Three women found dead in Oslo flat

A woman in her late 60s and her two grown daughters were found dead in the apartment they shared at Romsås on Oslo’s east side late last week. No one had seen them since late last summer, about the time police think they died. Police forced their way into the apartment after city officials and […]

Rejected refugee returns after lashing

An Iranian woman, deported after her asylum application was rejected by Norwegian authorities, landed back in Norway on Friday after allegedly being subjected to the punishment she’d feared when she fled Iran in 2009. Leila Bayat had claimed all along that she had sought asylum in Norway back in 2009 because she faced a sentence […]

Norway set to allow dual citizenship

After years of denial, the Norwegian government finally appears ready to allow dual citizenship in Norway. A proposal cleared for hearing this autumn looks likely to gain support in Parliament, granting new rights to thousands of Norwegian residents with personal ties to another country. In a twist of irony, it was the immigration-skeptical government minister […]

Calls rise to halt Afghan returns

Norway’s conservative government is under more pressure to stop sending rejected refugees back to Afghanistan, especially minors when they turn 18. Amnesty International is among those demanding the halt to forced refugee returns, claiming Afghanistan is as dangerous as ever, but there’s still broad political support for the practice, also from the Labour and Center […]

American fights for asylum in Norway

Norwegian immigration and asylum officials have found themselves in an unusual situation, after an American citizen who has held both ordinary and diplomatic US passports sought asylum in Norway. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Wednesday morning that she’s pursuing her case from an asylum center in Trøndelag, central Norway. NRK reported that the case has a […]

Thousands excluded from Election Day

It was pouring rain in Oslo and many other Norwegian cities on Election Day Monday. That was at least some consolation, perhaps, for the thousands of permanent Norwegian residents over the age of 18 who couldn’t brave the bad weather and troop to the polls anyway, because they’re not eligible to vote. Newspaper Aftenposten reported recently […]

Norway’s share of refugees plummets

Just two years after more than 30,000 refugees arrived in Norway, the  country’s share of all asylum seekers in Europe has declined dramatically. Norway also ranks high in rejecting asylum seekers, and in forcibly sending them out of the country. Only Bulgaria rejects more would-be refugees than Norway, according to new statistics from Eurostat, the official statistics service for the […]

Immigrants battle under-employment

Highly skilled and highly educated immigrants in Norway have long faced huge challenges finding work in line with their qualifications. Their battles not only point up underlying prejudice on the part of employers: A new study shows that Norway’s failure to include them in the workforce is also costing society as much as NOK 6 […]

Seeing the light at Lista by the sea

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway is best known for its mountains and fjords, but it also can offer long sandy beaches and flat, wide-open spaces along its blustery coast. The area called Lista in Southwestern Norway is also known for its strong ties to the US through generations of emigration in both directions. Frequent and strong winds that sweep […]

Life ‘too difficult’ in Norway for ‘illegals’

Only three out of every 100 would-be refugees try to remain in Norway if their applications for asylum are rejected. A new survey carried out by the state police agency charged with enforcing immigration law indicates that it’s simply too difficult to live as an illegal alien in Norway. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that the survey by Politiets […]