Rape statistics surprised researchers

Researchers were as surprised as Norwegian government ministers, when new statistics released on Wednesday showed that 10 percent of all Norwegian women have been raped and only 11 percent of rape victims reported the crime. Men also are surprisingly frequent victims of domestic violence, according to the study. Fully a third of rape victims interviewed […]

Dubai rape victim returns to Norway

Marte Dalelv was hoping to obtain an exit visa on Tuesday and travel home to Norway on Wednesday. Her passport was returned to her on Monday, ending a nightmare that began during a business trip to Dubai in March. PHOTO: ReleaseMarte campaign

UPDATED: Marte Deborah Dalelv, the young Norwegian woman who was jailed in Dubai after she’d reported being raped there, finally came home to Norway on Wednesday. She now admits she made an “incredibly stupid” mistake of withdrawing her rape claim after initially filing it last March, since the withdrawal is probably what landed her in […]

Ålesund rape reports were a bluff

Police in the west coast city of Ålesund have determined that several different women filed false reports of rape or attempted rape this winter. Their motives are unclear, and now they face charges of their own. Residents told media late last week they were both relieved that the rapes never occurred, but shocked that local […]