Tourist from India jailed for speeding

The father of a family from India who was on holiday in Norway last weekend is now sitting in jail in scenic Lofoten, charged with reckless driving and excessive speed on one of the archipelago’s narrow roads. He was caught driving 107kph (64mph) in a 50-zone (30mph) and police seized his driver’s license on the spot. “Completely […]

More road tolls set to cordon off Oslo

Oslo-area residents stuck in traffic while returning from the long Pinse (Whitsund) holiday weekend Monday evening were greeted by news reports that they’ll soon have to pay even more for the experience. Norway’s capital is due to be cordoned off by 55 additional toll plazas, and motorists will be charged to both enter and leave the city. It’s all part of […]

Famed mountain road nearly overrun

One of Norway’s biggest tourist attractions, the mountain road full of hair-pin turns known as Trollstigen, reopened for the summer season this week. Cars were already lined up and waiting when the winter gate was unlocked and swung aside, despite bad weather, and some worry the crowds represent too much of a good thing. Parking […]

Fire forces closure of the Oslofjordtunnel

Yet another tunnel fire broke out over the weekend, this one in the long and deep tunnel running under the Oslo Fjord between Drøbak and Hurum. The heat was so intense that it badly damaged the tunnel, resulting in a need for major repairs. The fire began once again in a heavy truck that was […]

Snow and sleet spark traffic accidents

Police all over eastern and southern Norway were urging motorists against driving on Monday, as snow, sleet and rain poured down following weeks of warmer, sunnier weather. The surprise storm even sent a school bus sliding off a road in Røyken, west of Oslo, and traffic came to a standstill in many areas. Most all […]

Snow complicated heavy Easter traffic

Snow and slippery roads in Southern Norway added to motorists’ frustration and traffic authorities’ concerns on Monday, when hundreds of thousands of Norwegians drove home after the long Easter holiday weekend. Driving conditions were especially difficult on the E18 highway through Sørlandet. Traffic was also heavy both Sunday and Monday on main highways from the mountains back […]

Wild weather shines and storms

While Southern Norway basked under sunshine and blue skies in summer-like temperatures over the weekend, Northern Norway was hit by another onslaught of snowstorms and stong winds that disrupted traffic all over the region. State meteorologists predicted more of the same this week, while southerners may need to bundle up again as well. Many Oslo […]

Government to invest in three main east-west routes

Norway’s conservative government coalition failed to select one main route for improvement over the mountains between Oslo and Bergen this week, opting instead to invest in three transport corridors that aim to separate tourist traffic from commercial trucking. State Highway 7 over Hardangervidda will now be developed as the main connection between Western and Eastern […]

Storms keep mountain roads closed

Only two highways over the mountains of Southern Norway were open on Friday because of ongoing blizzards, strong winds and such poor visibility that road crews can’t keep them cleared. Motorists remained stuck and those planning weekend trips were urged to drop them. Only the E16 highway over Filefjell and the RV52 over Hemsedalsfjellet were […]

Strong winds, snow closed key mountain highways

State highway officials were forced to close some key highways over the mountains of Southern Norway on Sunday, and two of them remained closed on Monday. That disrupted traffic for thousands of Norwegians trying to get home after a week of winter holiday when schools were closed. The highways over Haukelifjell (E134) and Hardangervidda (RV7) were still closed […]