Medals awarded to military heroes

A dozen current and former members of the Norwegian armed forces were awarded medals on Monday, when Norway celebrated its annual Liberation- and Veterans Day on the 8th of May. Among them was Lt Commander Ken Andersen of the Norwegian Navy, whose bravery in the midst of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan won him Norway’s highest recognition […]

Veterans hailed on Liberation Day

The sun was shining in Oslo on Monday as King Harald V, top government officials and military brass prepared to hail Norwegian veterans from World War II and through to more recent international operations. It was on May 8, 1945 that Norway finally was liberated from five years of occupation by Nazi Germany, so it’s also a […]

Defense minister defends herself

Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide has been forced into defense mode herself in recent weeks. Now she faces even more highly critical reports from the State Auditor General’s Office, this time over the sale of retired fighter jets, while her ministry also reportedly tried to get the state auditors to tone down their criticism of a […]

Anti-terror efforts still falling short

Norway’s preparedness for a terrorist attack remains in question, just a week after the threat level was raised from “possible” to “probable.” Conflicts continue between the military and police, also over use of boats and helicopters, while critics note that the police’s own emergency response boats are outdated and have been taken out of service. Justice Minister […]

Russian nuclear sub set to sail along the coast

The world’s largest nuclear submarine, Russia’s Dmitry Donskoy, is reportedly set to sail along Norway’s entire coast from north to south and then into the Baltic this summer. The planned voyage is sparking some concern, but also fascination. The Independent Barents Observer (external link) reported that the mighty vessel is expected to make the long trip from […]

Secrecy hinders defense of security

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government’s insistence on withholding a highly critical State Auditor General’s report on the status of national security has made it difficult if not impossible for police and defense officials to defend themselves from allegations of incompetence. Defense ministry officials claim they can’t comment on the contents of the report, because it’s classified as confidential. Some may argue that […]

‘Security so poor’ it ‘had to be hidden’

UPDATED: Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) has gained access to a State Auditor General’s report on national security that was intended to be made public, but which the Norwegian government has withheld on the grounds it would further endanger it. The report shows that efforts to improve Norway’s national security following terrorist attacks in 2011 have […]

Russia issues new warning to Norway

Russia’s embassy in Oslo has been issuing more complaints about the Norwegians this week. The Russian officials are unhappy about the large winter military exercises going on in Finnmark, Northern Norway, and they’re also warning again of consequences if Norway opts to become part of NATO’s controversial missile defense system. The Russian Embassy called the […]

Ministry admits to big frigate troubles

Norway’s fleet of five frigates has been swamped by troubles almost since the first one was delivered nearly 11 years ago. Now the Defense Ministry itself agrees with strong criticism from State Auditor General Per-Kristian Foss, and claims to be working hard to address the problems. Foss, a former government minister himself for the Conservative […]

New submarines ready in 2025

It will take at least eight years before Norway can take delivery of four new submarines from German producer ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. The highly advanced subs have been described as the next-most-important part of Norway’s defense after its fighter jets. “The submarines have great significance for our ability to defend Norway’s maritime interests,” said Defense […]