Norway won’t lift Russian sanctions

Norwegian Trade Minister Monica Mæland, who just returned from a conciliatory trip to China, was off on another mission to Russia this week, but there the tone was different. Mæland disappointed business and industrial officials when she confirmed that Norway has no intention of lifting its economic sanctions against Russia, at least not yet. “Sanctions against Russia […]

Russia ‘regrets’ MPs’ ‘postponed’ visit

The Russian Embassy in Oslo has expressed regrets that a visit to Moscow by the Norwegian Parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee has been “postponed,” after two of its members were denied visas to Russia. Russian officials take no blame, however, for what’s led to a conflict that the Norwegians call “extremely unfortunate.” It prompted Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge […]

Norway files official protest with Russia

Two of Norway’s most high-ranking Members of Parliament, both of them party leaders, were denied visas to Russia on Wednesday. That prompted the Parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, of which the two MPs were members, to cancel a planned trip to Moscow tomorrow. Foreign Minister Børge Brende was calling in the Russian ambassador Wednesday […]