The Alliance strikes back under Jens

NATO, the world’s largest defense alliance, is not “obsolete,” according to the former Norwegian prime minister leading it, Jens Stoltenberg. He’s had to be on the defensive himself this week, after more unexpected rumblings from the man moving into the White House on Friday, Donald Trump, but the unflappable Stoltenberg seems to be taking it all in stride. Stoltenberg […]

US Marines have landed in Norway

As expected, 300 members of the US Marine Corps landed at Værnes airport in Trondheim on Monday, part of a so-called Marine Rotation Force Europe. Their leader, Colonel Douglas Bruun, said it was “outstanding” to be in Norway and he thought the January weather was “perfect.” “The snow and cold weather is exactly what we’re […]

Russia reacts to any missile defense aid

Russia is not at all happy that the Norwegian government is studying how it can contribute to NATO’s controversial missile defense system. Newspaper Klassekampen reported Thursday that the Russian Embassy in Oslo has reacted “sharply” and says it will be forced to mount a military response. Klassekampen reported last weekend that Norway was on its way to becoming […]

MPs debate lessons from Afghanistan

The Norwegian government and Members of Parliament (MPs) finally took time in the New Year to study and debate Norway’s lengthy participation in the war in Afghanistan. Most agree, at least, on one conclusion from a critical report by experts last year: Norway proved itself to be a good and reliable ally of the US, which led the […]

No new medals for World War heroes

The Norwegian government was catching flak this week for once again refusing to award medals to many World War II veterans, especially resistance forces that were attached to the communist movement at the time. Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide could choose from more than 1,200 candidates submitted by experts and the public, but opted against giving any of them the country’s […]

Drones spied on military exercises

Unidentified drones plagued military exercises in Sweden this week and now some joint training operations between Norwegian and US forces have been marred as well. At least 10 drones are believed to have carried out surveillance of military exercises from Østerdalen in the south to Troms in the North. “We don’t know who’s behind this activity,” Lt Col […]

Trump sends chill through defense

Of all the issues worrying Norwegian officials the most, as they come to grips with a Trump Administration in the US, defense policy tops the list. Trade and relations with Russia are close behind, along with a host of other concerns, but Trump’s earlier criticism of NATO and his suggestions that he won’t recognize NATO’s […]

Lights to go out at Andøya air base

After months of debate, Norway’s government parties reached agreement with the opposition Labour Party on a new long-term defense plan that includes more funding but will also shut down the air base at Andøya in Northern Norway. “A day of sorrow for Andøya, defense forces and democracy in Norway,” claimed the head of the base’s officers’ federation. […]

More submarine sightings reported

Norway’s civilian coastal population has been busy in recent weeks, reporting a series of new sightings of what may be foreign submarines in Norwegian waters. Defense officials confirmed they’ve been alerted to several sightings during the past month, and called the public’s reports “highly reliable” yet non-alarmist. Major Elisabeth Eikeland of the defense department’s operative headquarters in Bodø […]

Russia objects to US troops in Norway

Russia’s foreign ministry made it clear Thursday night that it’s not at all in favour of Norway allowing US troops to be stationed at Værnes outside Trondheim. “Norway is choosing American soldiers over economic cooperation with Russia,” a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign minister told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “We don’t understand why something like this is […]