NRK journalists are back on the job

Striking journalists at Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) were returning to work on Thursday after settling their differences with management Wednesday night. It meant millions of Norwegians could once again start tuning in to NRK’s extensive commercial-free newscasts and public affairs programming, and hear something other than canned music. “We have found a solution that’s good, good […]

Mediation wards off major state strike

UPDATED: Thousands of state workers around the country were poised to go out on strike Thursday if their demands for higher pay aren’t met. After more than 16 hours of overtime negotiations that ended Thursday afternoon, state mediators managed to avoid a strike that would pull as many as 77,000 public sector employees off the […]

NRK journalists still on strike

A strike that’s all but shut down new from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) entered its second week on Tuesday. The two side in the conflict seem to be even farther apart than when journalists walked off the job last Monday. Several of NRK’s most well-known news anchors and reporters were out protesting in force during the […]

17th of May loomed without NRK’s news

Norwegians were facing their most festive and important day of the year on Thursday without any photos, videos, interviews or documentation by state broadcaster NRK. It’s a huge loss of festive and traditional all-day coverage for the record books, but a proposal to grant NRK dispensation from the strike by 1,700 journalists has received little […]

NRK workers go on strike

Around 1,700 employees of Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) were called out on strike from 1pm on Tuesday, a move that will result in far less broadcasting of news and public affairs in Norway. The strike comes right before Norway’s Constitution Day on the 17th of May, when NRK normally broadcasts coverage of celebrations all over the […]

More labour negotiations get underway

Trade union federations representing public sector employees launched into a new round of negotiations with state and local employers this week. Teachers, nurses and workers at state railway NSB, airports agency Avinor and postal service Posten were among those threatening to strike if their demands weren’t met. The new negotiations come just after a settlement […]

Settlement averts massive strike

There was a collective sigh of relief in Norway on Sunday, after the country’s employers’ organization NHO and two of its largest trade union federations finally came to terms, 15 hours after a strike deadline had passed. The strike would have called 35,000 workers off the job and crippled everything from bus and ferry transport […]

Labour talks extended into overtime

Mediation to avoid a massive strike in Norway extended well into overtime on Sunday, postponing a walkout of roughly 35,000 employees in the private sector. Leaders of the country’s national employers’ organization and largest trade union federations kept talking long after Saturday’s midnight deadline, but the distance between them was reportedly great. State mediator Nils […]

35,000 poised to go out on strike

Norwegians may be wise to get their hair cut, stock up on bread, wine and coffee, and brace for bus and ferry chaos next week. Hair salons, bakeries and transport firms are just some of the private sector businesses targeted in a national strike that will begin from Sunday April 8, if employers’ and workers’ […]

Talks in overtime averted train strike

State railroad workers won a new collective bargaining agreement late Tuesday afternoon, after 17 hours of negotiations in overtime with the new state railroad agency Bane Nor. That heads off a train strike that threatened to disrupt service on several lines. Commuters could thus breathe a sigh of relief, as could both sides involved in […]