Catholic diocese convicted of fraud

The Oslo City Court has found the Catholic diocese in Norway’s capital guilty of fraud, after ruling in a criminal case that it illegally inflated its membership numbers and thus received excessive amounts of public funding. The court acquitted a former church official of criminal charges, but ordered the diocese to pay a fine of NOK 2 […]

Suspect released after terror scare

A 26-year-old Norwegian charged with unleashing a terror alarm at a regional airport heading into the weekend was released from police custody on Sunday. Police and prosecutors saw no danger he’d tamper with any evidence or set off a new scare. He remains charged with filing a false alarm that led to major disruption at […]

Woman convicted for poisoning husband

A 30-year-old woman was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for lacing her husband’s food with mouse poison on 12 occasions. The court ruled she attempted to murder him eight times. The woman, who laced her husband’s breakfast food with the poison, claimed she never meant to kill her husband, only to injure […]

Man admits to 17-year-old rapes

A 42-year-old man in Oslo who was indicted for raping two girls, ages six and seven, in 2000 has admitted to the assaults as his trial began in Oslo. One of his victims, now in her early 20s, testified that she still has nightmares. “I think about what happened almost every day and still have […]

Threats lodged against city politician

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg of the Greens Party has received so many threats from angry city residents that the City of Oslo is reporting them to the police. News bureau NTB reported that Berg, who’s in charge of transport and environmental issues for Oslo’s Labour-Greens-Socialist Left city government, has repeatedly received letters threatening her with […]

Sexual harassment complaints soar

Nearly 500 actresses in Norway have signed a petitition complaining of sexual harassment on the job, with many of them anonymously sharing details of the harassment and assaults they’ve suffered personally. The petition is the latest in a wave of complaints from women working in the media, academia and business in Norway, set off by […]

Ex-con sentenced to death writes a book

Joshua French, the British-Norwegian soldier convicted first of murdering a taxi driver in the Democratic Republic of Congo and then for killing his partner Tjostolv Moland in prison, has emerged from seclusion after returning to Norway in May. Norwegian officials had persuaded the Congolese to release him for health reasons and now French says he’s […]

Cleared executive claims compensation

Jo Lunder, the former CEO of VimpelCom who was cleared of charges tied to the massive corruption scandal at the company, is now demanding more than NOK 30 million in compensation from the state. Lunder feels the state should reimburse him for lost salary and bonus during the two-year investigation against him. Lunder also claims […]

Breivik inspires right-wing terror

After an autumn in which Norwegian media have deplored a rash of deadly mass shootings in the US, commentators often neglect to mention that the deadliest ever occurred just outside Oslo. Now comes news that Norway’s home-grown ultra-right-wing terrorist reportedly has inspired at least three attacks against Muslims in France. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the […]

Man fired shots in downtown Oslo

A man in his 20s suddenly started shooting with a revolver at buildings around Stortorvet, one of Oslo’s central squares, on Sunday morning. Police launched a massive response and managed to apprehend him before anyone was wounded. “He was screaming and started heading towards Domkirken (Oslo’s cathedral, which is located on the square),” one witness […]