police request to hold Islamist Arfan Bhatti in custody for another four weeks. He’s already been in prison since May 16, when he was arrested on charges of illegally acquiring weapons. Bhatti, age 39, denies he’s guilty of any offenses and claims his arrest and incarceration were politically motivated. He […]

Westerdals refunds the state

The private school Westerdals has settled a dispute with the state by agreeing to repay NOK 42 million in public funding that it should not have received. The amount was half what the state had initially demanded. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the school and the state struck a compromise after nearly two years of […]

Økokrim boss ‘takes criticism seriously’

The special economic crimes unit of Norway’s state police, Økokrim, was hit by more stinging criticism this week, this time over how it handled a lengthy case of alleged tax avoidance by the world’s largest offshore rig company. The unit charged with investigating everything from fraud to corruption in Norway also faces a political fight over its […]

Murder defendant delivers his version

After months of silence, a 59-year-old Norwegian man charged with murdering his Thai wife and her 12-year-old son began testifying publicly in court this week. He has admitted shooting both of them before turning his rifle on himself, but claims he wasn’t simply distraught over a looming divorce. The case has attracted widespread press covering in Norway, as […]