Statoil insists it’s also ‘going green’

Even as Statoil promoted a “fantastic portfolio” of oil drilling projects for 2017 this week, three of them in the sensitive Arctic, top officials insist the Norwegian oil company is also concerned about climate change and cutting carbon emissions. Statoil now admits that its drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has been unsuccessful, but newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported this week […]

Leaders clash at NHO conference

Norway’s national employers’ organization NHO gathered some of the most powerful business and political leaders in the country on Thursday for its annual conference at Oslo Spektrum. This year’s conference centered on how companies can combine reduced carbon emissions with value- and job creation, and clashes arose immediately. No sooner had Prime Minister Erna Solberg of […]

Seafood sales keep soaring into 2017

Norway’s seafood industry, especially salmon, is starting the New Year off with even more record high prices and strong demand. Salmon prices are also expected to rise by another 10 percent in the first half of this year, and the industry is considered one of the country’s most secure. “It looks like 2017 will be even […]

Norway ‘rigged for an economic upturn’

Oil prices will rise, Norway’s krone will regain strength, unemployment will top out and housing prices will shoot up even higher. That’s the overall outlook for 2017 by 30 leading Norwegian economists, who think workers and employees can probably expect a better year ahead. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) published results on Tuesday of a survey in which the economists […]

No increase in interest rates

There’d been some speculation that the executive board of Norway’s central bank would raise interest rates at its last meeting of the year on Thursday, but board members kept their key policy rate unchanged at 0.5 percent. Now it looks even more likely it will stay there for the foreseeable future, or even decline. “Our current assessment […]

Swedish stores ‘more exciting’

It’s not just the lower prices that tempt carloads of Norwegians to cross the border and go grocery shopping in Sweden. A new study confirms that the sheer selection in Swedish grocery stores is so much bigger and better that it alone can be worth the trip. “I think the selection at Norwegian grocery stores […]

Paying the price for state budget drama

NEWS ANALYSIS: Criticism flew, the main players including Finance Minister Siv Jensen fought off exhaustion, the government coalition was arguably weakened and lots of Norway’s oil money was ultimately approved to finance it all. Norway’s state budget for next year finally cleared Parliament on Monday, but the price was high for all involved. Finance Minister Siv Jensen, wearing […]

Building boom may lower housing prices

There were signs of it already, when Norway’s national real estate association revealed its latest batch of sales statistics on Monday: Even though housing prices rose again in Oslo and Akershus, they fell in many areas of the country last month. State statistics bureau SSB thinks the latter trend will start to set in, and that […]

Norway’s new reality sets in

NEWS ANALYSIS: As government leaders scurried from one state budget crisis meeting to another heading into the weekend, Norway’s oil- and oil-related companies have been dealing with crises that are much more direct, and painful. One of Norway’s top political commentators helped put things in perspective just ahead of the government’s D-Day over the budget on […]

Offshore crisis due to worsen

One of Norway’s deeply troubled offshore firms, Havila Shipping, managed to avoid being put into bankruptcy on Monday, but the crisis in the offshore service sector is far from over. “We have to roll up our sleeves and keep on working,” Havila chief Njål Sævik told Dagens Næringliv (DN). The dive in oil prices has […]