Christian Democrats help rein in UDI

Norway’s Christian Democrats party has gone along with forming a majority in Parliament that will stop state immigration agency UDI from revoking citizenship granted to immigrants on false premises. Only the courts will be able to revoke citizenship in the future. The move means that both the Christian Democrats (Kristelig Folkepartiet, KrF) and the Liberals (Venstre) are breaking […]

Alarms ring over rejected refugees

UPDATED: Never before has so much concern been expressed over the fate of mostly teenage boys who have fled Afghanistan, made their way to Norway and then seen their asylum applications rejected. Prime Minister Erna Solberg is under pressure to help them, and halt efforts to send them and others whose citizenship has been challenged […]

Soldiers of Odin loses leaders

Just two weeks after taking over as the new leader of the quasi-vigilante group Soldiers of Odin, Jan Tellef Aanonsen says he has quit and hopes the entire organization “disappears.” Its former leader, meanwhile, was back in court this week, charged with assault. The group grabbed headlines last winter when members wearing hooded black jackets […]

Another fire hits an asylum center

Firefighters in Rjukan, Telemark County, battled thrugh the night to extinguish another fire at an asylum center. There were no deaths or injuries, but the local mayor called the fire “a tragedy” nonetheless. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the fire ravaged an historic building from 1916 that was on UNESCO’s list of buildings worthy of […]

Prime minister lauded for promoting ‘new word of the year’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg ended up getting credit for introducing and using what Norwegian language experts chose as the “the new word of the year” for 2016: hverdagsintegrering. That literally translates to “everyday integration,” and it’s something Solberg urged to help include new immigrants and especially refugees into daily life in Norway. While Solberg’s government minister in charge […]

Skepticism grows over immigration

A new survey carried out by state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) shows that a third of all Norwegians now think it should become even more difficult for asylum seekers to secure residence permission. That’s up 4 percent from last year, with SSB also reporting “changes in several indications of attitudes” regarding immigration. The survey of attitudes towards immigrants […]

Asylum seekers numbers continue to dive

Only 228 asylum seekers arrived in Norway in November, the lowest level so far this year and the lowest level in nearly 20 years. The sharp decline after last year’s refugee influx of more than 31,000 is linked to stricter asylum policies, forced returns and tougher border control all over Europe. All told, just over 3,000 asylum […]

‘Horrible’ refugee returns questioned

Several Members of Parliament are demanding answers from Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug regarding her active efforts to return asylum seekers to Aghanistan. Some are calling the practice “horrible,” not least after Afghanistan’s own ambassador to Norway has asked that it be halted. Ambassador Shukria Barakzai, who arrived in Oslo in February just after last year’s refugee […]

New asylum rules won’t be eased

Norway’s tougher new asylum rules have boosted deportations and sparked concern lately, both inside and outside the country, but they won’t be eased any time soon. As Norwegian politicians battle over next year’s state budget and other issues, the vast majority of them agree that the grounds and procedures for gaining asylum needed to be […]

Norway braces for new refugee influx

Norway’s immigration agency UDI (Utlendingsdirektoratet) is bracing for another influx of asylum seekers over its northern border to Russia. Officials won’t specify why, but want to maintain preparedness at asylum centers and camps around Kirkenes. UDI officials confirmed to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Wednesday that they “want to uphold solutions (for receiving refugees) in Finnmark also […]