Sick Northug ‘won’t ski in Olympics’

Norway’s former top skier Petter Northug has hardly competed this season, performed poorly when he did, failed to impress national ski team coaches and now he’s got the flu. His own personal coach, Stig Rune Kveen, now says he won’t be traveling to South Korea to compete in the Olympics. “When we stand here today […]

No Olympic ‘wildcard’ for Bjørndalen

UPDATED: At an age of 43, Norway’s biathlon star Ole Einar Bjørndalen wanted, and was convinced he could still win, more medals at the upcoming Olympics in South Korea. Norwegian coaches didn’t agree and cut him from the country’s national team for the first time in 24 years. Slim hopes for a wildcard (free spot) […]

Sports bosses paid millions for PR

The men who’ve recently been running Norway’s national athletics federation paid out nearly NOK 5 million in just a few months to drum up public support for their unpopular efforts to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Oslo. Two of the sports leaders have either quit or resigned under pressure. Their willingness to spend the […]

New Olympic bid called ‘tragicomic’

UPDATED: Heads were shaking in Norway after state broadcaster NRK reported how officials in the inland county of Telemark were planning to mount a new bid to host a Winter Olympics, preferably in 2026. Jacob Lund, who headed sponsorships for Norway’s largest bank for more than 20 years, was among those dismissing the effort, while […]

IOC member passes the torch

Gerhard Heiberg has been a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the past 23 years. At the age of 78, he passed the torch to another Norwegian at an IOC meeting in Lima, Peru over the weekend. Kristin Kloster Aasen, age 56, said she was both “proud but very humble” to take on the […]

Athletics leaders reveal big spending

After months of pressure, Norway’s national athletics federation has finally turned over its expense accounts for both the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia and the Youth Olympics in Lillehammer last year. Both revealed some lavish spending on luxury hotels, meals and alcoholic beverages, and now the federation has chosen a new leader to replace the one who […]

New Olympic bids fall flat

Bergen, Stavanger and the western mountain city of Voss are teaming up to study the possibilities of mounting a bid for a “Fjord Olympics” in 2030, while Lillehammer officials are pondering the same, in either 2026 or 2030. The ambitious projects were immediately rejected as unrealistic, both financially and politically. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported Thursday that […]

New doping flap hits sports elite

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway has long clung to a reputation of having top athletes free of doping scandals, but that’s now being severely challenged by controversy over skiers’ use of asthma medicine. Norwegian sports officials were facing another torrent of criticism on Friday from both inside and outside the country, while a government minister demanded a full, independent […]

‘Tutta’ wants a baby and Tokyo comeback

Norwegian golfer Suzann Pettersen, nicknamed “Tutta” back home, had been among Norway’s gold medal hopes at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but wound up in 10th place instead. Now she’s setting her sights on starting a family and training for a comeback at the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. “I won’t wait […]

‘Worst’ Olympics for Norway in 52 years

With only four medals and none of them in gold or silver, Norwegian athletes chalked up their worst Olympic performance in Rio de Janeiro since the summer games in Tokyo in 1964. Promises that Norway would do much better than it did last time in London were not fulfilled. Not even international superstars like golfer […]