Publishing firms fined for collusion

Norway’s four largest publishing companies (Aschehoug, Cappelen Damm, Gyldendal and the former Schibsted Forlag) have been fined NOK 32 million (USD 3.8 million) for what state competition authorities call “illegal cooperation.”  State officials at Konkurransetilsynet claimed that the publishing firms broke Norway’s competition law by “collectively boycotting” distributor Interpress, and sharing competitively sensitive information. Interpress […]

High court rejects child murderer’s appeal

Norway’s highest court has rejected an appeal from a Lithuanian man convicted of murdering the young daughter of his former Lithuanian partner in her home outside Bergen. The death of eight-year-old Monika Sviglinskaja received broad media coverage, also because local police initially determined that the child had committed suicide. After a whistleblower and public outcry prodded […]

Inmate who murdered pedophile convict faces more charges

A 55-year-old Norwegian prison inmate who has admitted to murdering a fellow prisoner convicted of numerous sexual assaults on children has confessed to two attempted murders of other inmates as well. He also has clarified his motive. “The motive was his irritation against the men convicted of assaults,” his defense attorney Oscar Ihlebæk told newspaper […]

Police probe string of false bomb threats

Several schools around Norway all received bomb threats from a man speaking English on Wednesday. The schools were all evacuated and no bombs were found. “The schools all received the same sort of threatening phone call in the same period of time,” Gisle Småge of the Sør-Øst Police District told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). He said it […]

Asylum center leader charged with sexual assault

A leader of several asylum centers in Norway has been charged and jailed on suspicion of having sexually assaulted more than a dozen children under the age of 16. Newspaper Dagbladet reported that police believe the children who’ve been assaulted can include refugee children living at the asylum centers. The man charged denies any criminal liability, according to […]

Norway considers jailing pedophiles separately

As registered sexual assaults on children continue to rise in Norway and worldwide, calls are going out to jail Norwegian pedophiles separately from other prisoners. They’re said to rank lowest within the prison population and can be subjected to attacks or worse. Debate rose this week after a 55-year-old Norwegian man, who’d been convicted of repeated attacks on […]

Court dumps Breivik’s prison complaint

UPDATED: Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is not being subjected to prison conditions that violate his human rights, according to an appeals court decision handed down on Wednesday. Breivik lost on all counts but his attorney is already vowing to appeal. The decision from Norway’s Borgarting lagmannsrett cleared Norwegian state authorities of any violations of […]

Selje Hotel owner admits to setting it on fire

The owner and manager of the Selje Hotel near Norway’s West Cape has admitted to setting the property ablaze, apparently in the hopes of cashing in on insurance. Police describe his arson method as “relatively advanced” and believe his two brothers were involved. All three men have been jailed and charged with arson and insurance fraud. […]

Serial sex offender killed in prison

A 58-year-old man who was an inmate in one of Norway’s high-security prisons was killed during the weekend by a fellow inmate. It was the first murder inside a Norwegian prison since 1982. The victim, identified as Christian Alexander Borge, had been convicted of a series of sexual assaults on children. A representative for prison employees […]

Convicted murderer pardoned in Congo

Joshua French, the former British-Norwegian soldier who’s been serving both death and life sentences for the murders of a Congolese taxi driver and his former business partner Tjostolv Moland, has been pardoned by the justice minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo. French’s mother can claim a major share of the victory in getting her son released after nearly eight […]