‘Lommedalen’ trial postponed

The state’s case against a mother who’s charged with failing to avert her daughter’s death by starvation was postponed for a week on Tuesday, after the mother herself all but collapsed in the courtroom. She was later admitted to a local hospital, apparently suffering from exhaustion. Defendant Camilla Lem Heggelund was driven away from the […]

Lommedalen tragedy unfolds in court

More than 70 people will be testifying in a courtroom in Gjøvik over the next four weeks, as the mother of a 13-year-old girl from the Oslo suburb of Lommedalen defends herself against charges that she let her daughter starve to death. State prosecutors claim she failed to get help for her daughter and actively […]

‘Russ’ season gets off to a violent start

Norway’s annual “russ” season, during which graduating high school students engage in hard partying, is now in full swing after the Easter holidays. Police from Bærum in the south to Finnmark in the north had to deal with wild parties during the weekend, and a large gathering in Bergen that went completely out of control. Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Organized begging unleashes anger

UPDATED: Officials from both ends of the political spectrum said they were angered and sad after state broadcaster NRK revealed Tuesday night how many Romanian beggars in Norway appear to be part of criminal organizations that also engage in prostitution, theft and drug dealing. The Romanian men in charge even flaunt ill-gotten gains on social media, including lots […]

Banks set up ‘digital defense center’

Nordic banks have agreed to mount a common front against cyber attacks, in the form of what they’re calling a “digital defense center” based in Oslo. The effort will build on the Norwegian finance industry’s competence center, Finans-CERT. It was established by the banking and insurance companies’ trade association Finans Norge in 2012 to help defend the […]

Thieves prepared for summer season

Two men spotted on surveillance cameras broke into a branch of the optician retail chain Synsam during the night. Police reported they made off with a load of sunglasses, valued at as much as NOK 200,000 (USD 24,000). The thieves managed to spring the sliding glass doors leading into the shop at Strømmen Center in […]

Passports needed for trips to Sweden

The terrorist attack that stunned Sweden heading into the weekend has prompted the country to tighten border control. That means Norwegians also need to take their passports with them when crossing the border, even for just an Easter week daytrip for shopping. “My general advice is that everyone traveiling to and from Sweden should have […]

Asylum seekers convicted of gang rape

Three young asylum seekers in Norway have been convicted and sentenced to prison for up to six years, after being found guilty of raping a woman when she was on her way home from the Kongsberg Jazz Festival last summer.  The three men were sentenced to jail terms of four years and nine months, five years […]

Islamist sentenced to ‘historic’ jail term

UPDATED: The Oslo City Court sentenced one of Norway’s most high-profile Islamists, Ubaydullah Hussain, to nine years in prison on Tuesday for having been a member of the terror organization ISIL and recruiting others to join it. Legal experts called the sentence “historic” because it’s the first to address illegal participation in a terrorist organization, and sets […]

Corruption concern grows at dairy

Norway’s large farmer-owned dairy co-op Tine, which controls 80 percent of the market for dairy products in the country, remains caught in a corruption investigation that expanded this week. The man at the center of the probe is no longer a top official at one of Tine’s main packaging suppliers, Tetra Pak, and now Tine has reported other concerns […]