Anti-hijab hairdresser convicted again

An appeals court in Western Norway upheld a lower court order on Friday in ruling that hairdresser Merete Hodne violated Norway’s anti-discrimination laws for refusing serve Malika Bayan, because Bayan was wearing a hijab.  Newspaper Stavanger Aftenbladet reported that the appeals court, however, reduced Hodne’s fine to NOK 7,000 and she was not ordered to […]

Norway grilled over hate crimes

UPDATED: Just as three Norwegian and British men went on trial Tuesday, accused of hate crimes against two Muslim men in Oslo, Norwegian government minister Solveig Horne was being grilled by a UN committee in Geneva over the country’s failure to better combat such crimes and racism. The trial itself is a result of Norway’s […]

PST blamed for raising fear of Muslims

A former Supreme Court justice claims in a new book that Norway’s justice ministry and politicians allow themselves to be used by the country’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste), to raise fear of Muslims to artificially high levels. Ketil Lund, who retired from the high court in 2009, also once headed a commission appointed by […]

Krekar jailed for another two months

Radical Islamic cleric Mulla Krekar has been ordered held in custody for another two months, on charges that he once again has been making threats. Krekar also claims that he now sees himself as a political prisoner in Norway. Krekar, a former refugee who was granted asylum and state financial support for many years, has constantly been […]

More Norwegians convert to Islam

Youthful rebellion and, paradoxically, a perceived need for stronger rules in Norway’s liberal society are believed to be behind a recent rise in the number of Norwegians converting to Islam. “I think we need stronger rules,” one young Norwegian convert told newspaper Aftenposten on Monday. No one knows for certain how many “ethnic Norwegians” have converted to Islam, according to […]

Krekar avoids banishment, but not confinement

Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar has managed to avoid being banished to a remote Norwegian village, at least for now. His appeal was successful, with a court ruling Friday that the Justice Ministry went too far in instructing the police to send Krekar to Kyrksæterøra, but the government may appeal itself and Krekar is still not […]

Krekar ordered held in prison

A court in Oslo rejected an appeal on Friday from Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, who uses the name Mullah Krekar, that he be released from police custody. The court ruled that the danger Krekar represents is “real and not theoretical.” The appeals court (Borgating lagmannsrett) called remarks Krekar made in a recent NRK TV interview “extremely […]

More ‘peace rings,’ in Trondheim and Oslo

Hundreds of people turned up to hold hands and form new “rings of peace” over the weekend, creating a “peace zone” in Trondheim Friday night and embracing a mosque in Oslo. In Trondheim, organizers told state broadcaster NRK that both Muslims and people from other religions wanted to show their support for the Jewish community, following […]

Taliban minister fights deportation

A former Taliban minister who was sent out of Norway last year is now trying to return, legally fighting his deportation in an Oslo courtroom through the same lawyer who’s been representing the controversial Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar. Abdul Rauf Mohammad was deported after authorities determined he was a danger to fundamental national interests. He had […]

‘None of us would attack Norway’

One of three Norwegian defendants on trial in Oslo for allegedly fighting for terrorist organizations in the Middle East testified in court on Wednesday that he would never attack Norway. He also denied, as has one of his co-defendants photographed with armed members of the Islamic State (IS), that he fully objects to IS’ brutality. […]