Police seize farmer’s Porsche

Police officers from Norway’s economic crimes unit Økokrim have made a string of seizures on the property of a farmer charged in a major fraud case that involves Norway’s largest cooperative for fruit and vegetable growers. Among items seized from the farm, according to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN), was a Porsche Cayenne. Investigators also suspect the farmer bought […]

State settles with defiant farmers

The Norwegian government finally came to terms with the country’s two powerful farm lobbying organizations Monday night, over how much state subsidy and other forms of financial support they’ll receive over the next year. Taxpayers will be forking over another NOK 625 million (USD 74 million). An additional NOK 130 million will be released for the […]

Farmer, co-op worker accused of fraud

An employee of Norway’s largest cooperative for producers of fruit and vegetables, Gartnerhallen, has admitted to gross misappropriation of funds and testified that he transferred nearly NOK 50 million to a farmer in Hedmark. The farmer claims he received the money as loans, and that it amounted to NOK 18 million, not NOK 50 million. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Solberg joins wolf hunt

Prime Minister Erna Solberg headed up to Hadeland, north of Oslo, on Thursday to express support for those trying to hunt down a wolf suspected of attacking more than 110 sheep during the past week. Lambs face more threats much farther north in Nordland, after crows and ravens attacked them and hacked out their eyes. “It […]

Farmers to get millions after all

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s farmers are set to get another NOK 215 million on top of the initial NOK 410 million offered by the government after this year’s rounds of subsidy negotiations. Some critical voices have been rising, though, and speaking out against Norway’s agricultural policy traditions. It wasn’t just the country’s conservative government coalition that wanted […]

Farmers set off a giant food fight

Norwegian farmers’ demands for more financial support and subsidy set off a huge fight over food production at the Parliament this week. Now both the government parties and their opposition are left to rake up the muck, after neither side secured majority support for their farm subsidy proposals. Norway’s noisy annual process of appeasing the powerful […]

Wolf hunt extended after 70 sheep attacked

Authorities in Oslo,  Akershus and Oppland counties have extended an authorized wolf hunt over the weekend until noon on June 9, after several attacks on free grazing sheep in Hurdal and Gran. Attempts were made throughout the long holiday weekend to track and shoot down the suspected wolf, but they were unsuccessful. The hunt is difficult […]

Farmers win more subsidy, protection

Norwegian farmers have proven themselves once again to be among the most powerful political lobbyists in the country. Now they have succeeded in blocking government efforts to reform agriculture and limit their subsidies, by gaining support from opposition parties and even the government’s own two support parties in an election year. After weeks of noisy protests […]

Farmers bring their fight to Parliament

Around 3,000 farmers marched through the streets of Oslo and then assembled in front of the Parliament on Tuesday, to once again demand more state money to boost their incomes. They want subsidies and protection worth another NOK 1.5 billion (USD 181 million), to boost their pay by more than 9 percent. The pay fight […]

Wolves blamed for attack on sheep

A sheep rancher near Askim, southeast of Oslo, discovered 20 animals in his flock, mostly lambs, dead or dying on Thursday from what’s believed to be an attack by wolves in the area. The attack comes after many local residents have reported wolf sightings in the area in recent weeks. “It’s sad when something like […]