Women still struggle in Norway, too

Norway is widely viewed as a haven of gender equality, but local media took due note on Thursday, International Women’s Day, of all the inequality that remains. “The ‘good old boy’s club’ is still thriving,” claimed one 50-year-old lawyer who thinks she’s better off working in the public sector than the private. New statistics from […]

Pay gap persists between men and women

Women in Norway continue to earn just 86 percent of what men in Norway take home in terms of average monthly earnings. The latest figures from 2016, compiled by statistics bureau SSB, indicate that the pay gap has narrowed, however, and pay growth for women has been a bit higher than for men since 2000. […]

Norwegian Air ‘preferred blondes’

Norwegian Air, home-based in a country that prides itself on equality, has raised a new flap over the casting call for a new commercial shot in Los Angeles last spring. The casting company for Norwegian plainly stated that it was seeking “20-something tourist girls, preferably blond” along with a “20-27 year old quintessential Scandinavian woman.” Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported […]

Saudi envoy scolds critics in Norway

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Norway has fired off a response to criticism from members of the Norwegian Parliament Wednesday over the status of Saudi women. In a written commentary sent to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), Ambassador Esam A. Abid Althaqafi stated that it was “especially necessary that we correct the misleading description of the situation for […]

Norwegians angered by Saudis’ UN post

UPDATED: Several members of the Norwegian Parliament are among those angered by a secret UN vote last week that gave Saudi Arabia, where women aren’t even allowed to drive cars, a seat on a UN commission meant to promote women’s rights. They want to know how Norway voted on the issue, but Foreign Minister Børge Brende has […]

‘Look to Iceland’ to achieve equal pay

As Norway’s royals and top government officials hosted the first state visit from the President of Iceland in 20 years this week, equality experts were urging them to follow Iceland’s lead in mandating equal pay under the law. “It’s a joy that Iceland is taking creative new steps in the work to abolish unfair pay differences between women and […]

State also guilty of gender pay gaps

Wide pay gaps have been found between male and female CEOs at Norway’s wholly state-owned companies in charge of everything from the railroad to airports and hospitals. Women leaders often earn less than their male colleagues, and the salary and benefits gap is raising questions in a country otherwise known for promoting egalitarian policies. The gap became […]

DNB aims to narrow women’s pay gap

DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, has set aside NOK 17 million to boost the salaries of female employees who are earning less than male colleagues in similar positions. The goal is to eventually eliminate “unreasonable” differences in pay between men and women. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Monday that DNB wants to narrow the pay gap that […]

Minister was target of a cake attack

UPDATED: A young British woman who attacked a Norwegian government minister with a cake during Saturday’s Pride Parade in Oslo was ordered jailed for four weeks on Monday. Norway’s police intelligence unit PST has asked that she be held in custody even though Minister Solveig Horne, in charge of policy involving children and equality, was not injured. Norwegian […]

‘Newcomers’ assess equality in Norway

As Norwegians celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday,  six immigrant women from Montana in the US to Italy and India have shared their thoughts about Norway’s ongoing equality debate. The women who’ve resettled in Norway mostly hailed the country’s progressiveness, with a few reservations. An estimated 3,000 people turned out once again in Oslo on March 8, called Kvinnedagen […]