Oslo’s fireworks disappeared in the fog

The City of Oslo, which has banned private use of fireworks in and around downtown for safety reasons, spent NOK 800,000 (USD 93,000) putting on another public fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, hardly anyone was able to see it. After a clear, sunny day on Saturday, a sudden fog enveloped Oslo just before midnight. […]

The king and Erna spoke to the people

UPDATED: It’s traditional for many Norwegians to sit down in front of the TV on New Year’s Eve and listen to the monarch address the nation, and then listen to the prime minister do the same on New Year’s Day. This year’s speeches weren’t particularly stirring, but they say a lot about what it means to […]

Sun set on a turbulent year

The sun set for the last time this year over Norway’s capital, in another fiery display of nature at her best on a winter afternoon. It seemed only fitting to capture the glory, as seen from this website’s homebase in Oslo, and share it with our subscribers around the world. The sunsets have been spectacular most every day this week, as Oslo escaped […]

West Coast saturated by another deluge

UPDATED: Norway’s West Coast, especially the area from Stad south to Bergen and Stavanger, headed into another wet and wild holiday weekend, just as weather conditions were settling down much farther north, on Svalbard. Warnings were posted once again, for heavy rain in four counties, and they were mostly all saturated by Friday night. As evacuation […]

Unsold Christmas trees dumped in Oslo forest

City officials have found as many as 600 unsold Christmas trees dumped not far from a large parking area normally used by hikers and skiers heading into the Oslo forest at Låkeberget, in the valley of Maridalen. The illegal dumping has put Christmas tree sellers in an unflattering light. “This is extremely unfortunate and puts […]

Christmas traditions changing in Norway

Few Norwegians put up special “Christmas curtains” in their kitchen windows this year, or put on costumes during these after-Christmas days called “romjul” to then go knocking on doors and asking for treats. Most don’t feel compelled to bake seven types of Christmas cookies either, nor do many put their Christmas trees in the center of the room and sing songs […]

Skies finally clear after the deluge

Extreme weather that hammered central and southern Norway during the holiday weekend was finally letting up Tuesday morning, but the calamities it caused were far from over. Flooding, blocked roads, stranded trains and dangerous shorelines were still creating major challenges for hard-pressed emergency response crews. Among the most pressing was the evacuation of a train on […]

‘God jul’ from Oslo to our readers

Last-minute shoppers wandered along Oslo’s main boulevard, Karl Johans gate, on the dark and stormy night leading into the Christmas holiday weekend. It’s the latest with no snow or ice in the Norwegian capital, but plenty of rain fell during the night before Christmas Eve, known as julaften. Oslo-area residents were in for a treat, though, when the sun suddenly […]

Many volunteer for ‘alternative’ Christmas parties

A former politician for the Progress Party has been hosting alternative Christmas parties in Oslo for people in need since he was 17 years old. Now he’s 65 and has more on tap this year than ever before, with plenty of volunteers willing to help. Henning Holstad told newspaper Dagsavisen that the volunteers now include lots of divorced […]

Norway imports Christmas trees

Despite its vast forests full of an estimated 3 billion fir trees, Norway actually imports around 300,000 Christmas trees a year. Demanding shoppers reportedly think the imported trees, mostly from neighbouring countries, are better-proportioned and more stylish. “One of the reasons is that consumers have strict demands regarding quality and appearance,” John-Anders Strande of the […]