Woman held on murder charges

A judge in Kristiansand ordered that a woman in her 40s be held in custody for at least four weeks, two of them in complete isolation, while police continue to investigate murder charges filed against her. She’s accused of killing two men, with one of the alleged murders taking place 15 years ago. The woman, […]

‘Hash baron’ appeals his prison term

Gjermund Cappelen, Norway’s so-called former “hash baron” who was sentenced to prison last week along with a former Oslo police officer, has decided to appeal his 15-year prison term. His defense attorney claims they both feel the sentence is too long and too strict. Cappelen was sentenced along with the former “top cop” Eirik Jensen, […]

School ordered to refund students’ fees

A private communications school that overcharged tuition and landed in various other trouble was ordered on Wednesday to refund nearly NOK 30 million to former students. The crushing verdict against the former Westerdals School of Communication was handed down by the Oslo City Court. “All the students are overjoyed,” their representative Erling Løken Andersen told state broadcaster […]

Experts justify Jensen’s jail term

Norway’s longest prison term of 21 years is rarely handed out and even convicted murderers have been known to avoid it. Questions have thus arisen over how it could apply to police officer Eirik Jensen, convicted of accepting bribes amounting to less than USD 100,000 and protecting a hash smuggler, but legal experts claim important […]

Police pressured to probe corruption

UPDATED: Oslo Police Chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold has admitted there were “several indications” that Eirik Jensen, one of the police force’s most trusted and high-profile officers, didn’t follow instructions for dealing with informants. Jensen now faces 21 years in prison after being convicted of corruption, and the soul-searching among his colleagues and superiors is well underway: […]

Families disappointed over murderer’s mild punishment

The families of two people murdered by a 16-year-old boy in Kristiansand last winter were surprised and disappointed that his appeal of protective custody was granted. The young murderer was instead handed an 11-year jail term, likely to be served at a juvenile detention facility with parole in just seven years. The 16-year-old stabbed another […]

‘Hash baron,’ cop guilty as charged

The largest police scandal in Norway since World War II  reached a dramatic climax on Monday when the Oslo City Court handed down the country’s  toughest punishment, 21 years in prison, to veteran police officer Eirik Jensen. The so-called “hash baron” whom Jensen was convicted of protecting and abetting for years, Gjermund Cappelen, was sentenced to a shorter jail term of 15 […]

Island murder suspect sent to psychiatric institution

A man who took a local ferry to an island just off Oslo, proceeded to vandalize property and then beat a local cottage owner to death has been ordered held in remand custody. He was, however, immediately transferred from police custody to a psychiatric institution. The murder shocked the local community on Nakholmen, known as an idyllic island […]

Vandalism preceded murder on island

UPDATED: More details have emerged over a murder this week on the otherwise idyllic island of Nakholmen in the Oslo Fjord that has stunned its small holiday-oriented community. On Thursday the island was teeming with police after a local cottage owner in his 50s was murdered near its ferry dock. Shocked witnesses told newspaper Aftenposten Friday that they’d […]

Police probe attempted ‘honour killing’

The mother and father of an 18-year-old girl are charged with attempted murder after their daughter was stabbed and severely wounded in what police think was a case of “honour killing.” Four of her siblings are also charged in the case but all deny criminal responsibility and have objected to being held in custody. News bureau NTB […]