Fire ravages paper recycling plant

A major fire raged Thursday at the Norsk Gjenvinning recycling plant at Haraldrud in Groruddalen on Oslo’s east side. Smoke from the fire could be seen over large areas of the city, with ashes raining down on places as far away as the island of Nakholmen in the Oslo Fjord. Police evacuated several buildings in […]

Freezing weather keeps firefighters busy

There’s been a rash of fires in homes all over Norway in recent days, and firefighters are blaming the onset of bitterly cold temperatures. Several of the fires have started in the chimneys of homes. More than 20 chimney fires have been reported since Wednesday afternoon, most of them in the counties of Agder, Hordaland […]

Fire swept through residential care center

One patient was reported missing after fire broke out in a residential care center in Kongsberg during the night. All 23 living units were evacuated but one resident was missing. A total of 22 people, some of them with mobility problems, were rescued from the fire that’s believed to have begun in one of the […]

Two found dead after fire at metals firm

An explosive fire swept through a metals firm at Eina in Toten, Oppland County, Friday morning. Four workers were on the job when the fire broke out at around 6:20am, and two of them failed to escape the inferno. State broadcaster NRK reported they were initially declared missing, but the bodies of a man in […]

Ferry fire survivors disappointed again

One of the passengers who survived a fire onboard the car-and passenger ferry Scandinavian Star 27 years ago was among those disappointed again by the latest report on the blaze that killed 159 others. It concluded that there was no evidence of sabotage or arson that was economically motivated. The report by a commission appointed by […]

Violent youth gang attacks police

Oslo police spent three nights in a row during the long holiday weekend dealing with violent teenagers on the city’s east side. On Monday came reports of a car being set on fire and a fire set on the grounds of a local day care center. “Both fires were reported during the night,” Cathrine Sylju, operations leader […]

Tunnel fire blocks key road in southern Oslo

Around 60 people were evacuated Friday morning from a tunnel being used in connection with construction of the new Follobane train line south of Oslo, after fire broke out in a tank truck inside the tunnel. The fire forced closure of Mosseveien, a main artery leading in and out of Oslo from the south. State broadcaster […]

Fire forces closure of the Oslofjordtunnel

Yet another tunnel fire broke out over the weekend, this one in the long and deep tunnel running under the Oslo Fjord between Drøbak and Hurum. The heat was so intense that it badly damaged the tunnel, resulting in a need for major repairs. The fire began once again in a heavy truck that was […]

Animal tragedy unfolds near Bodø

Hundreds of pigs were feared to have been burned alive early Tuesday after a blaze engulfed the barn where they were housed at Fenes, not far from Bodø in Northern Norway. Veterinarians needed to determine whether an estimated 300 pigs that survived would also need to be slaughtered because of smoke inhalation and stress. State broadcaster NRK described […]

New tunnel fire fuels safety concerns

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen was himself only a few kilometers away from the Fjærlands Tunnel in Western Norway Monday night when a maintenance truck that was cleaning its interior burst into flames. Solvik-Olsen admitted that the resulting fire inside the tunnel “reminds us how vulnerable we are,” but he insisted the government was taking tunnel […]