Too much partying spoiled ski finale

Skiers, biathlon stars and ski jumpers were all wrapping up their sports seasons over the weekend, and in a couple of cases, the celebrations got out of hand. Police had to halt a biathlon party at Oslo’s legendary Holmenkollen Park Hotel, while a former ski jumping star lost his driver’s license after too many drinks the night […]

Ski-jumper winds up third, slalom star first

A problem with a ski binding robbed Norway’s new ski-jumping star Daniel André Tande from winning the overall Four Hills (Hoppuka) tournament this week, but he did wind up on the winners’ podium anyway. Slalom star Henrik Kristoffersen, meanwhile, wowed the crowds in Adelboden with a solid first place. Kristoffersen won the 13th World Cup race […]

New ski jumping star wins again

Daniel-André Tande made another sensational ski jump at the Four Hills competition going on in the alps this week, and now leads the entire tournament. Tande, a 22-year-old from modest means in Kongsberg, has become Norway’s new national ski jumping star almost overnight. Tande was even joined on the winners’ podium by another Norwegian, Robert Johansson, […]

Rain, fog, drunks plagued ‘skifest’

It was supposed to be a festive winter sports party, but this year’s Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo turned into a foggy, wet and, by some accounts, even frightening experience for quite a few spectators. The thrill of two Norwegian athletes’ victories on Saturday and Sunday was dashed by the agony of those claiming later on […]

Ski jumpers fly into new championship

Norway finally won a long-sought victory in ski-flying over the weekend, putting the country bak on top after Austrian domination over the past 10 years. The gold medals went to the four jumpers making up Norway’s team: Anders Fannemel, Johann André Forfang, Daniel-André Tande and Kenneth Gangnes. They literally flew distances of as much as […]

Ski jump took in overnight guests

Two couples, one from Norway and one from the Colorado in the US, have now checked out after they each spent a unique night at the top of Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Nearly 4,000 people in 60 countries had competed for the opportunity, according to its organizers. The ski jump’s observation platform and waiting room for jumpers […]

Polish fans ‘saved’ Holmenkollen party

Most of the cheering at the annual World Cup ski jumping competition at Holmenkollen in Oslo on Sunday came once again from enthusiastic Polish ski jumping fans, not the Norwegians. The Poles made their presence in the arena known, but even a Polish jumper wondered why Norwegian fans were so outnumbered. “I was very disappointed,” Kamil […]

Sun shines again on Holmenkollen

Organizers of this year’s annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival were counting on sunny skies, appearances by victorious skiing celebrities and some new events to boost attendance this weekend. At least the weather forecast was good. Ticket sales were also showing a solid increase over the past few years, when the public all but abandoned what used to […]

Ski jumping pioneer retires

Ski jumper Anette Sagen, one of the most pioneering athletes in Norwegian history, has announced that she’s retiring from the sport she fought long and hard to take part in. Sagen will best be remembered for helping women break into the ranks of professional ski jumping. They’re still facing snubs, with many women furious over some advertisements for […]

Holmenkollen offers a room with a view

The ski association responsible for operating Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Jump has resorted to a new means of promoting the landmark, which has a history of high costs and huge budget overruns. Skiforeningen has now agreed to open the ski jump’s tower for two nights of lodging at no charge through the social media marketplace Airbnb. Jeanette Hansen, […]