‘Hegerberg effect’ boosted women’s pay

It wasn’t sheer generosity that prompted players on the Norwegian men’s football team to turn over some of their pay to players on the women’s national team last week. The head of the organization representing them also credits outspoken star player Ada Hegerberg, who got so frustrated at how the women’s squad was managed that […]

New coach raises football hopes

The new Swedish coach of the Norwegian men’s national football team could end an otherwise disappointing round of World Cup qualifiers on an upbeat note Sunday night. Norway’s surprising 1-0 victory over Northern Ireland raised hopes for the future under Lars Lagerbäck. “We had to play well to beat them, and we did,” Lagerbäck told […]

National football team rolled over San Marino

Norway’s national men’s football team is redeeming itself, winning another World Cup qualifier on Thursday over San Marino. The Norwegians still don’t have a chance of playing in next year’s World Cup because of earlier losses, but the 8-0 victory in the small principality boosted spirits. “We controlled the match like we should have from […]

Women win another World Cup qualifier

Norway’s women’s national football team seems to be on a new winning streak of sorts, rolling over Slovakia Tuesday night on home turf in Sarpsborg. The women beat Slovakia by a score of 6-1, even without their star player Ada Hegerberg. “I think we played a fantastic first half,” the women’s head coach Martin Sjögren […]

Victory boosts spirits on women’s football team

Norway’s suddenly beleaguered women’s football team was cheered heading into the weekend when they finally won a match, and decisively at that. Their 4-1 victory over Northern Ireland was a good start in the qualifiers for the next World Cup. It was almost expected that the Norwegian women would win, since Northern Ireland is ranked […]

Vålerenga’s new stadium didn’t help men’s football club

After weeks of hype and a huge investment, Oslo’s Vålerenga athletics association VIF opened its new stadium with great if soggy fanfare over the weekend. Fans and players alike braved rain showers both Saturday and Sunday, but the long-awaited new sports facility didn’t help the men’s football club. They lost their debut match on new home turf […]

Football boss rejects calls to quit

Calls were going out on Tuesday for the resignation of Nils Johan Semb, a former coach of Norway’s national football team who’s held the title of “top football chief” in the country’s national football federation NFF since 2009. With both the women’s and men’s teams in crisis after a string of poor performances and internal […]

Germans humiliate men’s football team

Norway’s latest football fiasco was nothing less than painful for all involved, not least beleaguered Norwegian football fans. The national team’s devastating 6-0 loss to Germany in Stuttgart Monday night was enough to leave players, coaches and bosses of the sport hanging their heads in shame. Never before has a Norwegian team lost a national match by […]

Football drama plagues Norway

NEWS ANALYSIS: Embattled Norwegian football bosses won a reprieve after the men’s national team finally won a match heading into the weekend. As they prepared to face Germany Monday night, though, the drama surrounding both men’s and women’s football continued to escalate, not least after the powerful men in charge were accused of being arrogant under fire from star player Ada […]

Star player blasts football leaders

Norwegian football star Ada Hegerberg, one of the world’s top players, has issued the ultimate penalty to the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF) by quitting the national team and blasting those running it. She shocked not only the country’s football bureaucrats but her teammates as well. “I think NFF has a helluva long way to go, […]