Film-goers say ‘yes’ to the king’s ‘no’

Norwegians streamed to local cinemas over the weekend to see the new film Kongens nei, about the three dramatic days in April 1940 when the late King Haakon VII flatly refused to cooperate with Nazi German invaders. The film has made many Norwegians proud of the royal defiance, which ultimately turned the royals themselves into refugees […]

King’s ‘no’ to Nazis hits the silver screen

The latest in a wave of films about epic events in Norway’s history was getting a royal reception this week. Kongens nei, which is about King Haakon VII’s refusal to surrender to Nazi German invaders in April 1940, has also won rave reviews and been nominated as among Norway’s candidates for an Oscar. The film’s […]

Guests galore at royal garden party

PHOTO FEATURE: King Harald and Queen Sonja hosted a garden party on the grounds of the Royal Palace in Oslo on Thursday, that’s bound to go down in the history books. The event was part of a series of celebrations marking 25 years since King Harald became monarch, and it made a special impression because of his unusually […]

The king’s speech struck a chord

Norway’s King Harald was drawing rave reviews on Friday after delivering what’s likely to be viewed as an historic speech that may even help preserve the future of the monarchy. One leading expert on rhetoric suggested that the speech should be set to music, as it reflected the modern Norway full of people from north […]

Royal garden party gathered a nation

King Harald and Queen Sonja hosted another garden party on Thursday, this one in their own backyard at the Royal Palace in Oslo. They invited 50 people from each of Norway’s counties plus Svalbard, along with a few hundred others including the prime minister. The idea was to celebrate a Norway in miniature. Norway is, according […]

Royal divorce ‘painful and sad’

Norway’s Royal Palace chose a Friday evening when many Norwegians are still on summer holiday to announce the first divorce within the modern Norwegian royal family. Princess Martha Louise and her author husband Ari Behn are going their separate ways after 14 years of marriage. “We have, like so many others, grown apart from one another, […]

Two kings go fishing on the Lærdal

Norway’s Lærdal River is legendary among wild salmon fishing enthusiasts, and has attracted royalty and international celebrities for years. This week the kings of both Sweden and Norway were among those casting their lines into the river, in the hopes of a good catch. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that King Carl Gustaf of Sweden arrived Sunday afternoon. […]

Monarchy faces more criticism

The canons were fired from Oslo’s Akershus Fortress at precisely noon on Monday, to celebrate Queen Sonja’s 79th birthday on the 4th of July. Not everyone is celebrating, however, as criticism grows over the royal family’s financial secrecy and the Royal Palace staff’s refusal to respond to calls for more openness. The palace staff even […]

Royals apologize for guard’s rough behaviour

Both the Royal Palace and the king’s police escort service have apologized to an elderly woman in Bodø, after one of the king’s bodyguards pushed her out of the way during the royal couple’s visit to Bodø last week. She fell and wound up in the hospital. Newspaper Avisa Nordland reported that the incident occurred at […]

Royals cruise through jubilee journey

King Harald and Queen Sonja have been sailing on their royal yacht down the Norwegian coast this week, arriving in Trondheim on Thursday for a special ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of their reign. The cruise itself will end in Kristiansand next Wednesday, where the royals can hope for better weather. The so-called jubileumsreise started last […]