Hot weather moves north

The hot, dry weather that’s left Southern Norway sweltering for weeks on end was making a sudden and strong appearance in the country’s northern counties this week. After an early summer that included storms and even snow, new heat records were already being set. The northern city of Bodø, which shivered through most of June, […]

Drought blamed for high power rates

The lengthy spell of hot and dry weather in central and southern Norway has sent electricity rates soaring. New figures show they’re now 90 percent higher than they were when they bottomed out exactly three years ago. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) cited high temperatures and rapid melting of last winter’s record amounts of […]

Drought-induced slaughters begin

Amidst fears it will set off a shortage of milk and dairy products, farmers lacking enough food for their cattle have started slaughtering some of their animals. The drought that’s left fields dry and without nutrients for cattle feed has spurred the worst agricultural crisis in Norway for more than 70 years.  Nortura, the national […]

Norway hasn’t been so dry since 1947

Even though some welcome rain fell in and around the Oslo area on Monday, it wasn’t nearly enough to end a drought that’s now raising more alarm over large parts of the country. Agriculture Minister John Georg Dale rolled out some emergency measures just before the weekend for farmers demanding state assistance. Farmers often call […]

Summer holidays close to home

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians launched their annual summer holidays over the weekend, which marked the start of the three-week period known as fellesferie. The myth that “everyone” heads for southern Europe or farther afield isn’t true, though, with three out of five Norwegians planning to stay in Norway, some of them in rather primitive […]

Heat cuts strawberry season short

Norwegians tend to be immensely proud of their locally grown strawberries, which usually ripen slowly under the near constant daylight of May and June until they’re hand-picked in July. This year, the heat wave and lack of rain has all but ruined conditions for the summertime delicacy. Growers warned early this week that blazing temperatures […]

More long lines at passport control

Norwegians taking off on summer holidays and tourists heading for home once again faced long lines at passport control at Oslo’s main airport, OSL Gardermoen, Tuesday morning. It was another reminder that it can still be necessary for those traveling out of the EU’s Schengen area to get to the airport early. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

Trains spark fires again

Trains on the rail line between Oslo and Gjøvik, which is used by thousands of commuters, ground to a halt again on Monday after a braking train set off sparks that ignited tinder dry shrubbery and grass along the tracks. The fires were extinguished before any evacuations of residents along the tracks at Nittedal were […]

Heat wave forecast through the week

Norwegian state meteorologists say they’ve never seen anything like it: Another whole week looms with nothing but sunshine and official temperatures predicted to be as high as 31C for much of southeastern Norway. Oslo has already been ranking among the hottest capitals in Europe. “When I look at this, I think that I should have […]

Brewery forced to halt production

Norway’s historic family-owned brewery Aass in Drammen has run out of the liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) it needs to produce beer and other carbonated soft drinks. Several other breweries are also running short because of a shortage in Northern Europe of the ingredient that makes drinks bubbly. Petter Nome, head of Norway’s trade association for […]