Drunk diplomat faces expulsion

Norway’s Foreign Ministry claims it’s following up on a police report that a Russian diplomat was driving under the influence of alcohol when he collided two weeks ago with a parked car in Oslo’s Frogner district. Frogner is home to many foreign embassies, but may not be so for long for the diplomat involved. Oslo […]

Officials crack down on school violence

Three government ministers, top politicians from the City of Oslo and the Norwegian capital’s chief of police were among those sitting down for a meeting in Oslo on Wednesday to tackle the rising problem of violence in local schools. They settled on stronger reaction and punishments, including swifter expulsions. Those causing the most trouble in […]

Artist Odd Nerdrum wins royal pardon

Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum, convicted of tax evasion in several courts and facing a year in prison, has received a royal pardon from King Harald V. No reason for the unusual pardon was given, after the government had relented and forwarded Nerdrum’s pardon application to the palace. “Odd Nerdrum was pardoned by royal resolution on […]

Rape sentence cut on appeal

An appeals court in Bærum west of Oslo reduced the prison term handed a 41-year-old man from Poland following his conviction for raping a woman in her 70s. She was attacked while out hiking in the local forest known as Bærumsmarka last year. The local court (Asker og Bærum tingrett) sentenced the man to five […]

Trial starts over teenager and his bomb

A 17-year-old refugee from the Northern Caucasus went on trial in Oslo Monday, charged with possession of dangerous explosives after he set off a major bomb scare in Oslo’s Grønland district last spring. The teenager has, however, avoided being hit with terrorism charges. “He is incredibly glad that he’s not under terror indictment,” his defense […]

Bridge champs hit by jail terms

Many Norwegians were unaware that they could claim two of the world’s best bridge players, until both were convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to jail last week. They were accused of failing to declare their income, which was so high that it had long failed to qualify as proceeds from a tax-free hobby. “I’m […]

Concerns for animals rise again

Never before have state animal protection authorities received so many complaints about the owners of both pets and livestock in Norway. Many more of those responsible for animals also were fined, reported to police or legally denied the right to own animals. Newspaper Aftenposten reported this week that the state agency responsible for animal welfare, […]

School violence ‘shocks’ minister

Norway’s acting state education minister was calling on Thursday for an emergency meeting after reports of violence at a high school in Oslo. It’s the latest example of violence at schools in the Norwegian capital, now so bad that the high school’s rector involved said he no longer could offer either teachers or students a […]

Woman held on murder charges

A judge in Kristiansand ordered that a woman in her 40s be held in custody for at least four weeks, two of them in complete isolation, while police continue to investigate murder charges filed against her. She’s accused of killing two men, with one of the alleged murders taking place 15 years ago. The woman, […]

‘Hash baron’ appeals his prison term

Gjermund Cappelen, Norway’s so-called former “hash baron” who was sentenced to prison last week along with a former Oslo police officer, has decided to appeal his 15-year prison term. His defense attorney claims they both feel the sentence is too long and too strict. Cappelen was sentenced along with the former “top cop” Eirik Jensen, […]