Massive emergency effort saved scouts

Things went wrong at a major gathering of speidere (scouts) in Northern Norway this week. Nearly 60 of them had to be rescued by helicopter during the night after they ran into problems on a strenuous mountain hike, and four were sent to hospital. Around 9,000 scouts from more than 30 countries have gathered outside Bodø in Nordland […]

Bergen sets new record for rain

Norway’s west coast capital of Bergen is known for its rain, but this summer has been the wettest ever so far. More rainfall on Sunday meant that it had rained 26 days in a row in June, breaking a record set in 1952. Meteorologists could report that more rain has fallen on the scenic if soggy […]

South swelters while north freezes

Rarely have temperature differences between Northern and Southern Norway been more extreme than in the past several days. Snow and sub-zero temps continue to freeze folks from Svalbard to Kirkenes and Tromsø, while those in the southern portions of the country have been enjoying early summer weather. Saturday could only be described as extraordinary, as temperatues […]

Protests fly after jetski ban is lifted

Norway’s conservative government coalition has given a green light for the use of jetskis, known locally as a vannskuter (literally, water scooter) in offshore waters beginning this summer. Local officials are protesting, both over the noise and safety hazards they pose, and intend to impose their right to regulate local use themselves. Mayor Jone Blikra of the Labour […]

Stavanger breaks new warmth record

It has never been warmer in Stavanger in September than it was on Tuesday. Folks flocked to the beaches along the North Sea when thermometers rose to more than 27C (around 80F). After a summer of rain and cool temperatures, Stavanger was positively basking in the unusual warmth this week. And it may get even […]

Bulletin: Sunshine returns to Norway

Heavy and destructive rains continued to pelt down on some areas of southern Norway during the weekend, but state meteorolgists correctly predicted that the sun would reappear on Sunday. It’s expected to shine most of the week, and over most of the country. “It’s not often we can forecast sunshine in such large portions of the country at the […]

West Coast mops up after record rain

Norway’s West Coast was trying to mop up after another day of record rainfall in Bergen and heavy downpours from Måløy to Kristiansand. Bergen set another dubious record for precipitation, with some neighbourhoods getting more rain than ever before in August. An official weather station at Florida in Bergen registered 76.2 millimeters of precipitation in a […]

Flood damage rises, more rain falling

It was raining again in Oslo Monday morning, after weekend downpours that flooded tunnels and blocked roads, halted trains and trams and even ruined exhibits and artifacts at the outdoor Norwegian Folk Museum. Flood damage estimates climbed into the “hundreds of millions” and insurance companies themselves were flooded with claims. Cars caught in tunnels and underpasses […]

Flooding closes roads and halts trains

UPDATED: Police and transportation officials were urging motorists not to drive on Saturday after torrential rains over wide areas of southeastern Norway led to flooding and closed roads. Both the E6 and E18 highways south and west of Oslo respectively were closed around 1pm. Train travel was also disrupted in the Oslo area, which was among the regions hit […]

Heavy rain set off flooding

Norway’s southwestern counties of Hordaland and Rogaland have had a disappointing summer, with lots of pouring rain and, now, flooding. Traffic was backed up for lengthy periods on the main E39 highway at Randaberg on Thursday after the flooding also closed important tunnels. State broadcaster NRK reported that the E39 Byfjord tunnel and the Mastrafjortunnel […]