Convict Toska now serving time at home

David Toska, described as the criminal mastermind of a spectacular and deadly commando robbery in Stavanger in 2004, is now being allowed to serve his prison time at his home in Bergen. Newspaper VG reports that Toska has also started a job training program at a company called Lean Business. Toska, age 41, was convicted and […]

Man charged in woman’s death

UPDATED: A 38-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder on Tuesday after a woman was found dead in a car on County Road RV33 at Feiring on the eastern shore of Lake Mjøsa. The man was arrested at the scene early Tuesday morning, after the car had run off the road. Police had received a report […]

Bossy swan put to death

UPDATED: An aggressive swan that attacked a little girl at a harbour in Western Norway earlier this summer has been put to death. Newspaper VG reported Thursday morning that local authorities acted after the swan went on the attack once again, but now the local politicians in charge are facing death threats as well. The male swan had been […]

Three jailed after shootings in Oslo

Three of four men arrested after shootings on the streets of Oslo on Thursday were ordered held in custody by a local city court over the weekend. Police believe the shootings are tied to several earlier violent incidents in the Norwegian capital. The shootings left two men seriously wounded, one of whom staggered out of […]

Shootings shake Oslo

Oslo Police were dealing with two shootings on the streets of Oslo Thursday morning, one at heavily trafficked Majorstuen and the other at Etterstad on Oslo’s east side. It was not immediately clear whether the shootings, unusual in Norway, were related but police suspected they were. Police first cordoned off an area along one of the […]

Teen dies after grocery store stabbings

UPDATED: A 17-year-old girl working at a Coop Obs grocery store in Kristiansand was fatally stabbed while on duty Wednesday evening by a 15-year-old runaway from a juvenile detention facility. A second person, described by police as a 23-year-old woman, was also stabbed in the incident that set off chaos at the regional shopping center. Police confirmed the […]

Women behind racist attacks in Bergen

Police in Bergen received reports during the weekend that two young Norwegian women were verbally and physically attacking people with non-Nordic features. “She said she was a racist and didn’t like foreigners,” one young Palestinian victim told state broadcaster NRK on Sunday. “I’ve never experienced anything like it before,” Sharif Nidal, who has lived in Norway for seven […]

Norway tones down July 22 memorials

Quieter, less elaborate memorials were held over the weekend for victims and survivors of attacks by an ultra right-wing nationalist who killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, 2011. Prime Minister Erna Solberg stresssed, however, that it was important to show that neither the victims, the survivors nor their families are forgotten. “For us, the 22nd of […]

Police search for armed assailant

Police in Oslo were still searching on Sunday for an armed man who shot another man in broad daylight in Oslo’s Grünerløkka district late Saturday afternoon. A passerby who’s a doctor probably saved the victim’s life, tending to his gunshot wound until an ambulance arrived.  Dr Svein Sande, age 45, was walking home when a screaming and […]

Police probe cattle injuries

A cattle owner in Valdres has reported injuries suffered by 10 of his free-grazing cattle to police after the animals were found bloody and with deep cuts earlier this week. One cow had to have her tail amputated and it’s feared someone has intentionally abused the small herd. Farmer Embrik Før of Vestre Slidre found his herd injured and […]