Seafood sales set another record

Consumers around the world seem to have an insatiable appetite for Norwegian salmon and other seafood. Producers all along the coast exported NOK 94 billion (USD 12 billion) worth of seafood in 2017, setting another record after years of stunning growth. “It was the year of all years,” claimed Norway’s national seafood council. Its numbers […]

Famed river falls victim to utility firm

Norway’s Lærdal River has long attracted wild salmon fishing enthusiasts including royalty and rock stars, all of them eager to cast their lines from its banks. On Monday the water level in the scenic river suddenly fell when a local ultility firm made a big mistake, raising fears that several generations of salmon have been wiped out. “I couldn’t […]

Free trade talks resume with China

Negotiations finally started up again last week on a free trade agreement between Norway and China, but Norwegian salmon exporters are getting impatient. As of last week, there’d been little if any progress on getting China to open up its market. “We had expected that trade would be normalized during the summer,” Sigmund Bjørgo, chief […]

Millions worth of salmon stolen

Police at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen are investigating the theft of an entire trailer-load of salmon during the weekend. The trailer containing fresh salmon valued at more than NOK 1 million disappeared from a refrigerated warehouse at Gardermoen Saturday night. The fully loaded trailer from Nordland County disappeared from salmon producer Marine Harvest’s facility at Gardermoen, […]

Seafood exports break all records

Despite a decline in the export of trout, herring and shellfish, Norwegian seafood exports have never been higher than they were during the first six months of this year. Their value reached NOK 46.3 billion (USD 5.6 billion), also aided by a relatively weak krone. Sheer volume rose 4 percent, to 1.3 million tons, while the […]

Two kings go fishing on the Lærdal

Norway’s Lærdal River is legendary among wild salmon fishing enthusiasts, and has attracted royalty and international celebrities for years. This week the kings of both Sweden and Norway were among those casting their lines into the river, in the hopes of a good catch. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that King Carl Gustaf of Sweden arrived Sunday afternoon. […]

Little girl hooked big fish, with licorice

An eight-year-old girl reeled in a five-kilo (11-pound) wild salmon from the Gaula River in Sør-Trøndelag late last week, after using a piece of licorice as her bait. “She wanted to dig for some worms, but we didn’t have time,” the father of young Guro Haugen told newspaper Adresseavisen. “I said it was enough with just […]

China signals a crack in the ice

After four years of a diplomatic freeze between Norway and China, there recently have been a few signs of a possible crack in the ice. News last week that Norwegian salmon exports to China can continue came as Finance Minister Siv Jensen had a bilateral meeting with a top Chinese official in the country’s own […]

China restricts salmon imports

China began blocking imports of fresh whole salmon from three counties in Norway on Monday, citing concerns that the salmon may contain a virus that could spread to Chinese fish. China, which froze diplomatic relations with Norway more than four years ago, is also threatening to ban imports from other Norwegian counties as well. “We […]

Salmon survives trade sanctions

Norwegian salmon is selling like never before, all over the world. Both prices and production have jumped, despite the loss of major markets in Russia and China, and profits are expected to rise even higher next year. “No one saw this coming,” Christian Chramer, a director of the seafood marketing association Norges Sjømatutvalg, told newspaper Dagens […]