Royal welcome for new fighter jets

Norway’s three new F35 fighters jets took off for the first time from their new home at the Ørland air base on the West Coast on Friday, with Norwegian pilots in the cockpits, and King Harald was there to mark the occasion. So were a cast of other top officials who made speeches and hailed […]

New fighter jets finally landed

After years of political debate, production and then some refueling challenges, the first three of Norway’s new F35 fighter jets landed safely on Friday at their new coastal home in Ørland, northwest of Trondheim. Proud military brass called it a “milestone” for Norwegian defense, with an official welcome ceremony scheduled for later this week. The […]

New fighter jets due to arrive

Norway can finally expect delivery of the first of its new F35 fighter jets from the US later this week. Three of the F35s are due to arrive on Thursday. The new jets, ordered after years of political debate to replace Norway’s ageing fleet of F16s, make up what the Norwegian defense ministy describes as […]

Police, military carry out major anti-terror exercise

Around 900 police and military personnel were taking part in a major anti-terror exercise in Oslo and the southern Agder counties early this week. More police than usual were due on the streets in downtown Oslo, and helicopters were likely to fly overhead. Several ministries and civilian partners were also involved in the exercise. “Our […]

Soldier killed during mine-clearing demonstration

Flags flew at half-mast at army  installations around Norway during the weekend, after a soldier was killed while demonstrating mine-clearing equipment on a shooting range in Northern Norway. The soldier, 21-year-old Army Sergeant Hågen Skattum from Voss in the mountains of Southern Norway, died from injuries sustained in the explosives accident. It occurred at the Målselv […]

Russians ‘trained to invade Svalbard’

UPDATED: A Norwegian website dedicated to preventing another invasion of Norway was reporting on Wednesday that Russian forces mounted a mock invasion of Svalbard during recent military exercises in the Barents. Norwegian forces were reportedly caught completely by surprise, and NATO was not pleased, while Norway’s military intelligence chief and defense minister deny any such […]

Russians jammed flights’ GPS

Norway’s military intelligence unit (Forsvarets Etterretningstjeneste) confirmed to state broadcaster NRK on Friday that Russian military training exercises taking place across the border from Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark last month jammed the on-board global positioning systems (GPS) of airline flights from both SAS and Widerøe. The Russians reportedly were practicing electronic warfare when the […]

Peace Prize prods nuclear arms ban

The Norwegian Nobel Committee sent a powerful anti-nuclear weapons message on Friday, not least to its home country of Norway itself. Its decision to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to  the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) aims to prod the nuclear states and their allies like Norway into going along with worldwide […]

Labour shifts position on Andøya closure

Several groups opposed to military restructuring in Northern Norway demonstrated in front of Parliament on Tuesday against looming cutbacks or shutdowns of the local home guard, the Andøya air station and a helicopter base at Bardufoss. Even though the Labour Party voted in favour of the changes, it now seems to be changing its mind […]

NATO seeks troops for Afghanistan

NATO’s Norwegian secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, wants his homeland to send more troops to Afghanistan. Norway has withdrawn most all its soldiers after years of engagement, and has resisted calls to re-join the fight against the Taliban, but new talks with NATO are now underway. “Norway has good soldiers and good capacity that we earlier […]