Oslo shifts into reverse on diesel ban

The top city official in charge of transport and the environment decided late Tuesday to reverse a ban on diesel-driven vehicles into Oslo earlier than expected. The ban worked, she claimed, with air pollution levels in Oslo falling back down to acceptable levels. Lan Marie Nguyen Berg of the Greens Party thanked all the motorists who left […]

Wolf saved despite new license to kill

The Norwegian government is standing by its decision to stop a hunt that would have killed off at least two-thirds of the country’s wolf population, but on Tuesday it allowed state authorities to issue a new license to shoot three more wolves in Hedmark and Akershus counties. That pleased both sides in Norway’s heated debate over wolves. The […]

Labour’s love lost on Lofoten debate

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre has finally confirmed that Norway’s scenic Lofoten islands need some tender loving care, with parts of their offshore waters protected from oil exploration and production. His jobs-minded party, however, isn’t extending full protection to other nearby areas, and that means few apart from Støre himself are happy with a proposed compromise announced this week. “This is an especially […]

Statoil insists it’s also ‘going green’

Even as Statoil promoted a “fantastic portfolio” of oil drilling projects for 2017 this week, three of them in the sensitive Arctic, top officials insist the Norwegian oil company is also concerned about climate change and cutting carbon emissions. Statoil now admits that its drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has been unsuccessful, but newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported this week […]

Norway’s wolf hunt may be revived

UPDATED: Vidar Helgesen, the Norwegian government minister who all but shot down a controversial wolf hunt just before Christmas, now finds himself under enormous pressure to allow the full extent of it after all. Hundreds of protesters who feel threatened by wolves were due to gather in Oslo on Wednesday, to demand that roughly two-thirds of Norway’s wolf […]

Fuel prices hit record high

A combination of higher oil prices and a slight increase in fuel taxes that took effect January 1 left Norwegians facing record-high fuel prices at the pump on Monday. Norway already has among the highest petrol prices in the world, and now they’ve jumped again. The market leader in pump prices (Circle K, formerly Statoil) was […]

Unsold Christmas trees dumped in Oslo forest

City officials have found as many as 600 unsold Christmas trees dumped not far from a large parking area normally used by hikers and skiers heading into the Oslo forest at Låkeberget, in the valley of Maridalen. The illegal dumping has put Christmas tree sellers in an unflattering light. “This is extremely unfortunate and puts […]

Mining company allowed to dump in local fjord

Despite protests from the Sami Parliament and several environmental organizations, Norway’s government ministry in charge of climate and environmental issues has allowed a mining company in Northern Norway to operate and dump tailings into a local fjord. Nussir ASA thus won a green light to mine copper at Nussir and Ulveryggen in Kvalsund, Finnmark County. […]

Helgesen saved Norway’s wolves

Wildlife advocates and environmental organizations finally had something to cheer about  in Norway on Tuesday, after government minister Vidar Helgesen blocked moves to kill off two-thirds of the country’s fledgling wolf population. Helgesen overturned a decision allowing the major wolf hunt, which had sparked criticism around the world. “Thank you, Vidar Helgesen, for saving 32 wolves and taking into […]

Carbon emissions rise once again

New figures released this week confirm that Norway’s carbon emissions have risen once again, and the country’s oil and gas industry is mostly to blame. For the first time, Norway’s emissions are higher than neighbouring Sweden’s, even though Sweden has a much larger population and a long industrial history. The figures from state statistics bureau […]