Royals ready to celebrate being 80

Kings, queens, princes, princesses and at least two presidents from all over Europe were arriving in Oslo this week, to take part in Norway’s official celebration of King Harald’s and Queen Sonja’s 80th birthdays this year. The partying is due to begin at the Royal Palace Tuesday evening, and run through Wednesday. King Harald turned […]

The Queen’s art raises a flap

Art critics and artists themselves are questioning why the Art Museums of Bergen (KODE) decided to mount an exhibition of Queen Sonja’s art in the soon-to-reopen KODE 1, formerly known as Permanenten. It’s the museum building used for handicraft and design, and will reopen after an extensive refurbishment on May 23. “Why should the queen be able to […]

Royals reform their finances

Crown Prince Haakon is now paying more of his private expenses himself, after the Parliament asked the royals to tidy up their finances. A series of articles in newspaper Dagbladet last year revealed how taxpayers had been picking up more of the royals’ bills than they should. The annual report from the Royal Palace that accounts for royal […]

King turns 80 with 81 percent support

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s King Harald V was celebrating his 80th birthday on Tuesday on a winter holiday with his closest family. Among his gifts is a new public opinion poll showing that the monarchy is now supported by an overwhelming 81 percent of the Norwegian population, with many also claiming that there is substance behind all the royal symbolism. […]

Opera to be venue for royals’ parties

Canons roared at noon and flags flew in honour of King Harald’s 80th birthday on Tuesday, but the official celebration will be held in May, when the government hosts a party that will also hail Queen Sonja. She’ll turn 80 on the 4th of July. Details of the government-sponsored celebration have begun to emerge, and its […]

Princess Ingrid Alexandra now a teenager

Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra, second in line to the throne after her father Crown Prince Haakon, turned 13 over the weekend. If nothing unexpected occurs, she’ll eventually become Norway first reigning queen in more than 600 years. Newspaper Aftenposten pointed out on Saturday, Ingrid Alexandra’s birthday, that the last time a queen was monarch in […]

Little sympathy for Mette-Marit

A vague media complaint and public appeal for privacy issued by Crown Princess Mette-Marit on behalf of her now-20-year-old son Marius Borg Høiby has sparked criticism against both her and royal palace staff. Many claim Norwegian media have always been restrained in their coverage of Marius over the years, and point out that he’s active on social media […]

Crown princess tries to shield her son

Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit has set tongues wagging after using the royal family’s official website to publish an unusual “open letter” on the occasion of her older son’s 20th birthday. In it, she complains about unwanted media attention that he has attracted over the years and that he’s now heading off to college in California, not least to […]

Royals pressured to pay their own bills

As Norway’s royal family posed for annual, traditional Christmas photos this week, another tradition of shielding the royals from financial scrutiny was falling by the wayside. A majority in Parliament is now demanding more accountability and openness. The royal finances have been under pressure for the past year, since newspaper Dagbladet launched a series of articles […]

Royal infatuation sealed US support

“Intimate” and “private” is how author and royal researcher Tor Bomann-Larsen has described the “close relationship” between Norway’s Crown Princess Martha and US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II, when she lived in exile in the Washington DC area. One thing is clear: It sealed relations between Norway and the US, and helped boost Norway’s standing […]