‘Hytte’ sales pick up with economy

Norwegians still love having a hytte, their own holiday cottage in the mountains or by the sea, and prices are picking up. A sure sign of the current winter holidays in Norway have been all the ads for vacation properties with ski trails nearby. “All signs are pointing upwards in our market, and have been […]

Sami celebrations marred by decline

Norway’s indigenous people, the Sami, celebrated their national day this month amidst reports that their population may again be threatened by decline. State statistics bureau SSB revealed data showing little if any growth in traditionally Sami areas, and risks that population levels will sink. “What’s of most concern is that a large portion of the […]

Police busy putting out fireworks

Illegal use of fireworks kept Norwegian police busy all over the country during the long holiday weekend. One man even set off firecrackers inside a metro station in downtown Oslo. News bureau NTB reported that police charged a man with igniting fireworks, mostly firecrackers, inside Oslo’s Grønland T-bane station just before midnight on New Year’s […]

King blasts bullying in annual address

King Harald V has spoken out against bullying on several occasions, and used his annual New Year’s Eve address to blast it once again. He called on his fellow Norwegians to turn their country into a bullying-free zone. “Think what it could mean if we just decided that in Norway, we don’t bully one another,” […]

‘Godt nyttår!’ (Happy New Year!)

Winter finally established itself in most of Norway during the New Year’s weekend, with even the hills around Oslo getting solid amounts of snow like that already covering the mountains from north to south. With this peaceful scene from Kvitfjell in Gudbrandsdalen, we’d like to wish our readers all the best in 2018. We’ll be […]

Police track down party vandals

Police in Romerike northeast of Oslo have launched a major investigation into who was behind a wild party at a local home that ended with the house being trashed by vandals. One minor has admitted to the damage he caused, and police are tracking down others via social media. Police were called to the house […]

Moon added to a cruise-ferry’s glow

There are only two nights of the year when one of Color Line’s two cruise-ferries, which run between Oslo and Kiel in Germany, is in port overnight and all lit up: on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This year, a special moon added to the vessel’ ambiance as the Christmas holidays got underway. Color […]

Holiday lights help brighten the nights

PHOTO FEATURE: Stores closed and streets fell silent as Norway settled into its traditional three-day Christmas celebrations on julaften (Sunday this year). Massive arrays of holiday lights, however, will continue to brighten the darkness of mid-winter in Oslo and other cities, exactly 125 years after Norway’s capital got its first electric streetlamps. It wasn’t always […]

‘God jul’ and ‘takk’ to all our readers

As Norway slipped into Christmas holiday mode on Sunday, an annual sense of peace and quiet descended on Oslo and most other towns and cities around the country. Julaften (Christmas Eve) is the main event, followed by public holidays on Juledag (Christmas Day on December 25) and 2. juledag (Second Christmas Day on December 26). […]

Gift-giving habits start to change

Many Norwegians were expected to find alternative gifts under their Christmas trees this year. Fully 30 percent are opting to exchange “used” gifts, for environmental reasons, while others want to support charitable organizations or give and receive the gift of time together instead of material objects. Traditions die hard in Norway, where things like changing […]