Forests’ bounty sets new records

Norway’s forests are once again full of wild berries and mushrooms, with marshes featuring the golden cloudberries known as multer. Both raspberries and lingonberries  (tyttebær) have been ripening as well, and local experts think it will be a record season. “I’ve been finding lots of the mushrooms and in my local forest of Kjekstadmarka (west of Oslo, south […]

Oslo revives plan for local national park

The City of Oslo’s ambitious new top politician in charge of ttransportation and the environment is reviving plans to turn part of the city’s eastern forestland into a new national park. Lan Marie Nguyen Berg from the Greens Party thinks it’s important to protect the area from any further encroachment. “We have preserved lots of […]

Wolf pups on their own in Oslo’s eastern forest

Wolves born last year in Oslo’s eastern forest (Østmarka) must now fend for themselves, after their mother was shot by a hunter and, last week, their father was found sick and dying by school children in Enebakk, southeast of the city. Conservationists were encouraged when a pair of once nearly extinct wolves found their way to […]

Female wolf shot in east Oslo forest

A female wolf believed to be the mother of pups born earlier this year was shot and seriously wounded by a moose hunter in the eastern Oslo forest known as Østmarka. The wolf was found dead on Wednesday and authorities now fear her pups may not survive either. “We think it is very, very sad that one […]

Spectacular start to autumn holidays

PHOTO FEATURE: Norwegians all over the country are off this week on the annual autumn holidays known as “høstferie,” when many schools close and parents take time off, too. After lots of bad weather and heavy rain, the skies cleared over much of southern Norway and the holidays got off to a spectacular start, also in […]

Money ran out for mushroom control, over protests

There’s a long tradition in Norway for heading into the forests at the end of the summer and early autumn to “sanke sopp,” or pick mushrooms. Some of them can be dangerous or even fatal, though, and now there won’t be any stands staffed by mushroom experts who can tell the pickers what’s safe and what’s […]

No hunt allowed for Østmarka wolf

For the second time in as many weeks, county officials in Oslo and Akershus have rejected an application to hunt down a wolf in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka. Wolves have been accused of attacking as many as 50 sheep on the eastern side of the forest, where farmers around Enebakk have traditionally allowed […]

Wolves accused of slaying 18 sheep

The wolf pack that has settled in Oslo’s eastern forest area known as Østmarka was being blamed for the deaths this weekend of at least 18 sheep in Ytre Enebakk, on the forest’s southeast side. The bloody remains were found by sheep rancher Karianne Buer when she walked her dog Sunday morning. “All the sheep […]

Wolf hunt launched in Oslo-area forest

The hills and forests north of Oslo called Nordmarka are a popular recreational area for local residents and home to grazing livestock in the summer. Now at least two wolves are believed to be on the prowl, and state authorities have authorized a hunt. Wolf hunts are always controversial in Norway, where wolves nearly became extinct and conservationists […]

Oslo may get its own national park

Norway’s capital is surrounded by a fjord on one side and hilly forests on the other.  Efforts are rising to protect some of the latter within the borders of a new national park. “Just think how we could tell tourists that they could take the tram to a national park while in Oslo,” Lars Haltbrekken, leader of […]