Soldiers of Odin loses leaders

Just two weeks after taking over as the new leader of the quasi-vigilante group Soldiers of Odin, Jan Tellef Aanonsen says he has quit and hopes the entire organization “disappears.” Its former leader, meanwhile, was back in court this week, charged with assault. The group grabbed headlines last winter when members wearing hooded black jackets […]

Russian warrior arrested, faces deportation

Norwegian police have arrested a Russian citizen who’s been living in Tønsberg but fighting for pro-Russian militia in eastern Ukraine. Yan Petrovskiy  was recently declared a threat to national security, and his residence permission in Norway has been revoked. That cleared the way for police to arrest the 29-year-old Petrovskiy, who first came to Norway as […]

Norway set to deport Russian right-wing extremist

Yan Petrovskiy, a 29-year-old right-wing extremist who moved to Norway as a teenager 12 years ago, has been declared a threat to national security. Norwegian authorities have warned Petrovskiy that he faces a deportation order. Immigration agency UDI (Utlendingsdirektoratet) confirmed to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Friday that Petrovskiy, a Russian citizen with ties to Norwegian […]

MP for the Liberals hit by hate messages

Abid Raja, an attorney and well-known Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party (Venstre), has become a target of hate messages sent from a mobile phone used by a high-profile member of an extremist Islamic group. The unsigned messages accuse Raja of being “a dirty pig” who’s a “shame” for Pakistanis and Muslims in Norway. It was just […]

Small town woke up to old Nazi flags

Residents of the small town of Nesna in Nordland County, north-central Norway, say they were shocked to wake up Sunday morning to the sight of Nazi flags hung up on several public buildings. TV2 reported that the flags were hung up on buildings including the local government offices, the harbour authority, a community hall and […]

‘National socialists’ mobilizing in Norway

Right-wing extremists who call themselves “national socialists” have become more active in the southern parts of Norway than elsewhere in the country. Researchers say the neo-Nazi movement in Norway remains small, but it’s mobilizing. Uniformed members of the national socialist group Den nordiske motstandsbevegelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement), for example, were highly visible during last weekend’s gay […]

Extremism still poses major threat

Norway has preserved and nurtured its democratic values after the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011, but hasn’t been good enough at warding off extremism, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Others claim there’s also been a reluctance to confront the hatred and right-wing nationalist extremism that drove a young white Norwegian man to carry out the attacks. […]

High court sends ISIL men to jail

Norway’s Supreme Court (Høyesterett) has sentenced three men, all Norwegian citizens, to jail terms of up to four-and-a-half years, after finding them guilty of having ties to a terrorist organization and supporting the brutal extremist group ISIL in Syria. The defendants’ sentences were reported to be a bit milder than those determined earlier by a Norwegian appeals […]

Islamic extremist still in jail

Ubaydullah Hussain, charged with recruiting foreign warriors for jihad in the Middle East, has been ordered held in custody for another eight weeks. A court in Oslo granted a prosecutor’s request that he remain in jail, because of the risk that he’d continue recruiting if set free. Hussain has been held in remand custody since December […]

Justice minister asked to rule on ‘Soldiers of Odin’

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen has been asked to determine whether the patrols of an organization calling itself “Soldiers of Odin” are legal or defy laws against vigilante-type groups. Norwegian police have reacted differently to the emergence of the organization around the country, purportedly to guard citizens against any threats from newly arrived asylum seekers. Kirsti […]