Air ambulance pilots agree to fly

The labour organization representing pilots in Norway, Norsk Flygerforbund, has reached an agreement with the new operator of the country’s air ambulance service. Conflicts remain between operator Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance and aircraft technicians, so the air ambulances still face groundings. News bureau NTB reported that the pilots and Babcock settled their differences after late-night negotiations […]

Air ambulances fly but problems persist

Norway’s air ambulances were cleared for take-off again this weekend, but conflicts involving their pilots remained unresolved. Neither the pilots’ union nor their employers’ representative could report any progress. The ambulance service has been in crisis since the company that’s run it for many years was outbid by a foreign-owned newcomer last year. The new […]

Air ambulance crisis grips the north

Norway is in the grips of an air ambulance crisis that has disrupted emergency medical service, especially in the northern counties of Finnmark and Troms. Members of Parliament are demanding immediate cancellation of the results of an ambulance service bidding process last year that generated all the turbulence. Air ambulances are a critical part of […]

‘Worst ever’ pollen season predicted

Spring has sprung in southern Norway but those suffering from allergies have little reason to rejoice after this year’s long and cold winter. It’s being blamed for what experts predict will be the worst pollen season ever. Many areas, including Oslo’s metropolitan region, logged unusually cold temperatures during the winter months this year. That postponed […]

Antibiotics usage declines sharply

The number of people in Norway who receive presecriptions for an antibiotic has declined 20 percent in the past five years. Health care experts cheered the news as important in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. New numbers from the state register of presecriptions in Norway showed that those for antibiotics written out in 2017 were […]

Mountain cabins hit by illness

DNT, the Norwegian mountain trekking association, was in emergency mode on Monday after at least 30 people who’ve been skiing from one DNT cabin to another have fallen ill. DNT officials fear an outbreak of the novo-virus, which causes serious vomiting and diarrhea. Three new cases of illness have been reported since Sunday evening. DNT […]

Doctors working more overtime

Norwegian doctors taking part in the state’s fastlege (primary care physician) program report that they work on average more than 55 hours a week. They also claim that their total time on the job has increased by seven hours a week just in the past four years. All residents of Norway are entitled to select […]

Espionage behind health care hack

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST suspects that a “serious” hacking attack on the computer systems of the country’s largest regional health care agency was carried out on behalf of a foreign state. The January 8 attack on Helse Sør-Øst may have put the health care files for more than 2 million Norwegians at risk. “This […]

New hospital to be built for Mjøsa region

After 15 years of debate over its location, state health authorities have decided against building a new hospital for the large and growing area around Lake Mjøsa in any of the region’s four largest cities. Instead of placing the hospital in either Hamar, Elverum, Gjøvik or Lillehammer, it will be built at Moelv, where the […]

Hospital faces charges after fatal mistake

One of Norway’s biggest hospitals, Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, was hit by heavy criticism this week from state health authorities following the death of a little boy who was being treated for a brain tumor. Hospital administrators apologized on national television for what became a fatal mistake by the doctor involved, and he has […]