Commission recommends rearranging school year

Norway’s state Ministry of Education has been told it should hold final examinations for graduating high school students later in the year, and closer to the summer holidays. Then the students would also get more classroom time, which they also seem to want and can legally demand. Debate has flown for years over how to […]

Number of smokers cut by half

Only 12 percent of the Norwegian population now smokes, half as many who smoked 10 years ago. More Norwegians are using chewing tobacco, though, according to new numbers from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). All told, 18 percent of the Norwegian population uses one of more products containing nicotine, reported SSB on Thursday, which […]

Business schools win spots on new list

The Economist magazine has ranked master’s degree programs in management for the first time, and both of Norway’s major business schools won spots in the Top 40. Norwegian business school BI was ranked as best in the Nordic countries. News bureau NTB reported that the Bergen-based business school NHH (Norges Handels Høyskole) also did well, ranking […]

Historic property takes on new role

The City of Oslo has paid NOK 338.2 million (USD 40 million) for two square blocks of historic barracks located adjacent to the historic Akershus Fortress and Castle. The plan is to both preserve and use them, by turning the brick structures into what’s likely to be a new high school. “We think the property is […]

Government lures teachers to Northern Norway

An acute lack of teachers in Norway’s three northernmost counties of Finnmark, Troms and Nordland has prompted the government to offer incentives in the form of major elimination of student loan amounts. The Conservatives-led coalition government has won support for a package that will be offered to all new students who’ll start working towards a teaching […]

Wristwatches to be banned during exams

The University of Oslo is imposing a ban on the use of all wristwatches during exams, because many of them have become too smart. The advent of “smart watches” that contain computers makes them all suspect, since students could use them to cheat. The university announced the ban, claiming it was no long possible to discern […]

Troubled Westerdals set for takeover

Westerdals, the private communications school in Oslo whose owners landed in trouble after claiming too much public funding and over-charging students, has been bought up by Kristiania University College for NOK 85 million. Kristiania will also assume responsibility for more than NOK 100 million in legal claims against Westerdals. Kristiania, owned by the Ernst G Mortensens Foundation, […]

Schools produce better test scores

Norwegian teenagers are performing much better on national and international tests. A batch of new test results are among the best ever, although many Norwegian students are still struggling with algebra. The latest results arrived this week, when the so-called PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests showed Norwegian 15-year-olds scoring better in reading, math and […]

Business school NHH challenges rival’s turf

Norway’s Bergen-based business school NHH (Norges Handelshøyskole) plans to challenge its arch-rival Handelshøyskolen BI on its own home turf in Oslo. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported recently that NHH plans to establish a new full-time master’s degree program in the capital. NHH said it plans to offer a master’s degree program in accounting and auditing, aimed at […]

Budget removes source of underemployment

The conservative government’s budget proposal delivered today includes NOK 60 million to help finance high school for immigrants in Norway whose own high school educations aren’t accepted by Norwegian authorities.  Education Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen claimed the proposal will remove “one of the stupidest rules I’ve ever seen politics.” The rule has held that immigrants […]