Royals well-received in Argentina

King Harald and Queen Sonja are on a state visit to Argentina this week, accompanied by several government ministers and around 60 Norwegian business leaders. The goal is to boost trade between Norway and Argentina. “There’s no doubt that President (Mauricio) Macri’s economic policies and his desire for more foreign investment makes it more attractive […]

King’s popularity rises with his age

Flags were flying and canons were fired at noon when King Harald V celebrated his 81st birthday on Wednesday. The monarch was nowhere in sight, reportedly off on winter holiday for a private celebration, but royal watchers think King Harald’s popularity is nonetheless rising with his age. “It’s often that the older a king becomes, […]

Sunny end to a royal whirlwind visit

PHOTO FEATURE: British royalty charmed Norwegians and vice versa, according to the enthusiastic response to a 26-hour visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Prince William and Kate. They wrapped up their whirlwind courtesy call on the Norwegian capital in brilliant sunshine and amidst lots of snow in the hills above […]

British royals turn on the charm

Oslo was serving as the latest venue on Thursday for what’s widely been called a “charm offensive” by the British government in the midst of difficult Brexit negotiations. An overnight visit by arguably Britain’s most popular royal couple comes “at the request of The Foreign and Commonwealth Office,” according to the British Royal Family’s own […]

King blasts bullying in annual address

King Harald V has spoken out against bullying on several occasions, and used his annual New Year’s Eve address to blast it once again. He called on his fellow Norwegians to turn their country into a bullying-free zone. “Think what it could mean if we just decided that in Norway, we don’t bully one another,” […]

Royals wrap up a most festive year

King Harald V and Queen Sonja retreated to their royal timber lodge in the hills above Oslo this week. They’ll be celebrating the Christmas holidays there with their daughter and her family, while their son and daughter-in-law will spend Christmas with Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s family at the crown couple’s home in suburban Asker. They posed […]

Crown princess calls in sick

Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit cancelled a trip to Tromsø on Thursday, with the Royal Palace reporting that she’s suffering from what the Norwegians call krystallsyke  (Crystal Sickness). It’s a form of vertigo triggered by certain head positions or movements that cause dizziness. That’s what palace officials, in a press release on Thursday, claimed is ailing the […]

Infection landed the king in hospital

UPDATED: Norway’s King Harald V spent the weekend at the National Hospital (Rikshospitalet), receiving treatment for an infection. He was said to be recovering on Sunday and on Monday, he was deemed to be healthy enough to be released and sent home. The Royal Palace declined to specify what type of infection the monarch had, […]

British royals to visit Norway and Sweden

Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, will make an “official visit” to Norway early next year, according to a brief announcement Tuesday from Kensington Palace in London. The couple has been invited by Norway’s King Harald V. The dates for their visit haven’t been set yet, according to palace officials in […]

Crown prince ‘gone surfing…’

…and not in the USA, but in Norway. After performing lots of official and formal duties this week, Crown Prince Haakon could finally declare “surf’s up!,” and head for the European championships in surfing off the coast south of Stavanger. It was, after all, still “official” business, since Crown Prince Haakon was overseeing Eurosurf 2017 on the […]