Pressure grows on errant minister

The political future of the Progress Party’s Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg was in grave doubt heading into the weekend, as the list of his recent offenses continued to grow. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was also under enormous pressure from Parliament to replace him. Sandberg survived replacement at Friday’s weekly Council of State, the formal meeting […]

Christian Democrats attack free heroin plan

Norwegian Health Minister Bent Høie of the Conservative Party is planning to launch a pilot program aimed at saving the lives of drug addicts by simply providing them with free heroin. The Christian Democrats were quick to attack the plan, equating it to giving up on efforts for rehabilitation. “It’s sad if people addicted to […]

Ministry mum on Israeli outburst

Norway’s foreign ministry wasn’t commenting on reports in an Israeli newspaper that the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sharply reprimanded Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide during her visit to Jerusalem earlier this week. The newspaper Hayom reported that Netanyahu was upset by what he considers Norwegian meddling in the Israeli court system, through the […]

Utøya aid sought as Labour toughens up

Norway’s Stoltenberg family was grateful for all the flowers and impressive attendance at Labour Party patriarch Thorvald Stoltenberg’s funeral last week, but they suggested another memorial gift as well: financial donations to a democracy project on the island of Utøya, where 69 young Labour supporters were murdered seven years ago. Jens Stoltenberg was also back […]

Minister broke more government rules

A political storm continued to swirl around Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg through the weekend. Now he admits that he took his government-issued mobile phone with him not only on his highly controversial summer holiday trip to Iran, but also to China this past spring. Several of his conservative Progress Party colleagues are as angry with […]

Farmers appeal to Solberg for help

Apparently not satisfied with the public assistance already offered by Norway’s agriculture minister, the country’s two largest farming organizations have now “invited” Prime Minister Erna Solberg to visit farms stricken by the recent drought. They want her to see their “crisis” first-hand herself. “Many of our members are now in despair,” said Lars Petter Bartnes, […]

Norway protests Israeli boarding of Gaza boat

UPDATED: Norway’s foreign ministry has asked Israeli authorities to explain how they can justify halting and boarding the Norwegian fishing boat Kårstein in international waters last Sunday, 53 nautical miles off Gaza. The Kårstein had medical equipment and activists on board. Five Norwegians were among those arrested and jailed in Israel, including Mikkel Grüner, a member […]

Minister’s boss ‘registers’ Iran trip

“I have registered that Per Sandberg has been on holiday in Iran,” the leader of his Progress Party, Siv Jensen, wrote in her first comment on Sandberg’s controversial summer trip to Iran with his new Iranian-born girlfriend. Jensen neither criticized nor supported Sandberg in her carefully worded email to state broadcaster NRK on Wednesday. Jensen, […]

Solberg reins in errant minister

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has broken her initial silence over Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg’s controversial summer holiday in Iran. Now she claims there’s “no doubt” he should have reported where he was going before leaving for Iran, and that he thus has violated government regulations. “I have spoken with Per Sandberg,” Solberg told reporters when […]

Holiday in Iran hounds minister

Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg claims his summer holiday in Iran this month was strictly private, but it’s been raising plenty of very public questions. That’s because Sandberg, from the anti-immigration Progress Party that wants to restrict refugee arrivals in Norway, traveled to the controversial country with a woman who came to Norway as an asylum […]