WWF leader takes new helm

Nina Jensen, who’s worked for environmental organization WWF for the past 15 years and most recently led it, is quitting to take over the helm of what’s billed as the world’s largest research and expedition vessel (REV). It’s financed by oil- and seafood tycoon Kjell Inge Røkke, but Jensen stressed she won’t be working for […]

Nor-Shipping launched once again

Thousands of shipping and offshore workers along with maritime officials from more than 80 countries are in the Oslo area this week for their latest industry gathering known as Nor-Shipping. Crown Prince Haakon was on hand for the opening of the conference at Norway’s largest exhibition hall in Lillestrøm Tuesday morning. The conference has been […]

Viking ship tied up in bureaucracy

A full-scale copy of Norway’s famous Oseberg Viking ship, which has sailed around the historic city of Tønsberg for the past five years, is currently tied up right at the start of its busy summer season. With no specific registry for Viking ships in Norway, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) believes the Saga Oseberg is either a cargo or passenger vessel, and it […]

Solberg launches new research vessel

Prime Minister Erna Solberg officially launched Norway’s new marine research vessel, the Dr Fridtjof Nansen, in Oslo over the weekend amidst claims it will be used to share knowledge, competence and technology among oceanographers and fishing officials in developing countries. After spending the weekend in Oslo, where it was open to visitors, the vessel was sailing […]

Dockworkers set to attack EU pact

Norwegian dockworkers were stung by an EU court decision this week that claims their monopoly on loading and offloading ships is illegal. They’re not giving up their ongoing battle to preserve their century-old grip on Norwegian harbours, though, and even look set to try capsizing Norway’s overall trade pact with the EU in the process. The decision handed down […]

Jellyfish raise new concerns

Various types of jellyfish have been raising concerns along the coast of Norway, after some left large swatches of red slime in the far north and others, farther south, threaten cod stocks. Researchers are following the situation closely. The so-called kronemanet, for example, has invaded several fjords from the Sognefjord in the south to Nordland in the […]

Air space closed over Bergen

Norwegian civil aviation authorities closed the air space over downtown Bergen on Saturday at the urging of Norwegian police. Flights were forbidden over the area in order to help gain control over the air space in the wake of heightened concerns about a possible terrorist attack in Norway. It’s the middle of the summer tourism season […]

Tall Ships sail on, despite terror threat

PHOTO FEATURE: Dozens of the most graceful and historic vessels in the world have been sailing along Norway’s coast this month, as the annual Tall Ships Races called first at Fredrikstad in the south and then, this week, sailed into Bergen. The Tall Ships Races scheduled for this weekend unexpectedly coincided with heightened security around the country […]

Harbor conflict hits Hurtigruten

A lengthy conflict over work rules at Norwegian harbours resulted in the arrests of more than 40 union activists in Tromsø on Thursday, after they blocked cargo loading on one of Norway’s coastal voyage Hurtigruten ships. Union officials were upset. “We have gone into an area and mounted a legal demonstration,” Geir Ingebrigsten of the […]

Historic vessel ‘under threat’

Alarms are ringing over the future of one of Norway’s most famous Tall Ships, the 77-year-old Christian Radich. The foundation running the vessel worries that the military won’t continue to use Christian Radich for naval officer training when its contract runs out next year, and that can mean the loss of year-round maintenance and important […]