More unrest hits Oslo neighbourhoods

Emergency crews in Oslo were called out several times during the night after reports that three cars were found ablaze in the Vestli district of Oslo. Police believe the fires were intentionally set, and won’t rule out connections to earlier youth violence in the same area, and at nearby Stovner. Police were called out at […]

Neighbour dispute lands vandal in jail

A Norwegian man living on the fashionable island of Nesøya outside Oslo was sentenced to 60 days in jail after he literally sawed his neighbour’s tool shed in half, claiming it extended onto his property. The 43-year-old defendant, an investor and hedge fund manager educated in England, was also charged with choppig down two of […]

Trial begins into 15-year-old murder

Egil Tostrup Bråten, a young man from Hedmark who moved to Oslo to study and work, was found stabbed to death just outside his own downtown apartment building in 2002. Police never gave up trying to find out who murdered him, and the defendants’ trial began in the Oslo City Court this week. “It’s fantastic that the […]

Supreme Court rejects Breivik’s appeal

Norway’s Supreme Court (Høyesterett) has rejected mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s appeal that his prison conditions have been too strict and undignified. Now his attorney says he’ll make a last-ditch appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Breivik was convicted in 2012 and sentenced to 21 years of special custody that can be […]

Tourist from India jailed for speeding

The father of a family from India who was on holiday in Norway last weekend is now sitting in jail in scenic Lofoten, charged with reckless driving and excessive speed on one of the archipelago’s narrow roads. He was caught driving 107kph (64mph) in a 50-zone (30mph) and police seized his driver’s license on the spot. “Completely […]

Two charged in weapons case

A 37-year-old man has been charged with illegal receipt and storage of weapons in the same case as radical Islamist Arfan Bhatti, who also has been charged and held in custody since mid-May. The 37-year-old, who runs a small messenger service in Oslo, has acknowledged having taken possession of and stored weapons that were found by police. Newspaper VG recently […]

Huge suit against DNB can proceed

Norway’s consumer council (Forbrukerrådet) won a green light on Friday to move foward with a massive class-action lawsuit against Norway’s biggest bank, DNB. The council, on behalf of DNB customers, is demanding that the highly profitable state-controlled bank refund NOK 690 million in fees charged on its investment funds. “We are happy and relieved,” Jorge Jensen, […]

More arrests and another fire linked to youth unrest

Police in Oslo made two more arrests this week after several nights marred by violence and arson in the east- and southeast districts of Groruddalen and Søndre Nordstrand. Police haven’t managed to halt the vandalism, though, with another fire reported close to Fossum Church at Stovner. Just minutes after the fire in the northern end of Groruddalen, […]

Ferry fire survivors disappointed again

One of the passengers who survived a fire onboard the car-and passenger ferry Scandinavian Star 27 years ago was among those disappointed again by the latest report on the blaze that killed 159 others. It concluded that there was no evidence of sabotage or arson that was economically motivated. The report by a commission appointed by […]

Disputed au pair program to continue

The Norwegian government has secured a majority in Parliament for its intention to maintain the country’s disputed au pair program. The program has resulted in many young women from the Philippines working as low-paid domestic servants in Norway, instead of functioning as the cultural exchange it was intended to be, and that’s made it a target of strong criticism. Despite […]