Strike averted among airport ground crews

Late-night negotiating during the weekend averted a strike by airline ground crews at four Norwegian airports. Flights were thus taking off as scheduled on Sunday, and both airlines and passengers were relieved. “It was tough but we had a good tone throughout it all,” negotiations chief Bente Ørberg of the workers’ union Junit told news bureau […]

Strike can disrupt airline traffic

A new labour conflict in Norway may disrupt airline traffic and thousands of passengers late next week. The conflict involves ground crews for Widerøe, SAS and Norwegian Air represented by labour union Junit, which is at odds with employers’ organization NHO Luftfart on a new collective bargaining contract. Both sides have been called in to the […]

Government ends long train strike

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen had been under pressure to step in and halt a train strike that was about to enter its sixth week. On Sunday, both striking locomotive engineers and state railway NSB finally asked for his government’s help, and Solvik-Olsen responded quickly to end the conflict. Under state law, the government can generally only intervene […]

Mediation failed, train strike continues

Another lengthy and forced mediation session between state railway NSB and the union representing striking locomotive engineers broke down late Thursday night. That means a train strike that began more than a month ago was due to drag on. National mediator Dag Stousland confirmed to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the two sides walked out on […]

All-night talks failed to end train strike

Even after 16 hours of talks with the national mediator present, striking locomotive engineers and state railway NSB failed to reach a settlement during the night. That means the strike that has cancelled trains and plagued commuters for weeks will not only continue but get worse. “We didn’t reach agreement on anything,” Rolf Ringdal, leader of the […]

Another strike can cut out electricity

Just as signs emerged that Norway’s train strike may be rolling towards a settlement, another strike threatened to result in power failures around the country. Hundreds of thousands of electricity customers may be affected after a strike by electrical workers spread again this week. The strike has been underway since talks broke down more than a month […]

Train strike heads back into mediation

UPDATED: After making more threats they they’d expand their strike this week, locomotive engineers working for Norway’s state railway NSB were gearing for a new meeting at the national mediator’s office on Tuesday. They announced Monday morning that they were having some “new thoughts” and were preparing a proposal for a possible settlement. The news came after another difficult morning for […]

Train strike due to roll into Sørlandet

Nearly half of all the trains running along Norway’s southern coast will grind to a halt from Wednesday, after striking locomotive engineers decided to pull more of their colleagues off the job. The strike remains deadlocked, with no relief in sight for Oslo area commuters. The labour federation representing the engineers decided on Friday to expand their strike […]

Union won’t expand train strike, yet

The labour organization representing striking locomotive engineers decided against pulling more of them off the job on Friday. “We don’t want to make things even more difficult for passengers,” union leader Rolf Ringdal told state broadcaster NRK. The strike has dragged on for 16 days, with several thousand train cancellations, mostly on commuter lines around […]

State won’t force an end to train strike

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen has called an ongoing train strike in southeastern Norway “extremely unfortunate,” but claimed this week that he had no plans to order an end to it. As commuters around Oslo struggled through another day of train cancellations, Solvik-Olsen simply urged both striking locomotive engineers and state railway NSB to settle the conflict themselves. “I hope the […]