Government hangs on in latest poll

Norway’s minority government coalition has gained some voter support, according to the most recent public opinion poll released on Thursday. It’s under heavy pressure, though, from the resurgent Center Party, which is riding a wave of discontent over government reforms that have pitted outlying districts against Oslo. The Center Party claimed 11.4 percent of the […]

WWF moves to halt a new wolf hunt

The Norwegian government, under heavy pressure from ranchers, hunters and others who feel threatened by wolves, is now seeking a quick change in the law that currently restricts a new wolf hunt. WWF, the international organization that champions protection of wildlife, quickly vowed on Wednesday that it will sue the government to block the move. “If politicians in […]

Avalanche forced delay in orchid delivery

Norway’s agriculture minister, Jon Georg Dale, had to cancel a trip to Svalbard with a delegation from Myanmar this week because of the “uncertain situation” on the Arctic archipelago. The delegation had planned to place seeds from threatened orchid plants inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Those plans were disrupted by the avalanche that rammed […]

Tempers flare over Norway’s new map

Norway’s conservative, reform-minded government has won support in Parliament to merge a wide range of local governments and counties as part of regional reform that will re-draw the country’s map. Government minister Jan Tore Sanner has been pushing to consolidate local governments to cut costs and bureaucracy, but the plan was meeting a torrent of objections and […]

King turns 80 with 81 percent support

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s King Harald V was celebrating his 80th birthday on Tuesday on a winter holiday with his closest family. Among his gifts is a new public opinion poll showing that the monarchy is now supported by an overwhelming 81 percent of the Norwegian population, with many also claiming that there is substance behind all the royal symbolism. […]

‘Pioneering’ Nobel leader dies at 65

UPDATED: Kaci Kullmann Five, the leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, has died after a long battle with cancer. The committee announced Monday morning that it had received the news of Five’s death “with great sorrow.” It was a bad sign when Five, who had been unusually open about her struggle with both breast cancer […]

Stoltenberg scolded over book royalties

While NATO Secretary General  Jens Stoltenberg was hosting and taking part in a series of important meetings in Brussels and Munich last week, he had to fend off some trouble at home in Norway. A lucrative royalty agreement he secured for a biography he released last year has upset fellow authors, who claim Stoltenberg is not showing any […]

Tributes roll in to a leading ‘role model’

Prime ministers, political rivals, colleagues and friends were hailing Kaci Kullmann Five on Monday as a woman who made great strides towards clearing the way for others like her. Even though her rival Labour Party often gets the most credit for advancement of women’s rights and environmental issues in Norway, it’s been Five and her Conservative […]

The Russian Embassy in Oslo calls its relations with Norway ‘unsatisfactory’

UPDATED: Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende claimed on Thursday that he’d had “a useful conversation” with his Russian counterpart, Sergej Lavrov, at the G20 summit in Bonn. On Friday, the Russian Embassy in Oslo sent out a very different message, claiming in a “comment” published on social media that Russia’s “bilateral relation” with Norway is “unsatisfactory” and “not […]

Norway’s big week on the continent

NEWS ANALYSIS: Top Norwegian officials have been busy on the European continent this week, and happy to be able to take part in a flurry of meetings at NATO in Brussels, the G20 in Bonn and the Munich Security Conference. At a time of uncertainty and even fear following the inauguration of US President Donald […]