Murder charges dropped against ex-neo-Nazi

Police in Oslo no longer think that a 55-year-old former neo-Nazi who once was convicted of murders in Hadeland was also responsible for the murder of a 39-year-old man in the valley of Maridalen last month. Johnny Olsen remains charged, however, with desecrating a corpse. The smoldering remains of the 39-year-old were found by hikers […]

Appeals court trims terror convict’s jail term

A 34-year-old Norwegian man from the small town of Verdal in Trøndelag was sentenced on Tuesday to seven years and three months in jail, after being convicted of joining the terror organization ISIL and planning terrorist attacks with ISIL members. The appeals court ruling is three months shorter than a sentence handed down last November […]

Teenage murder suspect ‘tried to hide’

The Bjørgvin Prison in Bergen set off full police alarms Monday evening after guards suddenly lost sight of a 17-year-old murder suspect in their custody. He jumped over one of two fences surrounding the prison’s recreation yard but was later found, still on prison grounds. It was initially feared that the teenage boy, who has […]

17-year-old admits to killing girl, 13

A 17-year-old boy from the small town of Varhaug on Norway’s West Coast has admitted to killing a 13-year-old girl in the same small town. He now claims she was a random victim. The murder of 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegård shocked the small town and left Ødegård’s parents desperate to know who killed their daughter, and […]

‘Russ’ culture taken over by business

Horror stories about Norwegian high school seniors called “russ” going amok in southern climes this summer have been dominating local media. Calls are now going out for their schools to take control of Norway’s rowdy russ culture, and out of the hands of commercial business interests. “It’s very easy to sell to this group of […]

Teenaged murder suspect breaks his silence

Police were finally able to question a 17-year-old Norwegian boy charged with murdering another young teenager last week, and get some answers. “We are now satisfied that we finally have a dialogue with the defendant,” Bjørn Kåre Dahl of the Sørvest Police District told news bureau NTB. The 17-year-old, now being held at a prison […]

‘Russ’ take partying and brawls abroad

Norway’s notorious high school seniors known as “russ” have landed in trouble this summer, after exporting their rowdiness and rivalries to holiday spots in the Mediterranean. Hotel, restaurant and bar owners on the Greek islands of Kos and Ios have had their fill of young Norwegians “who feel they have a right to do what […]

Teen murder suspect won’t talk

Police confirm that they now know where 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegaard was killed, but won’t reveal the location. The 17-year-old charged with her murder, meanwhile, is refusing to answer any more questions and has been transferred to Bjørgvin Prison in Bergen. “He stands by his original statement,” the police wrote in a press release just before […]

Five more Norwegian teens arrested in Greece

Young Norwegian men have been causing trouble on Greek islands this summer. State broadcaster NRK reported Sunday that five more were arrested on the island of Ios, and charged with beating and breaking the legs of another Norwegian 18-year-old. NRK reported that Norwegian youth say that fights have broken out nearly every day during the […]

Autopsy confirms teen’s murder

Police in Rogaland County on Norway’s West Coast finally confirmed on Wednesday that 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegård was indeed murdered while walking home Sunday evening in the small town of Varhaug. Autopsy results confirmed the murder, but police still won’t say how she died. Ødegård’s body was found just 150 meters from her home, on a […]