Wolf critics howl over limited hunt

Hundreds of people who feel threatened by the roughly 68 wolves now roaming around eastern Norway turned out for a noisy demonstration in front of the Norwegian Parliament on Wednesday. They were protesting the government’s refusal to kill 47 of the wolves, and aren’t satisfied that only 15 will be subject to a hunt. The protesters […]

Swedish stores ‘more exciting’

It’s not just the lower prices that tempt carloads of Norwegians to cross the border and go grocery shopping in Sweden. A new study confirms that the sheer selection in Swedish grocery stores is so much bigger and better that it alone can be worth the trip. “I think the selection at Norwegian grocery stores […]

Cheesemaker stunned by international prize

Gunnar Waagen from Nordmøre in Norway traveled to the food mecca of San Sebastian, Spain this week simply to taste other cheeses and get some inspiration at the annual World Cheese Awards. The chairman of cheesemaking firm Tingvollost had never attended the awards ceremony before, and was stunned when his small firm’s blue cheese won the equivalent […]

New statistics may save the wolves

Never have state wildlife officials registered so few predator attacks on Norway’s freely grazing livestock as in the past year. Hopes are rising that the new statistics may prompt reversal of a highly controversial order to kill off nearly two-thirds of the country’s recently re-built wolf population. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on its nightly newscast Dagsrevyen Sunday that […]

Farmers ready to fight trade pact

Norway’s powerful farmers’ lobby was out in force this week when the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) presented its analysis of how a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could affect the country. Norway’s anti-EU lobby was also quick to pounce on how further trade liberalization could boost economic growth and provide gains for most all other […]

Survey confirms consumers’ dissatisfaction

A new EU survey confirms what many who live in Norway have claimed for years: The quality and selection of fresh meat and produce in the grocery stores leaves a lot to be desired. “There are only two countries in Europe where consumers are less satisfied than we are in Norway, and that’s Bulgaria and Croatia,” Gunstein Instefjord of […]

State refuses to cover berry losses

Norwegian strawberry farmers who have seen their crops ruined by a fungus this summer quickly demanded that the state compensate their losses. They’re disappointed after a meeting at the agriculture ministry. “We did ask them whether they wanted to reallocate some of the money they’ve already been granted by the state,” State Secretary Terje Halleland from the Progress […]

Fungus threatens strawberry crop

Norwegians are fiercely proud of their locally grown strawberries, which have a firm place on summer tables, but berry growers are warning this year of the worst crisis ever to hit their crops. A fungus that started infecting plants in the southern counties of Agder is now moving north, and threatening to ruin the strawberry […]

Brexit prompts more warnings

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Børge Brende aren’t the only ones warning against any changes in Norway’s own agreement with the EU after the Brexit vote. Labour Party leader Johan Gahr Støre is worried about the same thing, and Norway’s national employers’ organization NHO doesn’t want to tinker with the country’s EU agreement […]

Farms now able to sell their cider

After years of trying, farms producing alcoholic beverages from, for example, apples and pears can now sell them on location instead of having to distribute them through the state wine and liquor monopoly Vinmonopolet. Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale was the first customer at the farm Egge Gård in Lier. “The change in the alcohol law […]