Tractor spreads holiday greetings

A Norwegian farmer who drives his tractor with great precision has carved out a special holiday greeting on a snow-covered field that he hopes can be spread worldwide. It is, after all, written in English. Last year Vemund Hagen drove his tractor over a field in the valley known as Gudbrandsdalen and carefully wrote out […]

Government allows historic wolf hunt

Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen found a way to circumvent a controversial court order that halted a state-approved winter wolf hunt last week. Helgesen announced Friday that he thus was authorizing new licenses for hunters to shoot 16 wolves within a zone set up for their protection plus another 26 outside the zone. […]

Farmer and co-op accomplice indicted

A farmer in Hedmark County and an accountant for the farmers’ cooperative Gartnerhallen have been indicted for embezzling nearly NOK 50 million from the co-op over a 10-year period. Now they both face six years in prison. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) had first reported on the embezzlement last summer, when the accounting employee of what […]

Dairy forced to cut costs

Tine, the large Norwegian dairy cooperative that acts as “market regulator” and effectively sets prices, has been hit by lower milk sales and suspension of state support for exports. Tine thus needs to save half a billion kroner and may need to lay off staff. The dairy dominates the market in Norway, commanding around 80 […]

Food prices suddenly fall

Norway’s notoriously high food prices have become a bit easier to swallow. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) has confirmed that they declined rather suddenly during the summer, to a degree that also has brought declines in both the country’s consumer price index (CPI) and its inflation rate. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported this week that food […]

Dairy coop Tine churns up lower sales

Tine, the dairy cooperative that regulates and still dominates the Norwegian market, reported weaker sales and profits in the second quarter of this year. Tine blamed increased competition both nationally and internationally. Norway still has the most expensive milk in the world, because of Tine’s role as market regulator that sets prices for dairy products […]

More negligent farmers face charges

Norway has been undergoing another wave of incidents in which farmers neglect their livestock, and end up charged with severe violations of animal welfare laws. One farmer in Jæren, western Norway, was charged earlier this month after 177 of his sheep died because poor hygiene and a lack of food. “This is a serious case,” prosecutor […]

Wolf shot while out stalking more sheep

Hunters authorized to shoot a wolf that’s believed to have killed more than 100 free-grazing sheep this summer think they succeeded during the night. They claim they shot a large female wolf in Østre Toten, just as she was stalking more sheep. “It’s hopefully the one that’s been ravaging flocks all summer,” Kjell Bakken, leader of the […]

Tourists accused of stealing goats’ bells

Farmer Reidar Stenberg, who’s raising around 200 goats on his mountain property at the foot of Hallingskarvet, is fed up with tourists who steal the bells that hang around the necks of some of his free-grazing animals. Such theft is “totally disrespectful,” claims the farmers’ national organization Norges Bondelaget. Stenberg operates the Presthold Geitestøl in the […]

Norway shuttering the summer ‘seter’

PHOTO FEATURE: The long tradition of moving sheep, cattle and goats up to grazing land at higher elevations lives on in Norway. A new study shows, however, that fully 99 percent of the traditional mountain dairy farms known as a seter or støl, where women looked after the animals and made butter and cheese, have been shut down. […]