Crown princess calls in sick

Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit cancelled a trip to Tromsø on Thursday, with the Royal Palace reporting that she’s suffering from what the Norwegians call krystallsyke  (Crystal Sickness). It’s a form of vertigo triggered by certain head positions or movements that cause dizziness. That’s what palace officials, in a press release on Thursday, claimed is ailing the […]

Infection landed the king in hospital

UPDATED: Norway’s King Harald V spent the weekend at the National Hospital (Rikshospitalet), receiving treatment for an infection. He was said to be recovering on Sunday and on Monday, he was deemed to be healthy enough to be released and sent home. The Royal Palace declined to specify what type of infection the monarch had, […]

British royals to visit Norway and Sweden

Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, will make an “official visit” to Norway early next year, according to a brief announcement Tuesday from Kensington Palace in London. The couple has been invited by Norway’s King Harald V. The dates for their visit haven’t been set yet, according to palace officials in […]

Crown prince ‘gone surfing…’

…and not in the USA, but in Norway. After performing lots of official and formal duties this week, Crown Prince Haakon could finally declare “surf’s up!,” and head for the European championships in surfing off the coast south of Stavanger. It was, after all, still “official” business, since Crown Prince Haakon was overseeing Eurosurf 2017 on the […]

Quarrels set aside as ‘Stortinget’ opens

PHOTO FEATURE: Helicopters buzzed overhead, flags lined the Norwegian capital’s main boulevard and military guards stood at attention as Norway’s monarch rode in his vintage Lincoln Continental with the top down from the Palace to the Parliament on Monday. The sun was shining brilliantly, and fanfare replaced political quarreling when King Harald V arrived to […]

Reports of king’s death greatly exaggerated

Norwegian news bureau NTB suffered a major embarrassment on Tuesday when it erroneously reported that King Harald V had died. NTB quickly realized its error, withdrew the report and issued a correction within three minutes. “Norway is in mourning. King Harald V is dead, xx years old,” read the premature obituary for the monarch that […]

King Harald sends condolences to Spain

Norway’s King Harald V joined leaders around the world in sending messages of condolence to the people of Spain, following Thursday’s terrorist attack in Barcelona. The Norwegian government also sent its sympathy shortly after at least 13 people were killed when a van believed to have been driven by a teenage Muslim ran them down. […]

Pioneering queen hailed on her 80th

She was once accused of being a threat to the Norwegian monarchy but on Tuesday Queen Sonja was being hailed for saving it. As she turned 80 on the 4th of July, the commoner who married then-Crown Prince Harald 49 years ago was finally getting credit for reforming an institution that most Norwegians willingly admit is an anachronism that nonetheless enjoys […]

Paradox of the monarchy lives on

NEWS ANALYSIS: Many a paradox in Norway has been pointed out of late, not least  the country’s conflicting roles as both oil producer and environmental advocate. Its constitutional monarchy in a country that otherwise prides itself on being egalitarian, however, makes all others pale, especially given the monarchy’s huge public support. The monarchy’s role was highly […]

Bergen festival royally underway

Queen Sonja hailed Norway’s west coast capital of Bergen as a city “with deep cultural roots back to the Hanseatic time” when she opened the annual Festspillene (Bergen International Festival) on Wednesday. She claimed the festival “is a good example of how Bergen has formed its identity.” The nearly 80-year-old queen played a role in Bergen’s cultural […]