Serial restaurant swindler arrested again

A Norwegian man in his 40s who has swindled restaurants in the Oslo area for years was re-arrested during the weekend after running off before paying his bill. Loopholes in the law, however, make it difficult for police to keep him in custody. The man has made a habit of eating and drinking well, often […]

World’s best sushi chef works at Fornebu

Vladimir Pak, a Russian sushi chef now working in a restaurant at Fornebu just outside Oslo, won the World Sushi Cup in Japan late last week. The international competition was part of the 19th Annual Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo. “It’s just incredible that we won, and didn’t just win but knocked out the […]

Underwater restaurant planned for southern coast

Norway looks set to boast Europe’s first underwater restaurant. Two developers in the southernmost community of Lindesnes hope construction can begin later this year. Their plans call for a restaurant that can seat 80 to 100 guests, with only a few centimeters of glass separating them from an underwater world. The developers have commissioned the Oslo-based international architecture […]

Oslo plans to extend outdoor café hours

Oslo’s nighthawks can soon drink alcohol at outdoor cafés in the midnight sun, and until 3am indoors, if the Labour Party-led city government gets its way. Those living near bars and cafés may not like the noise, but city officials think it’s a good thing. “Folks want a diverse nightlife, and we don’t want everyone to only […]

Norway wins another Michelin star

A small sushi bar in Stavanger that started out as a take-away joint won Norway’s latest new star in the Michelin restaurant guide released on Wednesday. The exclusive Oslo restaurant Maaemo, meanwhile, kept all of its three Michelin stars, and thus its spot at the top of the world’s culinary establishments. Sabi Omakase, located on Pedersgata […]

Restaurant inspectors no longer smiling

Inspectors from Norway’s state food safety agency Mattilsynet had little to smile about after their most recent visits to 1,100 restaurants in the Oslo area. Six out of 10 restaurants failed to earn the smiley face insignia that symbolizes good hygiene. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Thursday that only 41 percent of the eating places inspected […]

Restaurant tycoon logs some profits

The restaurant business can be brutal in Norway, but a local tycoon in Oslo reported some better results last year. Now he’s embarking on more major projects. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that Bjørn Tore Furset, age 47, logged revenues of NOK 363 million (USD 43 million) in 2015, with profits before tax rising to NOK […]

Summer beer prices foam over

Even jaded Norwegians were shaking their heads over this year’s prices for a standard half-liter (pint) of beer at some of Oslo’s popular outdoor meeting places: NOK 137 (nearly USD 17). Only the weaker Norwegian krone can make that a bit easier to swallow. “Most people traveling to Norway are aware of the price levels,” Pia […]

Hotel strike over, workers jubilant

Norway’s lengthy and highly disruptive hotel strike ended during the night in what the unions were calling a victory. Hotels that have been closed by the strike were due to reopen at 3pm on Saturday. “This has been an important battle that gives us strength for the future,” Jørn Eggum, head of the trade union federation Fellesforbundet, said […]

Frustration rises over hotel strike

As Norway’s nationwide hotel strike drags on, frustration is running high not only among stranded travelers but also hotel owners unhappy with their own employers’ bargaining organization NHO Reiseliv. One has already checked out of the group, claiming it lacks willingness to negotiate with the unions, and a new attempt at mediation was set for early next week. “Something […]