Halden was home to suicide bomber

The historic city of Halden, located south of Oslo near the border to Sweden, is best known for its Fredriksten Fortress perched on the hillside. It also was the home for eight years of a man who became Norway's first suicide bomber. PHOTO: Wikipedia

A middle-aged man from Somalia who came to Norway with his family in 2005 has emerged as the country’s first suicide bomber. Burhan Ahmed Abdule was considered a pillar of the Somalian community in the southern city of Halden, where his family settled, and once posed for a photo with the former prime minister, Jens […]

Man seeks ‘nanny’ for his foreign wife

A Norwegian man living in a small town in the county of Sør-Trøndelag has placed an ad in his local newspaper, looking for help in teaching his foreign wife how to become a good Norwegian wife and mother. The ad has attracted national attention, not least by a researcher who thought it was a joke. Åsmund […]

New police unit to fight hate crime

Between 50 to 70 police were involved in the operation, catching the smugglers in the act with weapons and more than 170 kilograms of drugs in their car. PHOTO: Justisdepartementet

Police in Oslo are setting up a special unit at the city’s Manglerud police station to tackle and investigate hate crimes. The unit will also work with groups that are especially vulnerable to hate crimes, to spread awareness that threats and harassment are violations of the law that should be reported. Hateful threats and harassment […]

Thousands marched against extremism

Thousands filled the plaza in front of Norway's Parliament on Monday to demonstrate against Islamic extremists. The demonstration was initiated by Norwegian Muslims who are horrified by violent extremists in Syria and Iraq and some local extremists who've supported them. State broadcaster NRK carried the demonstration on national TV. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/newsinenglish.no

Thousands of mobilized Muslims and Christians alike marched through the streets of Oslo on Monday, expressing what one Muslim cleric called “collective disgust” for violent extremism in the name of Islam. “Not in our name,” the crowd claimed in the major demonstration that was called an “historic turning point” as diverse participants “stood together” against terrorism and brutality. The demonstration brought together the […]

Professor accused of racism

Professor Nils Rune Langeland

The dean of the University of Stavanger has called in one of its professors to question him about a comment he wrote on social media that has set off accusations that he’s racist. Professor Nils Rune Langeland’s post on Facebook referred to the “damned Pakistani” who was serving him at a restaurant, and claimed he “hated him […]

‘Too many roses, not enough anger’

Erna Solberg, July 22 memorial

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s taken three years, but Norwegians are finally beginning to publicly display pent-up anger over a home-grown right-wing extremist’s murderous attacks on July 22, 2011. As the grieving process reached its third anniversary on Tuesday, it became more clear that all the roses and early attempts at reconciliation weren’t enough to heal all the wounds. Norwegians gathered […]

Immigrants’ income varies widely

The median income of British and Danish immigrants in Norway is higher than that for the country as a whole, while immigrants from Somalia rank lowest on new income charts prepared by state statistics bureau SSB. Immigrants in general earn roughly 77 percent of the median income in Norway. SSB set the median after-tax income in Norway […]

‘Paradise’ lost for euro crisis refugees

“In Spain they talk about Norway as a ‘paradise,’” 34-year-old Tatiania Espinosa told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), but the reality turned out to be much different. Espinosa is among the thousands of so-called “euro crisis refugees” who have fled 30 percent unemployment rates in Spain to seek a better life in Norway, only to see their dreams shattered. New figures […]

Immigrants turn to Conservatives

The Conservative Party (Høyre)'s team of politicians is making strides in attracting the immigrant vote. PHOTO: Høyre

The number of Norwegian residents with non-western background who voted for Norway’s Conservative Party (Høyre) doubled between the elections of 2011 and 2013, according to new figures from state statistics bureau SSB. Høyre already has solid support within Norway’s Polish community as well, making it the emerging party of choice for immigrants. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported this week […]

‘Treasure chest’ opened for youth

A new selection of summer sports equipment for children and youth in Oslo has opened at Bislett Stadium, operated by the humanitarian group Kirkens Bymisjon. The goal is to provide recreational opportunities to young city residents, with no stigma attached to their economic status. New figures show that nearly 80,000 children in Norway live in […]