Thousands protest new film on Utøya

More than 20,000 people have signed a campaign on social media against a new film based on a Norwegian right-wing extremist’s massacre on the island of Utøya seven years ago. They claim it’s too early since the attack that killed 69 people, mostly young members of Norway’s Labour Party, and that it will give the […]

Breivik inspires right-wing terror

After an autumn in which Norwegian media have deplored a rash of deadly mass shootings in the US, commentators often neglect to mention that the deadliest ever occurred just outside Oslo. Now comes news that Norway’s home-grown ultra-right-wing terrorist reportedly has inspired at least three attacks against Muslims in France. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the […]

Oslo ‘vulnerable’ to vehicular terror

London’s anti-terror chief, Nick Aldworth, has warned that Oslo’s main “parade boulevard,” Karl Johans gate, is vulnerable to attacks carried out by vehicular terrorists driving cars and trucks. Top Oslo politicians claim more security measures to prevent such attacks are right around the corner. Aldworth, who has been serving as chief inspector of special operations […]

Critics blast new government complex

A group of architects’ winning plan to rebuild Norway’s government complex in the center of Oslo became the target of immediate criticism this week, with city officials claiming the state is overruling them. It’s already been six years since the former complex on the site was heavily damaged and partially destroyed by a right-wing Norwegian […]

Right-wing extremism rings new alarms

Recent displays of right-wing extremism in Norway are raising concerns within the government, the police and among ordinary citizens from Kristiansand to Mjøndalen. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, meanwhile, was accused on Thursday of using “Trump rhetoric” after she compared right-wing extremists to the far left of Norwegian politics. “Right-wing extremism and neo-nazis have a lot in common with […]

Men’s online forum sparks complaints

While Norway officially mourned the victims this weekend of an ultra right-wing terrorist’s attacks on July 22, 2011, members of the controversial men’s online forum Mannegruppa Ottar were making fun of them. Their so-called “jokes” about the massacre on the island of Utøya six years ago have so alarmed the leader of the national support group […]

Norway tones down July 22 memorials

Quieter, less elaborate memorials were held over the weekend for victims and survivors of attacks by an ultra right-wing nationalist who killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, 2011. Prime Minister Erna Solberg stresssed, however, that it was important to show that neither the victims, the survivors nor their families are forgotten. “For us, the 22nd of […]

Breivik/Hansen takes his case to Strasbourg

Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who now uses the name Fjotolf Hansen, has appealed the terms of his confinement to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The young ultra-right wing terrorist who killed 77 people on July 22, 2011, 69 of whom were young summer campers shot at close range on the island of Utøya, […]

July 22 memorial moved to Utøykaia

The Norwegian government finally cut through several years of awkward and even ugly conflict on Wednesday, announcing that a new state-funded memorial to the victims of the July 22, 2011 massacre on the island of Utøya will now be built at the ferry pier serving the island, called Utøykaia. A memorial design that had won an international competition […]

Utøya memorial still causing problems

Attempts by the Norwegian government to build a memorial to the victims of a massacre on the island of Utøya in 2011 remain stymied, with local residents still threatening to sue if a memorial is built in their neighbourhood. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Tuesday that state property agency Statsbygg will recommend construction of a memorial at Utøykaia, […]