Photos: Protesting Amelie’s arrest

Angry protesters staged torch-lit parades in Oslo and other Norwegian cities following the dramatic arrest of illegal alien Maria Amelie on January 12. Hover your mouse over the photo and click the arrows to navigate this photo series. Nine photos in total. [cincopa AoAA4a6d7D48]

A summer day in a fairy-tale forest

EXCURSIONS: The vast area known as Krokskogen, northwest of Oslo, is known as “the fairy-tale forest” because it was made famous by the collector of Norwegian fairy tales, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, in the mid-1800s. He wrote “A Summer’s Night in Krokskogen,” a story about crossing this area during a light Nordic night – and getting […]

Opening day at Kistefos museum

Investor and art lover Christen Sveaas was joined at the weekend by scores of well-known Norwegians from the arts and business world, to kick off the summer exhibit at his Kistefos museum. Hover your mouse over the picture to view a control panel and captions.[cincopa 10599688]

Traditional May Day parade in Oslo

Large crowds turned out for the traditional May Day parade in Oslo, despite less than desirable weather. Hover your mouse over a picture to control the slideshow and to view captions. All photos by Views and News. [cincopa 10593446]

Holmenkollen Day 2010

PICTURE SERIES: Sunshine and thousands of spectators turned out for the first “Holmenkollen Day” in Norway’s new ski jumping arena. It was an historic event for Oslo, and it attracted locals and visitors alike, from all over the world. See some of them in this picture series. [flgallery id=5 /] Click on the image to move […]

Recent history of Holmenkollen

Oslo has a new landmark, a reconstructed Holmenkollen Ski Jump, after years of planning and expense. Here’s a brief recap of Holmenkollen’s recent history. [flgallery id=4 /] Hover your mouse over the photos to get caption information.

Oslomarka’s winter wonderland

Join us for a trip around the winter wonderland of Oslomarka, the hills above Oslo. You need a Flash-enabled computer to watch this slideshow. [flgallery id=1 /]

Opening day at Kistefos museum

[flgallery id=6 /] The Kistefos Museum came about mostly through the efforts of investor and art lover Christen Sveaas. Each spring he is joined by scores of other well-known Norwegians from the arts and business world, to kick off Kistefos’ summer exhibit.

‘Syttendemai’ in red, white and blue

Norway’s Constitution Day is the 17th of May. Also known as the children’s day, it is one of the biggest and most colorful events of the year. [cincopa 10602852]

Moose on the loose in Harstad

It’s spring, and that means many moose mothers are busy sending last year’s calves off on their own, while they prepare to give birth to this year’s offspring. Here’s a short photo series showing one moose family on the move up north. [flgallery id=2 /] This particular mother made an unlikely choice of grazing area: […]