Prisoner sentenced for killing fellow inmate

A 56-year-old Norwegian-Polish man faces life in prison after he was found fuilty of planning and carrying out the murder of a fellow inmate while already serving a 17-year sentence for murder. A court in Ringerike has now sentenced the man to Norway’s most severe sentence of 21 years with forvaring, which means it can […]

More politicians in trouble over sex

UPDATED: A high-ranking Member of Parliament for the Progress Party withdrew from all his positions on Wednesday, five years after he sent hard-core pornographic photos to young male party members in his home community in Østfold. A former local politician for the Christian Democrats in Hordaland, meanwhile, pleaded guilty this week to having sex with […]

Police search for missing mother of two

Police in the small Norwegian town of Brumundal in Hedmark County got assistance from civil defense forces and state investigators during the weekend, as they searched for a 36-year-old mother of two who’s been missing since a holiday party on the night of December 28. The woman, Janne Jemtland, disappeared from her family’s home after […]

Police track down party vandals

Police in Romerike northeast of Oslo have launched a major investigation into who was behind a wild party at a local home that ended with the house being trashed by vandals. One minor has admitted to the damage he caused, and police are tracking down others via social media. Police were called to the house […]

Norway may stop sending prisoners to the Netherlands

Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen announced just before the Christmas holidays that Norway’s conservative government may let its agreement to lease cells at a prison in the Netherlands expire next fall. Amundsen said the extra jail space was no longer needed. “The waiting lists for convicts needing to serve time in jail have been cut back,” […]

First man convicted in Tysfjord assaults

A man in his 40s from the small but traumatized community of Tysfjord in Northern Norway was sentenced on Monday to five-and-a-half years in prison for sexually assaulting five women. His case is the first of at least 150, after a police investigation finally uncovered a culture of abuse and assault in Tysfjord stretching back […]

Catholic diocese convicted of fraud

The Oslo City Court has found the Catholic diocese in Norway’s capital guilty of fraud, after ruling in a criminal case that it illegally inflated its membership numbers and thus received excessive amounts of public funding. The court acquitted a former church official of criminal charges, but ordered the diocese to pay a fine of NOK 2 […]

Suspect released after terror scare

A 26-year-old Norwegian charged with unleashing a terror alarm at a regional airport heading into the weekend was released from police custody on Sunday. Police and prosecutors saw no danger he’d tamper with any evidence or set off a new scare. He remains charged with filing a false alarm that led to major disruption at […]

Woman convicted for poisoning husband

A 30-year-old woman was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for lacing her husband’s food with mouse poison on 12 occasions. The court ruled she attempted to murder him eight times. The woman, who laced her husband’s breakfast food with the poison, claimed she never meant to kill her husband, only to injure […]

Man admits to 17-year-old rapes

A 42-year-old man in Oslo who was indicted for raping two girls, ages six and seven, in 2000 has admitted to the assaults as his trial began in Oslo. One of his victims, now in her early 20s, testified that she still has nightmares. “I think about what happened almost every day and still have […]