Wolves blamed for attack on sheep

A sheep rancher near Askim, southeast of Oslo, discovered 20 animals in his flock, mostly lambs, dead or dying on Thursday from what’s believed to be an attack by wolves in the area. The attack comes after many local residents have reported wolf sightings in the area in recent weeks. “It’s sad when something like […]

Farmers blocked grocery shipments

Norwegian farmers, angry that their state subsidy demands haven’t been met, set up blockades around wholesale food distribution centers all over the country on Friday morning. Grocery store chain Coop called the protest action “meaningless and ridiculous,” and warned that consumers would be hit the hardest. “The farmers are punishing the customers they live off of,” Bjørn […]

Farmers broke off subsidy talks again

Norway’s two major farm lobbying groups once again broke off negotiations with the state over how much subsidy and protection they should receive from taxpayers. They wanted a billion kroner more in financial support than the government was willing to give, while the government claims the farmers showed little willingness to reach an agreement. It […]

State slashes farmers’ demands

Last week Norway’s farmers demanded more than NOK 1.4 billion in state subsidy and other financial support. On Friday the state responded, with an offer that cuts the farmers’ demands by more than NOK 1 billion but still offers income growth higher than in most other work groups. Leif Forsell, the longtime leader of the […]

Farmers demand hefty pay raises

Norway’s farming organizations presented new demands for state subsidies and protection that once again would give them much higher pay raises than those granted other workers. The farmers claim they deserve bigger raises, to close an alleged income gap. The organizations, Norsk Bonde- og Småbrukarlag and Norges Bondelag, formally handed their latest demands on Wednesday to the […]

Minister survives Center’s attack

Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen survived an effort by the anti-wolf Center Party to unseat him on Tuesday. The Center Party ended up as a target of massive criticism itself after insisting that Helgesen allow at least 32 more wolves to be shot, even though the Justice Ministry claims that would violate Norwegian law and international conventions.  […]

Animal tragedy unfolds near Bodø

Hundreds of pigs were feared to have been burned alive early Tuesday after a blaze engulfed the barn where they were housed at Fenes, not far from Bodø in Northern Norway. Veterinarians needed to determine whether an estimated 300 pigs that survived would also need to be slaughtered because of smoke inhalation and stress. State broadcaster NRK described […]

Agriculture reform a tough row to hoe

For the first time in years, there was plenty of Norwegian lamb available in the stores this Easter and at relatively reasonable prices. Farm production is higher than ever, but farmers and their advocates remain dissatisfied and the government’s plans for more reforms face constant challenge. Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale of the conservative Progress Party rolled […]

Corruption concern grows at dairy

Norway’s large farmer-owned dairy co-op Tine, which controls 80 percent of the market for dairy products in the country, remains caught in a corruption investigation that expanded this week. The man at the center of the probe is no longer a top official at one of Tine’s main packaging suppliers, Tetra Pak, and now Tine has reported other concerns […]

Wolves stable in numbers, attack fewer sheep

New statistics from Rovdata, which tracks Norway’s wolf population, indicate there are now between 84 and 91 wolves in the country and roaming back and forth over the Norwegian-Swedish border. Nearly 40 are registered as roaming only in Norway, and they seem to be attacking fewer free-grazing sheep. “Our field work has given us a […]