US troop build-up raises tensions

Norwegian politicians from the ruling Conservative Party are offering different versions of why the US is suddenly using a base in Northern Norway for surveillance flights in the Arctic. Russian officials, meanwhile, have called build-ups of US troops and military equipment elsewhere in Norway “clearly unfriendly,” and threatened that it won’t occur “without consequences.” Announcements […]

Government open to more US troops

The Norwegian government is clearing the way for many more US troops and pilots to be stationed on Norwegian soil and flying in and out of airfields at Rygge in the south and Andøya in the north. Critics were quick to blast plans that can double the number of American soldiers training with Norwegians in […]

NATO can tune out Norway’s DAB radio

Thousands of ordinary Norwegian citizens aren’t the only ones frustrated and dissatisfied after Norway’s forced transition to DAB radio. It meant shutting down FM radio, and now NATO may find itself in conflict with the civilian DAB frequencies it was granted for exercises in Norway. Norwegian politicians and authorities were reportedly warned before they imposed […]

Battlelines drawn in debate over army

The Norwegian Army is the target of a defense debate that’s recently fired up in Parliament. Even the Socialist Left party (SV), which isn’t known for being a fan of NATO or the military, worries that the army has become the victim of a massive defense reorganization and too much spending on new fighter jets. […]

US’ NATO envoy challenges Norway

UPDATED: Not only has US President Donald Trump pitted his country against its longtime allies in the G7, there’s also rising discord between the US and its allies in NATO. Norway is caught in the cross-fire once again, with Trump’s ambassador to NATO now claiming Norway should be among the first to reach NATO’s own […]

Huge NATO exercise gets bigger

An additional 5,000 soldiers are now due to take part this autumn in the largest NATO exercise held in Norway since the Cold War. It’s set to involve around 40,000 soldiers from 30 countries. Brynjar Stordal of the Norwegian defense department’s operative headquarters confirmed to news bureau NTB this week that NATO has increased the […]

‘With respect and deep gratitude’

PHOTO FEATURE: The weather could only be described as glorious when Norwegians gathered in Oslo on Liberation Day to remember their military veterans and war heroes on the 73rd anniversary of Norway’s liberation from Nazi German occupation. Merchant marine veterans were given the credit they also deserved, at an outdoor ceremony fittingly held on the […]

Convoy heroes win overdue acclaim

Ships were decorated, canons boomed at noon, flags flew and memorials were planned all over the country when Norway celebrated both Liberation- and Veterans’ Day on Tuesday. Among those finally receiving more official attention were the thousands of Norwegian merchant seafarers who crewed the dangerous convoys that brought critical supplies to Great Britain, but who […]

Search suspended for man overboard

A young crew member on board the Norwegian Coast Guard ship KV Nordkapp was reported missing over the weekend and is believed to have fallen or been swept overboard into the icy Barents Sea. A major search on Saturday and Sunday was eventually called off. “The missing person is a young male crew member who […]

‘Musical ambassadors’ head for Oslo

The Norwegian Military Tattoo will get underway for the 14th time this weekend, when Norway’s defense department will be welcoming marching bands and other military music corps to the Oslo Spektrum arena from April 20-22. The event is billed as a major international attraction, with 850 participants from eight countries. Among them are members of […]