Probe demanded into arms exports

Norway’s chapter of the humanitarian organization Save the Children (Redd Barna) called again on Wednesday for a probe of arms and ammunition exports to the United Arab Emirates. The call came after Norway’s foreign ministry confirmed that such exports were suspended a week before the Christmas holidays. “That’s a good beginning,” Line Hegna of Redd […]

NATO boss ‘surprised’ by extended term

Jens Stoltenberg, the former Norwegian prime minister who became secretary general of NATO in 2014, said he was “surprised” but also “honoured” that his term of duty was extended this week by another two years. He thinks it gives him an even stronger mandate than he already had. “I was under the impression that there […]

Russians guided around F35 base

Norway’s newly expanded Ørland Air Force Base has been kept mostly off limits for Norwegian photo-journalists and many others, but Russian officers were given a tour of it last week. The tour can be viewed as an important move towards easing recent tensions between Norway and Russia, while newspaper Aftenposten described it as a “paradox.” Defense […]

New fighter jets flew in ‘jul’ formation

Norwegians all over the country got a rare glimpse of their new F35 fighter jets on Tuesday when two of them, along with 12 of Norway’s older F16s, flew in formation from north to south. It was an unusual display that had a variety of purposes, also as an annual Christmas greeting to all those […]

Debate rises over Russian defense

NEWS ANALYSIS: A new report from the Norwegian defense department’s own research institute highlights four reasons why Russia has become more dangerous for Norway, and two reasons why it hasn’t. A senior researcher at Norway’s foreign policy institute NUPI, meanwhile, is challenging Norway’s new defense and foreign ministers to evaluate whether current policies actually improve […]

Fight goes on over defense compromise

A day after Parliament finally agreed on a new defense program for Norway, two MPs from the otherwise allied Labour and Center parties kept fighting live on national radio Wednesday. Another fight looms over funding, since the defense compromise was struck before politicians have figured out how to fund it. On Tuesday the Labour, Christian […]

Erdogan ‘milking’ NATO and Norway

UPDATED: Turkey’s authoritarian president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was “milking” an offensive incident at a NATO exercise in Norway last week for all it’s worth during the weekend, claims the editor of a Turkish-Norwegian political website. Top NATO and Norwegian officials both extended apologies to Erdogan, but he wasn’t willing to accept them. On Monday, Norway’s […]

Royal welcome for new fighter jets

Norway’s three new F35 fighters jets took off for the first time from their new home at the Ørland air base on the West Coast on Friday, with Norwegian pilots in the cockpits, and King Harald was there to mark the occasion. So were a cast of other top officials who made speeches and hailed […]

New fighter jets finally landed

After years of political debate, production and then some refueling challenges, the first three of Norway’s new F35 fighter jets landed safely on Friday at their new coastal home in Ørland, northwest of Trondheim. Proud military brass called it a “milestone” for Norwegian defense, with an official welcome ceremony scheduled for later this week. The […]

New fighter jets due to arrive

Norway can finally expect delivery of the first of its new F35 fighter jets from the US later this week. Three of the F35s are due to arrive on Thursday. The new jets, ordered after years of political debate to replace Norway’s ageing fleet of F16s, make up what the Norwegian defense ministy describes as […]