State Auditor General examines film institute

Norway’s national film institute NFI (Norsk Film Institute) has suddenly found itself under examination by the State Auditor General’s office (Riksrevisjonen). The auditors want to examine how the film institute has followed up Parliament’s expectations for it. The head of management control for the auditor general, Therese Johnsen, confirmed to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that an examination […]

Norwegian directors’ ‘Pirates’ film panned

The latest Pirates of the Caribbean film , directed by Norwegians Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, has been brutally panned by film critics in the US. The New York Times questioned whether it could even be called a film. Its film critic, AO Scott, wrote at the outset that the review (external link to the Times) […]

Film being made of ex-soldiers’ ordeal in Congo

Just a day after ex-soldier and adventurer Joshua French finally arrived home in Norway, after serving eight years of a murder sentence in jail in the Democratic Republic of Congo, came the announcement that his ordeal will be the subject of new film. It’s been in the works “for many years,” according to its producers. […]

Marcus & Martinus set another record

Two teenage twins from a small town in north-central Norway have been making and breaking records since they started singing and dancing as children. Everything Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen do seems to turn to gold, with even a documentary about them now pulling in record crowds. The scene outside Oslo’s large Colosseum cinema complex last weekend was […]

‘Game over’ for Norway’s seal hunt

Norway’s northern city of Tromsø used to be a major port for Norway’s controversial seal hunters, but they’ve now faded into the history books. For the first time in several hundred years, not a single Norwegian boat is heading out to hunt seals this season, and proponents of the hunt now blame climate change. “It’s over. Game over. […]

Acclaimed actor dies at 85

Actor Joachim Calmeyer was being mourned and hailed this week as among the “oldest and wisest” within Norwegian theater. Calmeyer died at his home at Grue in Hedmark on Monday after a short illness, at the age of 85. Calmeyer was “one of Norway’s finest actors,” both on stage and in films, wrote critic Mode […]

Car race film knocks out the king

The new Norwegian film about how Norway’s late King Haakon VII refused to cooperate with Nazi Germany after its invasion during World War II has drawn crowds, but not as large as those keen to see the sequel to a popular film about a car race around Norway. Børning 2 is also expected to roll over Kongens nei […]

Film-goers say ‘yes’ to the king’s ‘no’

Norwegians streamed to local cinemas over the weekend to see the new film Kongens nei, about the three dramatic days in April 1940 when the late King Haakon VII flatly refused to cooperate with Nazi German invaders. The film has made many Norwegians proud of the royal defiance, which ultimately turned the royals themselves into refugees […]

King’s ‘no’ to Nazis hits the silver screen

The latest in a wave of films about epic events in Norway’s history was getting a royal reception this week. Kongens nei, which is about King Haakon VII’s refusal to surrender to Nazi German invaders in April 1940, has also won rave reviews and been nominated as among Norway’s candidates for an Oscar. The film’s […]

Carlsen confident as ‘Magnus’ premieres

Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen was brimming with confidence this week, just before a documentary about his life was premiering in Norway. It’s had good reviews and the other young man set to challenge Carlsen in the next upcoming World Championships has already taken the time to see it. “He came with his whole team,” […]