Customs agents score huge drug bust

A large truck from the Netherlands that was stopped in a routine border control was found to be carrying narcotics valued at around NOK 100 million (USD 13 million). It’s the biggest single drug seizure in Norway ever. The semi-trailer was otherwise carrying 32 crates of the plastic clogs known as Crocs. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

Corrupt farmer jailed, co-op criticized

A farmer from Hedmark County has been convicted of swindling the agricultural cooperative of which he was a member, Gartnerhallen, for NOK 45.6 million. He was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay back the money, much of which he spent on luxury automobiles. The co-op, meanwhile, has been criticized for lacking […]

Norwegian arrested in Colombia

A Norwegian man who served prison time in Norway on narcotics charges before moving to South America has been arrested along with 12 others in Colombia, suspected of being part of a major cocaine-smuggling league. The young man, who has not been identified in line with Norwegian press guidelines, has been charged as one of […]

Martine’s family still seeking justice

It’s been 10 years since Martine Vik Magnussen, a 23-year-old student from an affluent Norwegian family, was found raped and murdered in London. The only suspect, her classmate Farouk Abdulhak with whom she’d been seen leaving a London nightclub, fled the UK before police could arrest him. Now both her family and Scotland Yard are appealing […]

Five arrested after Oslo shootings

Oslo Police have arrested five men in connection with two shootings in the capital late Sunday night and early Monday morning. All are believed to have ties to one of the city’s gangs called B-gjengen. Police had already reported that they believed the shootings were “part of a clash in a criminal milieu,” according to […]

Ex-Congo prisoner tells a new story

UPDATED: Joshua French, the British-Norwegian who was held on murder charges in Congo until his state-negotiated release last year, now claims he and his late business partner Tjostolv Moland were “agents” on assignment in Congo when they were arrested in 2009. They were charged with murdering their taxi driver, but French claims the driver was […]

Telescopes stolen from observatory

Thieves set their sights on Norway’s venerable Solobservatoriet north of Oslo this week, stealing several large and heavy telescopes worth around NOK 100,000. The old but popular observatory is accessible only via lengthy forest roads, making the thieves’ getaway risky but apparently successful. The culprits broke into the observatory, located in the hills of Hadeland […]

Bribery indictments hit Tine, Tetra Pak

A long-time purchasing director for Norway’s dominant dairy cooperative, Tine, has been indicted on charges he knowingly accepted bribes and then tried to hide it from the rest of Tine’s management. He now must defend himself against charges of aggravated corruption. An official of the packaging firm Tetra Pak Norge, which supplies drink cartons to […]

Police raided brokerage firm

Investigators from Norway’s economic crimes unit Økokrim have raided the offices of brokerage firm Nordic Securities in Oslo and Bergen, and charged several people working for the firm. They acted after state financial authority Finanstilsynet filed a complaint, and arrests were made last week. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Wednesday that authorities claim the brokerage firm […]

Drunk staffer expelled from Olympics

A Norwegian man who was part of the Olympic teams’ support staff was arrested by police in PyeongChang late Monday night after he caused trouble while intoxicated. He was in the process of being sent home on Wednesday amidst apologies from the head of the Norwegian Olympic troop. “It’s deeply unfortunate that such things can […]