Johaug fights to save her career

UPDATED: Norway’s cross-country skiing champion Therese Johaug was back testifying on her own behalf this week, as she continued to vigorously defend herself against doping charges. Now she welcomes a verdict from the Swiss court of arbitration handling sports cases (CAS), as she tries to save her brilliant career. “I’ll get an international verdict, and […]

Case dropped against Johaug’s doctor

UPDATED: Norway’s anti-doping agency has decided to drop its case against Dr Fredrik Bendiksen, the former doctor for the Norwegian national ski team. Bendiksen was the doctor who purchased a tube of lip cream in Italy and gave it to star skier Therese Johaug to use, without noticing that it contained a steroid that led to Johaug’s […]

FIS not satisfied with skier’s suspension

The international skiing federation FIS has decided to appeal the 13-month suspension of Norwegian skier Therese Johaug for her use of a lip cream to treat painful lip sores. She has claimed she was unaware the cream contained a steroid for which she tested positive last summer. The FIS board is clearly not satisfied, however, with the […]

Johaug won’t appeal suspension herself

Norwegian skier Therese Johaug has opted against appealing the 13-month suspension from all competition and team training that she was handed last week by a sports tribunal in Norway. Her lawyer told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Wednesday that she now just wants to concentrate on her skiing and not on an appeal. It remains possible for […]

More sponsors may dump Johaug

UPDATED: Ski producer Fischer isn’t the only sponsor who may withdraw from contracts they have with Norwegian cross-country skier Therese Johaug. Several other companies that have sponsored her, including Oakley, Colgate and Tagheuser, have a right to revoke contracts following her doping conviction that currently has resulted in a 13-month suspension from her sport. “This […]

Johaug verdict ‘likely to be appealed’

A 13-month ban from competition that was lodged against world champion Norwegian cross-country skier Therese Johaug on Friday remains subject to appeal by a variety of players, not least Johaug herself. A member of the international ski federation FIS’ board reportedly told media in Finland Friday night that an appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Switzerland (CAS) […]

Johaug clothing sales halted in Finland

Doping-charged skier Therese Johaug hasn’t only lost this season’s potential winnings on the ski trails, she’s also losing money on sales of her line of clothing. “In Norway, sales are still good, but we have chosen to pull out of Finland,” said Øystein Bråta, director of Nordic operations for Active Brands, which owns the Johaug […]

Johaug’s ‘good day’ at doping hearing

Norwegian skier Therese Johaug won important support on Thursday in her fight against suspension on doping charges, from both the national team’s doctor and her fellow star skier Marit Bjørgen. Both relieved her of full blame for using a lip salve to treat sunburn sores that contained a banned steroid. “I would have done the same as Therese in this […]

Skier Johaug tries to save her career

Therese Johaug, known for screaming with joy when she won race after race on the international skiing circuit, sat still and unsmiling just before a two-day hearing began on doping charges against her on Wednesday. Prosecutor Niels Kiær revealed that the concentration of the banned steroid for which she tested positive in September was much higher […]

Triumphant Bjørgen to testify in Johaug case

Marit Bjørgen could polish her crown as Norway’s skiing queen over the weekend but then had to gear up for less pleasant tasks off the ski trails. After winning again in World Cup competition, she was set to testify in the doping case against her distressed national teammate Therese Johaug. Just days after winning two World Cup […]