New car sales shift into high gear

A total of 158,650 new cars were registered in Norway last year, making 2017 an historic year for sales. Only twice before have more cars been sold, in the boom years of 1985 and 1986. The increase amounted to 2.6 percent over 2016 and indicates the resurgence of the Norwegian economy after the oil price […]

Court refused to block wolf hunt

A court in Oslo declined to grant another injunction to halt a state-authorized wolf hunt in Norway. The leader of the hunt, which resumed right after a pause during the holidays, quickly vowed “to take out the rest of wolves” allowed in its license to shoot 16. Around 100 eager hunters have been tracking down […]

Environmentalists lost against state

It was dubbed as “The People vs Arctic Oil,” and the people lost. Environmental organizations that sued the Norwegian government for opening up its Arctic territory to more oil and gas activity announced they’d been defeated in court on Thursday, but still think their battle to protect sensitive Arctic areas has been worth it. “We […]

Three more wolves shot in Rendalen

Hunters taking part in a major and controversial effort to greatly reduce Norway’s wolf population shot and killed two more wolves on Wednesday while wounding a third. The wounded wolf was later found and killed as well. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that it took several hours for around 50 hunters to track down the injured […]

Anti-wolf activists target Stormberg

Norwegian sportswear producer Stormberg has become the latest target of farmers, hunters, landowners and others who want to all but rid Norway of wolves. They’ve resorted to burning Stormberg clothing after the company started financially supporting wildlife organization WWF, to help protect endangered species. Stormberg’s initial donation of NOK 400,000 a year to WWF is […]

Three wolves shot as big hunt resumes

Determined hunters shot a third wolf on Tuesday as Norway’s biggest wolf hunt in 45 years resumed after a forced break between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Farmers who feel threatened by wolves, meanwhile, howled during the holidays over seasonal milk cartons depicting a wolf that they felt glorified the predator they fear the most. […]

Film star lobbies to protect Lofoten

Environmental activists in Norway were calling it “one of the greatest things that’s ever happened:” Film star Leonardo DiCaprio has taken up their campaign to protect the scenic waters around Lofoten from oil and gas exploration and production. DiCaprio made his appeal to protect Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja from oil and gas activity by posting […]

Airline traffic set to soar even more

As hundreds of thousands of people flew home for the holidays through Norwegian airports this week, aviation officials were announcing prospects for even more airline traffic in the years ahead. Climate and environmental advocates, however, are vowing turbulence in the hopes of grounding at least some of the traffic growth plans. Flights at Norway’s newly […]

Wolf hunt resumed

Norway’s government minister in charge of the environment has allowed another controversial wolf hunt to resume, even as legal action to halt it proceeds in the Oslo City Court. Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen isn’t waiting for the court’s decision, and allowed the hunt for seven wolves outside zones protecting them in Oslo, Akershus, […]

Norway lowered its emissions

As an oil-and gas-producing nation, Norway has long been guilty of generating more carbon emissions at a time when other countries are cutting theirs. New numbers from state statistics bureau SSB this week showed that Norway now is finally making some reductions as well. Norwegian emissions have fallen by 6 percent from their peak in […]