Mass murderer’s appeal rejected

The European Court of Human Rights won’t hear an appeal by Norwegian right-wing extremist and convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. The court in Strasbourg branded Breivik’s complaint that his prison conditions in Norway were inhumane as being “manifestly ill-founded.” Breivik, who has changed his name to Fjotolf Hansen, had appealed to the court in […]

Ministers face security grilling

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and both her justice and defense ministers face a grilling by the Parliament’s disciplinary committee right after the summer holidays. They’ll be hit with lots of tough questions over why the government allegedly has failed to follow through on securing public buildings against terrorist attack. The committe called for a hearing […]

Terror preparedness blasted again

Norwegian politicians have been repeatedly criticized for failing to secure some of the country’s most venerable institutions from a terrorist attack. Now the state government is being blasted once again, for not making sufficient progress since the last round of criticism. City and county officials have been targets of criticism as well. The state auditor […]

Palace finally ready to improve security

Officials responsible for running Norway’s Royal Palace in Oslo are starting to improve security around the home and workplace of the monarch, seven years after terrorist attacks stunned the country on July 22, 2011. Construction of new fences and other barriers to better control vehicular traffic to the palace will begin this fall. Newspaper Aftenposten […]

Sylvi’s ‘crucifixion’ quickly destroyed

Someone definitely didn’t like street artist AFK’s depiction of Norway’s former crusading justice minister, Sylvi Listhaug, as the victim of a crucifixion. His picture of her hanging on a cross was only allowed to stand for two days before being destroyed during the night. AFK’s street art, which he created during the Easter weekend, became […]

Street artist paints Listhaug as martyr

UPDATED: Bergen residents woke up on the last day of Norway’s long Easter holiday on Monday to a new work of street art. It depicts former Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug as crucified amidst media microphones and flowers like those sent by several hundred supporters. Listhaug was forced to resign just before the holidays began because […]

Listhaug exposed right-wing threat

NEWS ANALYSIS: Deposed Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug’s recent political assault on the Norwegian Labour Party continues to resonate, because of how it exposed threats from right-wing extremists. That likely wasn’t her intention, but so-called “dark forces” emerged to support Listhaug and that’s set off a new discussion over the danger they present, not least in […]

Solberg apologizes for her minister

A weary Prime Minister Erna Solberg officially apologized “on behalf of the government” Wednesday evening “for rhetoric the government has used” that hurt and upset and many Norwegians. She was referring to how her justice minister, Sylvi Listhaug, accused the Labour Party late last week of putting the rights of terrorists above the interests of […]

Listhaug responds, angers even more

UPDATED: Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug, under pressure to apologize for claiming on Facebook that Norway’s Labour Party puts terrorists’ rights above national security, has finally published a response after days of refusing to comment. She also finally deleted the post many found so offensive, but refused to admit defeat even after her initial response stirred […]

Solberg suddenly loses confidence

NEWS ANALYSIS: As if leading annual state budget negotiations wasn’t demanding enough, Prime Minister Erna Solberg had to do so this week while her own offensive justice minister, Sylvi Listhaug, was blatantly challenging her authority. At stake is public confidence in top Norwegian politicians and the government coalition itself, just as Solberg also faces some […]