Au pair scandal yields jail terms

The Oslo City Court has sentenced a wealthy Norwegian investor and his wife to five months in prison each, in a case that has highlighted abuse of Norway’s au pair program. It’s supposed to serve as a cultural exchange for young people from abroad but the couple, aided by two neighbours, was found guilty of fraudulently and illegally using two young women from the Philippines […]

Mining company allowed to dump in local fjord

Despite protests from the Sami Parliament and several environmental organizations, Norway’s government ministry in charge of climate and environmental issues has allowed a mining company in Northern Norway to operate and dump tailings into a local fjord. Nussir ASA thus won a green light to mine copper at Nussir and Ulveryggen in Kvalsund, Finnmark County. […]

Darker days for Norway’s Statoil

Statoil, hit by a string of serious accidents lately, had to deal with more bad news on Thursday when its third-quarter financial results showed another steep financial decline despite vigorous cost-cutting. State officials’ biggest concern now is to make sure that Statoil’s cost-cutting isn’t cutting into safety as well. Statoil was under pressure on many fronts this week, from regulators, […]

Labour violations found at DNB

Regulators at Norway’s state labour authority Arbeidstilsynet have uncovered several violations of the law at Norway’s biggest bank, DNB. An investigation into claims of excessive time on the job by Indian consultants hired in from Tata Consultancy Services found that they’ve been working far too many hours a day and, in some cases, three weeks in a row […]

Statoil eyes new cuts in North Sea

Norwegian oil company Statoil will have slashed its costs by around NOK 2.5 billion a year when it wraps up its so-called STEP efficiency program at the end of the year, but it’s not enough. Now the company is turning its attention to its North Sea oil installations, which have been shielded from much of the cost-cutting, and […]

Unions want more influence at G20

Norway’s largest trade union federations have joined their counterparts in the four other Nordic countries in issuing a joint call for Nordic representation at G20 meetings. That’s where finance ministers and central bankers from the world’s 19 largest economies plus the EU meet for talks, and the Nordic unions want their nations to have some […]

Tata denies Vipps workers exploited

Tata Consultancy Services, one of India’s largest companies, firmly denies that the IT workers it has provided to work on major projects in Norway like DNB’s new Vipps payment system are being exploited. Tata’s management has now responded to reports by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that Tata’s workers at DNB and other large Norwegian companies are working 14 […]

Foreigners’ work conditions probed

Norwegian labour authorities are promising full anonymity to anyone who can tell them about pay and working conditions for hundreds of foreign technical experts, mostly from India, who’ve been working on projects for both Norwegian bank DNB and grocery retailer and wholesaler NorgesGruppen. The workers have been hired in through Tata Consultancy Services of India, which […]

DNB’s reputation tarnished again

Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, was having to fend off more serious challenges to its reputation this week. The bank now faces huge compensation claims from state consumer advocates and accusations of engaging in social dumping, while it also scores very low in customer satisfaction and even has angered the prime minister of Lithuania. DNB, in which the Norwegian […]

‘Help wanted’ amidst unemployment ‘crisis’

Norwegian businesses and the public health care sector needs the equivalent of 26,500 people, 5,700 more than last year, according to new labour statistics released by state welfare agency NAV. The needs are strongest within health care and elder care, along with construction. The situation reflects the “divided” yet overall resilient economy in Norway at […]