Ugly harassment soils Center Party

UPDATED: Norway’s Center Party, known for championing the interests of farmers and rural districts, is facing national disgrace after revelations of some ugly sexual harassment against its former leader, Liv Signe Navarsete. It came from a group of 10 men, eight of whom have held top party roles, who were on holiday together at a […]

Quick rehabilitation for shamed leaders

Reaction was swift this week when news broke that Labour Party politician Trond Giske, who faces multiple charges of sexual harassment, was already making a comeback on the national political stage. It’s also mostly business as usual for others caught in the “MeToo” campaign against harassment this past winter. Giske was welcomed as a hometown […]

Liberals’ leader survives scandal

NEWS ANALYSIS: One of the newest ministers in the Norwegian government, Trine Skei Grande, had the worst possible start to her Liberal Party’s annual national meeting over the weekend, and it got worse underway. Grande seems, however, to have survived a decade-old sex scandal, low standings in the polls and disagreement among party members, at […]

Voter sentiment turns to the left

Norway’s Labour Party, and its former deputy leader Trond Giske, may finally be emerging from a string of crises in recent months. Labour logged the single-biggest gain in a new public opinion poll released this week, indicating a majority of current voter support for the left-leaning coalition in Parliament for the first time since last […]

Women still struggle in Norway, too

Norway is widely viewed as a haven of gender equality, but local media took due note on Thursday, International Women’s Day, of all the inequality that remains. “The ‘good old boy’s club’ is still thriving,” claimed one 50-year-old lawyer who thinks she’s better off working in the public sector than the private. New statistics from […]

Rape accusation haunts oil minister

Norway’s Oil & Energy Minister Terje Søviknes was back in the news this weekend, regarding an issue that has little to do with his oil politics. It’s been 18 years since he was caught in scandal and had to admit having sex with an intoxicated teenager at a Progress Party meeting in January 2000. Now […]

Giske wins ovation from party faithful

Like a prodigal son returning to the fold, shamed Labour Party politician Trond Giske made his first public appearance over the weekend, back among his most ardent supporters in Trøndelag. Giske, still facing multiple complaints of sexual harassment, won a standing ovation but wouldn’t comment on whether he’ll attempt a comeback to top party leadership. […]

Giske fights on, as does his partner

The embattled Norwegian Labour Party’s shamed star, Trond Giske, still isn’t giving up his fight against all the sexual harassment charges that have piled up against him. He’s now sent a letter contesting several of the charges, while his live-in partner, entertainer Haddy Njie, has written a letter of her own in which she blasts […]

‘MeToo’ changes even rowdy ‘russ’

After months of exposing and shaming virtually every sector of Norwegian life, from academia and the arts to finance and not least politics, the international “MeToo” campaign against sexual harassment now even seems set to tame Norway’s traditionally shameless russ. They’re the graduating high school students known for ruthless partying, but this year’s rowdy russ […]

Parliament gets back to business

NEWS ANALYSIS: After weeks of sexual harassment scandals that all but paralyzed parliamentary politics in Norway, Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s newly expanded government and the rest of Parliament were getting back to business this week. Solberg was already facing defeat on some of her coalition’s proposals, but even that may be easier to bear than […]