Record rain after record drought

The heavy rain that fell over much of Southern Norway during the weekend set records that seemed to take various areas from one extreme to the other after this summer’s drought. Three places in central Norway recorded their wettest August day in the past 78 years, but the drought isn’t over. Weather stations at Sverresborg […]

Early autumn storm was destructive

UPDATED: An early autumn storm swept over Southern Norway as predicted on Friday and left quite a bit of damage in its wake. Police in the Oslo area were so overwhelmed by calls for help that they asked the public to refrain from picking up the phone unless they were in a life-threatening situation. Parts […]

Warnings up that ‘Mannen’ may fall

Geologists have feared for years that the Norwegian mountaintop known as “Mannen” will break off and crash to the ground below in the scenic valley of Rauma in Romsdal. On Friday afternoon they evacuated those living below once again. State waterways and energy agency NVE, which is reponsible for monitoring the unstable mountainside, raised its […]

Storm warnings posted from Friday

State meteorologists were warning of a sudden interruption to the warm, sunny weather that returned to much of Southern Norway on Thursday. It’s forecast to be replaced Friday morning by extremely strong, even dangerous winds, and rain. “Avoid going outdoors when it’s storming the worst,” Tone Christine Taule at the state meteorological institute in Bergen […]

Storm battered west and roof collapsed

Warnings had been posted and they proved well-founded: Another severe storm moved in from the North Sea this week and caused damage up and down the coast. Heavy snow farther east, meanwhile, is believed to have caused the roof of a dance hall in Lillehammer to collapse. Meteorologists said that the new storm in the […]

Storm victims can claim compensation

This week’s troublesome winter weather left thousands of residents without power, some of them for more than 40 hours. Electricity had been restored for most by Thursday, but they can still claim compensation from their power suppliers. “They have to fill out an application form that’s available on our website,” Thor Bjørn Omnes of Skagerak […]

Outdoor cinema gone with the wind

TROMSØ: Strong Arctic winds in Tromsø spoiled plans for an outdoor cinema at its annual Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) that started rolling this week. Otherwise the popular film festival was attracting large crowds as usual and packing local hotels and restaurants. It’s the 28th time the film festival is being held in Norway’s Arctic […]

Snowstorms spur ‘chaos’ in southeast

Blizzards that were leaving some areas with as much as 70 centimeters of snow (more than two feet) all but paralyzed transport in counties stretching from Agder to Oslo and Østfold on Tuesday. Nearly 20,000 households were also without electricity Tuesday morning. Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen was scrambling to keep up with the onslaught […]

Hurricane raged from south to north

Norway was battered by winds well over hurricane force on Monday, as yet another major storm system moved in over southern portions of the country and extended to its northenmost areas of Troms and Finnmark. Meteorologists weren’t calling the weather “extreme,” though, even as it ripped the roof off a house in Hordaland, forced cancellation […]

More ‘extreme’ weather battered central Norway

Warnings of “extreme” weather have become common in recent months, and left residents of Nordland, Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal pounded by strong winds, fierce seas and both heavy rain and snow during the weekend. The weather system dubbed “Cora” forced road closures, cancelled flights and ferries and left thousands of households and businesses without […]