Storms keep mountain roads closed

Only two highways over the mountains of Southern Norway were open on Friday because of ongoing blizzards, strong winds and such poor visibility that road crews can’t keep them cleared. Motorists remained stuck and those planning weekend trips were urged to drop them. Only the E16 highway over Filefjell and the RV52 over Hemsedalsfjellet were […]

Snowstorm shuts mountain roads

UPDATED: State highway officials were reporting Wednesday morning that all highways over the mountains of Southern Norway were either closed or restricted to convoy driving, because of hazardous weather conditions. Snow and strong winds were still creating traffic chaos Wednesday evening, and stranding many motorists. Both the highway officials and police were urging motorists to give […]

SAS cancels all flights to New York

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) cancelled all its flights to New York on Tuesday because of warnings that a powerful snowstorm would be ramming the city with full force. New Yorkers were bracing for up to 60 centimeters of snow and strong winds. Residents along most of the the US’ northeast coast were preparing for an onslaught that also […]

Severe storm hits Finnmark, again

The residents of Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark are having a rough winter. Bad weather also bore down on other northern counties on Wednesday, leading to closed roads and structural damage because of snow and strong winds. Many key roads and highways were closed in Finnmark Wednesday morning including the main E6 highway over Finnmarksvidda between Alta and […]

West Coast rides out storm and flooding

State metorologists declared around midday on Thursday that the latest extreme weather system to hit Norway’s West Coast, known as Vidar, had topped out. Sea levels were lower than predicted, and flooding limited, but water was still causing problems in many areas. Bergen’s historic wharf Bryggen was spared the worst-case scenarios, but sea levels rose […]

West Coast braced for storm and floods

Yet another storm accompanied by extremely high seas and tides were already setting in along Norway’s West Coast on Wednesday. “The water levels will be even higher than we thought,” said state meteorologist Anne-Mette Olsen as the extreme weather system known as Vidar threatened property damage. “I think a lot of people will have problems with […]

New storms pound the west and north

Western and Northern Norway were being battered once again on Friday by storms that closed roads, cancelled ferries and resulted in several accidents. Mountain roads in Southern Norway were also subject to closure or posted as having hazardous driving conditions. Stong winds blew over a bus carrying 40 teenagers that had slid off the E6 highway just north of […]

West Coast saturated by another deluge

UPDATED: Norway’s West Coast, especially the area from Stad south to Bergen and Stavanger, headed into another wet and wild holiday weekend, just as weather conditions were settling down much farther north, on Svalbard. Warnings were posted once again, for heavy rain in four counties, and they were mostly all saturated by Friday night. As evacuation […]

Meteorologists ready to name next big storm

As Southern Norway mops up after this week’s big storm known as Urd, state meteorologists already have a name ready for the next one. It more than likely will be a man’s name beginning with the letter “V.” “The meteorologic institute follows the practice of the naming committee of the world meteorologic organization, with every […]

Evacuations begin on stormy Svalbard

The top local administrator on Norway’s Arctic island group of Svalbard began ordering evacuations on Wednesday, as a major storm moved in that threatened to set off avalanches.  The order came after advice from the state agency charged with monitoring avalanche danger, NVE. Svalbard’s top official Kjerstin Askholt, known as sysselmannen, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that […]