Johaug’s suspension extended

Antidoping Norge announced Friday that they were extending the suspension of Norway’s top cross-country skier Therese Johaug by two months, until February 19, pending the outcome of a hearing on the charges against her. Johaug, meanwhile, isn’t giving up a comeback and already has a new support apparatus around her. The extension was called “routine,” […]

Johaug suspended for 14 months

Norway’s anti-doping agency has determined that top skier Therese Johaug should be suspended for 14 months after she tested positive for a steroid in September. Anti-Doping Norge’s committee that prosecutes doping cases claimed that Johaug is to blame for not checking the contents of a cream she used to treat sun-blistered lips. Johaug was sentenced “to the loss […]

Johaug fears she’ll miss entire season

Norway’s skiing champion Therese Johaug, her reputation at stake after testing positive for a steroid, agreed to answer more questions on Thursday but didn’t have many new answers. The teary-eyed Johaug still insists she’s innocent of any attempt to intentionally take steroids, and now fears she may miss the entire upcoming ski season. She noted how her life […]

Johaug suspended, doctor faces charges

UPDATED: Norway’s world champion skier Therese Johaug has been suspended for two months by the legal committee of the country’s anti-doping agency, Antidoping Norge, after testing positive for use of a banned substance. Her doctor also faces charges and the suspension means Johaug, who has ranked among the world’s best cross-country skiers for several years, will most likely be […]

‘Arrogance’ ruins sports reputation

NEWS ANALYSIS: As news broke Monday that skiing star Therese Johaug had herself overlooked a clear doping warning on a package of lip salve, it’s not just Norway’s skiers who are suffering a sharp loss of credibility. The country’s entire sports bureaucracy is under fire, for all kinds of reasons, with commentators claiming that those […]

Johaug ‘crushed,’ doctor resigns

UPDATED: Norway’s cross-country skiing star Therese Johaug, crying throughout a mid-day press conference on Thursday, repeated claims that she was “crushed” after testing positive for a banned steroid that was contained in a medical cream she used to treat sunburned lips last summer. She also said she was “furious” and “so innocent” in the doping violation that has thrown Norwegian […]

New doping flap hits sports elite

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway has long clung to a reputation of having top athletes free of doping scandals, but that’s now being severely challenged by controversy over skiers’ use of asthma medicine. Norwegian sports officials were facing another torrent of criticism on Friday from both inside and outside the country, while a government minister demanded a full, independent […]

Sundby’s appeal branded as ‘useless’

Experienced atheletes’ attorneys told state broadcaster NRK that it’s all but impossible for Norwegian skiing star Martin Johnsrud Sundby to try to get his doping conviction evaluated by the high court in Switzerland. Sundby is so desperate to clear his name, though, that he’s keen to try. Norwegian media was full of stories earlier this week that Sundby […]

IOC: ‘Naive, stupid’ and ‘cowardly’

“We have been naive and stupid,” declared Gerhard Heiberg, Norway’s veteran member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), after last week’s revelations of systematic, state-run doping among Russian athletes. Critics added “cowardly” after the IOC later decided not to ban the entire Russian team from the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro after all. “It was […]

Skiing team’s doctor resigns

Knut Gabrielsen, the doctor for Norway’s men’s national ski team who’d wrongly advised star skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby on how to use his asthma medicine, has resigned. He said he felt terrible after giving Sundby advice that was ruled to be a violation of anti-doping rules, and stripped Sundby of some key victories. “It bothered me terribly,” […]