Iran’s nuclear chief talks peace in Oslo

He played a major role in the Iran nuclear agreement that Norway helped negotiate four years ago and now he’s the country’s vice president. Ali Akbar Salehi was in Norway this week to take part in the Oslo Forum at the historic Losby farm, now a hotel and golf course northeast of the capital, and […]

Norway faces own child refugee dispute

While Norwegian politicians joined international outrage over the US’ incarceration of illegal immigrant children this week, they were faced with controversy of their own over the custody and forced returns of young rejected refugees from Afghanistan. Reaction has been fast and furious to the Norwegian government’s attempts to send the mostly male teenagers to a […]

Labour admits to ‘frustrating’ months

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norwegian Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre had to face an assembled press corps on Tuesday to deliver the traditional mid-year status report expected of all political parties. “It’s been a frustrating half-year,” Store admitted, in what arguably can be viewed as the ultimate understatement. Støre’s dream of becoming Norway’s prime minister currently […]

Peace brokers gather in Oslo again

Some of the the world’s worst wars and crises were being discussed behind closed doors in Oslo this week, as peace brokers, diplomats and top politicians gathered once again at a relatively secluded hotel in the forest at Losby. The historic Losby Gods hotel and its golf course would provide the idyllic setting for this […]

US troop build-up raises tensions

Norwegian politicians from the ruling Conservative Party are offering different versions of why the US is suddenly using a base in Northern Norway for surveillance flights in the Arctic. Russian officials, meanwhile, have called build-ups of US troops and military equipment elsewhere in Norway “clearly unfriendly,” and threatened that it won’t occur “without consequences.” Announcements […]

Ministers face security grilling

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and both her justice and defense ministers face a grilling by the Parliament’s disciplinary committee right after the summer holidays. They’ll be hit with lots of tough questions over why the government allegedly has failed to follow through on securing public buildings against terrorist attack. The committe called for a hearing […]

Government open to more US troops

The Norwegian government is clearing the way for many more US troops and pilots to be stationed on Norwegian soil and flying in and out of airfields at Rygge in the south and Andøya in the north. Critics were quick to blast plans that can double the number of American soldiers training with Norwegians in […]

Battlelines drawn in debate over army

The Norwegian Army is the target of a defense debate that’s recently fired up in Parliament. Even the Socialist Left party (SV), which isn’t known for being a fan of NATO or the military, worries that the army has become the victim of a massive defense reorganization and too much spending on new fighter jets. […]

MPs hang on to free parking

Oslo city politicians have been ruthlessly cracking down on the use of private cars in the Norwegian capital by hiking tolls into town, removing parking spaces, raising the fees of what parking is left and closing entire streets to vehicular traffic. Members of Parliament, however, aren’t giving up their parking privileges in the underground garage […]

Solberg struggles to save the seas

NEWS ANALYSIS: Erna Solberg made history over the weekend by being the first Norwegian prime minister to be invited to a G7 meeting. Her goal of raising high-level consciousness about the state of the seas, however, was largely overshadowed by all the drama stirred up by US President Donald Trump both at and just after […]