Accused spy’s appeal rejected

There was no joy for retired Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg in Moscow on Thursday, even as the city otherwise filled with enthusiastic football fans eager for the World Cup to get underway in Russia. Berg, charged with espionage shortly after arriving in Moscow himself last December, was met with more disappointment when a Moscow […]

Spy suspect held for three more months

Frode Berg, the retired border inspector from Northern Norway who’s charged with espionage in Russia, was ordered held in a Moscow jail on Thursday for another three months. Berg told Norwegian reporters that he now feels both “cheated and manipulated.” He’s clearly become a pawn in the rising tensions between Russia and Norway. Russian authorities […]

Artist protests on behalf of jailed spy

Is Norway turning its back on Frode Berg? Artist Morten Traavik seems to think so. He’s confronting Foreign Ministry officials with an art installation about Berg’s plight that he’s set up right in front of ministry offices, as Berg sits imprisoned in Moscow, charged with espionage. “Frode Berg should be hailed, not feel abandoned,” Traavik […]

Spying recruiters target Kirkenes

Residents of Norway’s far northern city of Kirkenes say it’s not unusual to find themselves as targets of recruiters for spying. Civilians who often travel over the nearby border to Russia seem to be most attractive to the recruiters. The plight of fellow Kirkenes resident, Frode Berg, has suddenly highlighted the recruiting issue. Berg, a […]

Berg fears he was duped into spying

Defense attorneys for retired Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg told newspaper Dagbladet on Sunday that Berg has now admitted he more than likely was in Moscow last December for Norway’s military intelligence agency known as E-tjenesten. Norwegian officials remain silent, while Berg himself sits in a Moscow prison, charged with spying. Berg was arrested in Moscow […]

Suspected spy back in court

UPDATED: Frode Berg, the retired border inspector from Northern Norway who’s being held on espionage charges in Moscow, had another day in court on Tuesday but will continue to be held in custody through the summer. The Norwegian government is now covering his attorneys’ fees, but his appeal to be released on bail was flatly […]

Military fights to shut down fish farm

Norway’s defense department (Forsvaret) wants authorities to shut down a fish farming operation off the coast just north of Bergen. It claims the operation creates noise that disturbs its efforts to track foreign submarines or other vessels in the area. The salmon and trout producing company Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS has so far fended off the […]

Questions fly over secret surveillance

Members of Parliament were demanding answers on Friday after Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on the existence of a top secret satellite base, set up in 2000 with US support over the years, at an old military camp outside Hønefoss. The base has been used for years as a listening post to track down terrorists, but […]

Accused Norwegian spy feels ‘misused’

“I feel terribly misused,” exclaimed Frode Berg, the retired Norwegian border inspector who was arrested in Moscow last month and charged with espionage. As he was ordered held in a Moscow jail for another three months on Friday, he once again had to fight back tears, while his lawyer won’t rule out that he’s been […]

Islamic extremists still biggest threat

Norway’s state police intelligence unit PST still ranks Islamist extremists as posing the biggest threat against security in the country. Russian intelligence, however, has the greatest damage potential, according to PST’s latest evaluation of the threats facing Norway in 2018. “People and groups inspired by extreme Islamist ideology will be the primary terror threat against […]