Two more deaths tied to swine flu

Norway has suddenly emerged as among the countries in Europe hardest hit by the swine flu virus, and authorities don’t know why. The death count rose to 13 on Wednesday and many more flu patients have been admitted to intensive care units in local hospitals. The latest victims were a woman in her 30s from […]

State now urges vaccination for all

Norway’s new Health Minister Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen announced Friday that state health officials now recommend that all Norwegians, not just those in high-risk categories, be vaccinated against the swine flu virus. They’re concerned that only 20 percent of the population has appeared willing to accept the vaccine. Strøm-Erichsen said the vaccine, which arrived in Norway last […]

Few willing to take swine flu vaccine

Only one in five Norwegians is willing to be vaccinated against swine flu, according to a new survey. The low response rate worries state health officials, who want people to protect not only themselves but others as well. One health care official went so far as to appeal to Norwegians on Tuesday that it’s their […]

Swine flu found on local farm

Farmers’ organizations want their members to be allocated the first batches of swine flu vaccine that are arriving in Norway, after the disease was confirmed on a farm in Nord-Trøndelag. Around 1,400 animals will now be slaughtered. Meanwhile, both farmers and state officials were busy assuring Norwegians that it was still safe to eat pork. […]

Swine flu claims first local victims

Norwegian health authorities have confirmed that a teenager near Larvik and a woman who died over the weekend in Akershus both succumbed to swine flu. The older woman also had heart and lung ailments, however, and officials are toning down the threat of a swine flu epidemic this autumn. The 16-year-old girl who died this […]

Election campaign heads home

Politicians from all of Norway’s various parties have now started reaching out directly to voters, and many aim to ring thousands of doorbells in the weeks running up to the September 14 election. Campaign promises and proposals, meanwhile, are running thick. The politicians and their campaign workers freely admit they’re borrowing tactics from the successful […]

Norway Cup tackles swine flu

It was, perhaps, inevitable. Nearly 30,000 youngsters from all over the world are in Oslo this week for the huge, international Norway Cup football (soccer) tournament. Now six of them have confirmed cases of swine flu, and tournament officials are doing all they can to stop the illness from spreading. It’s not easy at an […]

Swine flu cases mounting quickly

Confirmed cases of the swine flu virus are suddenly spreading at a much more rapid rate all over Norway. Emergency rooms are packed and health authorities are referring patients to their own doctors and advising them to stay home. Oslo’s main emergency hospital, Legevakt , was full this week of Norwegians worried they’d been infected […]

Health experts warn of new swine flu outbreak this fall

Nearly a quarter of Norway’s population may fall ill this autumn when a new outbreak of swine flu is expected to hit Europe. It’s not clear whether it will be a less-aggressive or more-aggressive strain of the virus that struck thousands this spring. Norwegian health authorities aren’t sounding any major alarms, but they’re bracing for […]

Swine flu reaches Norway, without major drama

Norwegian health officials recorded their first cases of swine flu over the weekend, but only two cases have been confirmed and neither was serious enough to warrant a hospital stay. Treatment began immediately and precautions were taken against any threat of further infection. No dramatic measures were planned. “It’s important to stress that (the reported […]