Oslo wakes up to more snow

Police were urging motorists to leave their cars at home on Thursday, after the Oslo area was hit by more sleet and snow that built up at higher elevations and left roads extremely slippery. The unseasonably cold and wet weather, which also put a damper on royal birthday celebrations this week, was expected to improve. […]

Snow and sleet spark traffic accidents

Police all over eastern and southern Norway were urging motorists against driving on Monday, as snow, sleet and rain poured down following weeks of warmer, sunnier weather. The surprise storm even sent a school bus sliding off a road in Røyken, west of Oslo, and traffic came to a standstill in many areas. Most all […]

Bitter cold sets in after disruptive snowstorms

The sun was shining again over much of Southern Norway on Monday, but it wasn’t strong enough or high enough in the sky to offset a new cold front that sent thermometers plunging. Record low temperatures were reported as utility companies scrambled to restore electricity to freezing customers. State broadcaster NRK reported that striking electrical workers were granted […]

First major snow caused problems

Oslo got off easy, but wide areas of Southern Norway struggled over the weekend to deal with the first major snowstorm of the season. The snow and strong winds snarled traffic, sparked numerous accidents and left thousands of households without electricity on Sunday. State meteorologists had duly issued warnings that as many as 40 centimeters […]

Winter weather warnings posted

State meteorologists were warning residents of southeastern Norway to brace for the first major snowstorm of the season heading into the weekend. As much as 40 centimeters of snow may fall in the mountains and eastern lowlands, also in Oslo. “Winter is coming,” announced weather forecasters on Thursday after temperatures also in the Norwegian capital sank […]

Motorists warned as the first snow falls

The first significant snow of the season fell around southern- and southeastern Norway over the weekend and on Monday, leading to some slippery roads from Telemark in the west to Hedmark in the east. Highway officials were quick to warn that motorists need to be wary, and get snow tires on their cars. The first […]

Avinor apologizes for Bergen airport closure

At least 45 flights were prevented from taking off or landing at Bergen’s Flesland airport Wednesday morning, after less than six centimeters of snow fell during the night and crews didn’t manage to clear the runway. The poor response to common winter weather prompted state airport authority Avinor, which owns Flesland, to issue an apology. “We […]

Mild winters put ski events at risk

As this weekend’s Holmenkollen Ski Festival unfolds in the hills above Oslo, it’s become increasingly clear that organizing such major winter sports events has become a risky sport in itself. A lack of snow, fluctuating temperatures and predictions of rain on Saturday and Sunday make conditions highly unpredictable, adding expense, tensions and questions over whether it’s all worthwhile. Holmenkollen […]

Snowfall sparked joy, frustration

Skiers were quick to take advantage of the snow that finally started to pile up in Oslo and elsewhere around Norway during the weekend. The snowfall was so heavy in some areas that it also led to some major traffic problems and serious accidents, with more bitterly cold weather in the forecast. State meteorologists were reporting Monday that […]

Winter is coming… just not sure when

PHOTO FEATURE: After the warmest October on record, November has offered more seasonably appropriate temperatures, at least until now. Ice was forming on lakes in the hills around Oslo over the weekend, but state meteorologists predict the weather might warm up again. The trees and trails in some areas of Nordmarka, the forest just north of […]