‘Look to Iceland’ to achieve equal pay

As Norway’s royals and top government officials hosted the first state visit from the President of Iceland in 20 years this week, equality experts were urging them to follow Iceland’s lead in mandating equal pay under the law. “It’s a joy that Iceland is taking creative new steps in the work to abolish unfair pay differences between women and […]

DNB’s troubles cut into CEO’s bonus

Rune Bjerke, chief executive of Norway’s largest bank DNB, has had his annual bonus trimmed by more than 10 percent after a year of controversies that hurt the bank’s reputation. Bjerke still received nearly NOK 2 million on top of his annual salary and benefits, but that was NOK 322,000 less than in 2015. Newspaper […]

Outgoing museum director gets golden handshake

Norwegian state officials normally frown on lucrative executive pay deals and severance packages but now find themselves as party to one: Audun Eckhoff, the director of Norway’s National Museum whose eight-year stint was not renewed, will leave his post this month with two years worth of pay totalling around NOK 3 million (USD 362,000). “This […]

Many defy call for pay ‘moderation’

The most powerful officials in Norway’s labour market gathered this week and agreed that “moderation” will continue to be the buzzword in wage and salary talks this spring. Executive pay, meanwhile, and even the salaries of some political leaders have risen to a level that’s anything but moderate, by Norwegian standards. Top business leaders in Norway are now paid […]

Lowest wage growth in 16 years

Average monthly wages grew by just 1.6 percent in September, the last month for which data was collected and analyzed by state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). It was the smallest increase registered so far in the 2000s, reported news bureau NTB. Average monthly pay in all sectors nationwide was set at NOK 43,300 (USD 5,280), […]

State also guilty of gender pay gaps

Wide pay gaps have been found between male and female CEOs at Norway’s wholly state-owned companies in charge of everything from the railroad to airports and hospitals. Women leaders often earn less than their male colleagues, and the salary and benefits gap is raising questions in a country otherwise known for promoting egalitarian policies. The gap became […]

DNB aims to narrow women’s pay gap

DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, has set aside NOK 17 million to boost the salaries of female employees who are earning less than male colleagues in similar positions. The goal is to eventually eliminate “unreasonable” differences in pay between men and women. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Monday that DNB wants to narrow the pay gap that […]

Hydro boss is state’s best-paid

Svein Richard Brandtzæg, chief executive of Norsk Hydro, earned the most last year of all the bosses of large Norwegian companies in which the state has a major stake. His pension, bonus and other benefits catapulted him over the CEO of Norway’s biggest company, Statoil. Newspaper Aftenposten, citing a ministerial report about the state’s ownership interests […]

Government ministers, MPs get 2.4% pay raises

Prime Minister Erna Solberg will be getting a pay raise of NOK 37,000 (USD 4,500) this year, bringing her new salary up to NOK 1,593,242 (USD 192,000). Both she, her fellow ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) will be getting the same pay hikes agreed in industrial labour negotiations earlier this year, 2.4 percent. Newssite Nettavisen […]

Unions agree to forego wage hikes

This year’s first phase of annual wage negotiations between Norwegian trade union federations and employer organizations ended with an historically low settlement for key players on Friday. Only the lowest paid workers will get any raise at all. The largest industrial labour organizations that front the annual wage talks accepted that they won’t get any nationally […]