Thousands out hiking as autumn settles in

At least 47,000 Norwegians are estimated to have headed ut på tur (out on a hike) during the weekend, as the Norwegian mountain trekking association DNT (Den norske Turistforening) organized its annual Kom deg ut (literally “Get yourselves out”) day on Sunday. It’s also known as Norway’s largest Sunday stroll. DNT arranged special events all […]

Tougher times for street musicians

Traveling street musicians who’ve played on the streets of Oslo for years have been having a tougher time earning any money this summer. They’re facing a host of new challenges, from changing customs to the introduction of regulations. “I first came here for the atmosphere,” Jim Pizza, an American musician who insists that’s his real […]

New rain warnings up in Southern Norway

The state meteorologic institute issued warnings that more heavy rain is due to pour down on Telemark and Aust-Agder counties and most of southeastern Norway Tuesday night. “It can be quite intense,” predicted meteorologist Elbjørg Moxnes. “We’ve sent out warnings of 50 to 70 millimeters of rains in the course of 12 hours, beginning on Tuesday evening,” […]

Heavy rain set off flooding in Oslo

Torrential rain that poured down for hours on Wednesday left Norway’s capital with flooded cellars, streets and tunnels. Those attending the annual outdoor Øya music festival were drenched. State meteorologists registered 78.6 millimeters of rain at its weather station on Bygdøy in Oslo. Fully 21.1mm of it fell between 5- and 6pm. The heavy rain […]

More Norwegians out traveling

Nearly four out of five Norwegians have been taking off on summer holidays this year, with Crete, Mallorca, Rhodes, Split in Croatia and Cyprus emerging as their top destinations. A survey conducted by employers’ organization Virke also showed that 57 percent planned to spend holiday time abroad. There also was an increase in the numbers of Norwegians […]

Maintenance work cuts train service

Just as commuters are returning to work after the summer holidays, and tourist season remains in full swing, Norway’s national railroad has forced cuts in train service because of maintenance needs. Oslo’s central train station (Oslo S) will be mostly closed this weekend. “It’s unfortunate that the work is taking longer than fellesferien,” railroad spokesman […]

West Coast under deluge of rain, hail

Residents of Western Norway are accustomed to lots of rain and stormy weather, but even jaded natives have been amazed by the summer deluge that’s been hitting them this week. State meteorologist Elin Lundstad warned that the weather was “unfortunately likely to get worse, poor all of you.” Heavy rain drenched coastal areas from Kristiansand up to […]

The summer magic of Norway’s ‘marka’

PHOTO FEATURE: Most Norwegian towns and cities are surrounded by local hills and forests known as marka. They provide a fantastic rereational getaway for hiking in summer and skiing in winter, accessible by local transport lines, parking lots at trailheads for those with cars, or simply by walking out the door. In Oslo, the magic of […]

Stranded Norwegian passengers delayed again

After nearly three full days stuck at an airport in Oakland, California, 280 weary and frustrated passengers on Norwegian Air finally landed in Oslo on Wednesday. Hundeds of passengers on other Norwegian Air flights, however, were stuck from Malaga to Miami. The problems on board Norwegian Air’s flight from Oakland to Oslo began on Saturday when […]

Flood victims lack power and water

After being inundated with water from heavy rain and flooding, residents of Utvik  in the county of Sogn og Fjordane face being without fresh water in their homes for several days. They also lack power, but the local utility company was trying to deliver electricity from emergency generators. Stryn Energi was working to come up […]