Little property tax relief in state budget

Even though Norway’s conservative government coalition opposes property tax, it didn’t do anything to prevent local governments from imposing it in the state budget. There is a proposal, however, to keep it from rising too quickly. Residents of Oslo, for example, are getting hit with much higher property tax bills than expected because of higher […]

Jensen presents a ‘budget for growth’

Transport, defense, health and education emerged as the winners in what commentators described as the government’s “neutral” state budget for 2018. Finance Minister Siv Jensen, confident after helping to steer Norway through its biggest economic crisis in years, described it as a “secure and future-oriented” budget that will prod more economic growth. “The government has […]

New ‘Tesla tax’ gears up the opposition

After promising that electric cars would retain all their tax advantages in the new state budget, the Norwegian government has charged up opposition over a reported proposal to impose a new one-time tax that seems tailor-made for those buying popular, high-end Teslas. One of the government’s own former support parties, which it still needs to […]

Artist Odd Nerdrum wins royal pardon

Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum, convicted of tax evasion in several courts and facing a year in prison, has received a royal pardon from King Harald V. No reason for the unusual pardon was given, after the government had relented and forwarded Nerdrum’s pardon application to the palace. “Odd Nerdrum was pardoned by royal resolution on […]

Oslo politicians defend tax windfall

The Labour Party-led city government in Oslo is flush with billions of extra tax kroner, not least because of the city’s new Labour-imposed property tax and the jump in property values. After budgeting with an extra NOK 450 million this year, the city can count on roughly NOK 3.6 billion in unexpected tax revenues next […]

Bridge champs hit by jail terms

Many Norwegians were unaware that they could claim two of the world’s best bridge players, until both were convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to jail last week. They were accused of failing to declare their income, which was so high that it had long failed to qualify as proceeds from a tax-free hobby. “I’m […]

Tax havens lose their attraction

Norwegians who’ve stashed wealth abroad, to avoid paying taxes on it, are about to lose the anonymity of tax havens they once enjoyed. Banks in more than 100 countries including Norway are starting to exchange account information that reveal holdings their owners wanted to keep secret.  Norwegian tax director Hans Christian Holte warns that by […]

Støre reveals funds, and his priorities

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre, fighting to reverse a dive in voter support just a week before Norway’s parliamentary election, has changed his mind and decided to be more open about his private finances. At the same time he answered calls for more clarity about his political agenda by unveiling 10 priorities for his first 100 […]

Støre denies any tax evasion

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre hasn’t been having a very good week. Not only is is party sagging in the polls, a local newspaper reported that when Støre renovated the pier at his summer house six years ago, some of the work was done without taxes being paid on it. Newspaper Finansavisen reported that a […]

Labour broke tax vows around Norway

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre has asked voters to rely on his promise that a government led by him won’t raise taxes by more than NOK 15 billion over the next four years. His own party, however, has repeatedly broken its tax promises made in all three cities where Labour took over for the Conservatives […]