Norwegians tune out the radio

Both radio listening time and the numbers of Norwegians turning in to national radio station fell in 2017. A double-digit dive in listening came after Norway became the first country in the world to switch off its national FM radio transmission last year and convert to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). The move forced everyone in Norway […]

Acclaimed journalist, author laid to rest

The chapel at Oslo’s large Vestre Gravlund cemetery was packed on Monday for the funeral of Jahn Otto Johansen, dubbed by newspaper Aftenposten as “one of the 20th century’s most important Norwegian journalists.” Johansen died on New Year’s Day at the age of 83, after an “intense” career that never ended, and illness that caught […]

FM radio fans air pirate broadcasts

Norway officially switched over to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) on a nationwide basis this week, but that doesn’t mean FM radios are only full of static around the country. Nearly 200 local FM radio stations are allowed to keep broadcasting through 2022, while DAB dislikers and FM defenders are starting up pirate broadcasts as well. […]

Russians guided around F35 base

Norway’s newly expanded Ørland Air Force Base has been kept mostly off limits for Norwegian photo-journalists and many others, but Russian officers were given a tour of it last week. The tour can be viewed as an important move towards easing recent tensions between Norway and Russia, while newspaper Aftenposten described it as a “paradox.” Defense […]

Sportscaster quits under a cloud

Davy Wathne, one of Norway’s most well-known TV personalities, claims he decided himself to resign from his longtime role as sportscaster for the national commercial channel TV2. His resignation comes after a string of complaints over his behaviour and accusations of harassment. “It has to do with my form, my style and my jargon,” Wathne, […]

NRK celebrates Norway’s first Emmy

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) was topping all its morning newscasts on Tuesday with reports of how its television drama Mammon 2 won Norway’s first Emmy Award for best international drama series during the night. The coveted Emmy was described as “historic,” and a new milestone for Norwegian television production. “This is so much fun, completly wild!” […]

Media uproar over ‘old boys’ culture

A remarkable media uproar exploded in Oslo just before the weekend, rooted in the lack of women in top management at even egalitarian Norway’s media firms. It was ignited by remarks made by one local boss in particular, that were widely viewed as highly offensive and personifying a “good old boys’” culture and network. It […]

Norway shows up in ‘Paradise Papers’

Norway’s Oil Fund, its biggest bank and around 1,000 wealthy citizens are all showing up in documents leaked from a law firm specializing in tax havens, and from 19 registers of companies in places known as havens of secrecy. It’s not illegal to stash funds in tax havens, but the documents dubbed as the “Paradise […]

Prime ministers make new history

Six of Norway’s prime ministers over the past 36 years are making history once again. Several were formerly bitter political foes, but now they share the experience of having run the country in good times and bad, and they’ve met over a friendly dinner to simply chat, reminisce and give each other both critical feedback and […]

American wins stardom in Norway

Adam Douglas, a 36-year-old singer from Oklahoma, soared to stardom in Norway Saturday night when he won the annual nationally televised competition called “Stjernekamp.” It’s billed as selecting the country’s “ultimate entertainer,” and marked the first time the Norwegian public chose an artist who arrived in the country just 10 years ago. “This is completely insane,” […]