Suspect released after terror scare

A 26-year-old Norwegian charged with unleashing a terror alarm at a regional airport heading into the weekend was released from police custody on Sunday. Police and prosecutors saw no danger he’d tamper with any evidence or set off a new scare. He remains charged with filing a false alarm that led to major disruption at […]

Jerusalem decision sets off warnings

Reaction was swift in Norway to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Norwegian government was quick to state its concerns, while leaders of the opposition in Parliament and wide variety of commentators were harshly critical and even had some warnings of their own. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, […]

Filming re-enacted July 22 terrorist attack

Downtown Oslo was once again the scene of howling sirens, flashing blue lights, armed soldiers and terrified, injured people running for their lives during the weekend. It was all part of the filming for a new Netflix production that brought back bad memories for more than a few passersby. “I think this is much too […]

PST wants police to always be armed

UPDATED: Norway’s civilian police intelligence unit PST has, for the first time, gone public in recommending that Norwegian police be armed at all times. PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) thinks a state commission that advised against permanent arming last spring had an “imprecise” picture of today’s terror threats. Norway’s justice minister has now followed up by ordering […]

Asylum seekers charged for terror ties

Two men who arrived in Norway as asylum seekers from Syria have been arrested and charged with having ties to terrorists. The two arrests are not directly related and were made in two different areas of the country. State broadcaster NRK reported Wednesday evening that the men were initially arrested in September. One of the […]

Police, military carry out major anti-terror exercise

Around 900 police and military personnel were taking part in a major anti-terror exercise in Oslo and the southern Agder counties early this week. More police than usual were due on the streets in downtown Oslo, and helicopters were likely to fly overhead. Several ministries and civilian partners were also involved in the exercise. “Our […]

Teenage bomb-maker sentenced to jail

A Russian teenager who set off a major bombscare in downtown Oslo last spring was sentenced to prison for nine months on Monday. The local city court didn’t believe his version of why he was found in Oslo’s congested Grønland district with a home-made explosive device on a Saturday night in April, just a day […]

Trial starts over teenager and his bomb

A 17-year-old refugee from the Northern Caucasus went on trial in Oslo Monday, charged with possession of dangerous explosives after he set off a major bomb scare in Oslo’s Grønland district last spring. The teenager has, however, avoided being hit with terrorism charges. “He is incredibly glad that he’s not under terror indictment,” his defense […]

‘No increase’ in terror threat

Neither immigration nor the recent spate of terrorist attacks around Europe has raised the threat of an attack in Norway, claim both government and police officials. Calls are going out, though, for re-arming the police and more barriers on city streets, while plans for Norway’s new police preparedness center have finally been approved. Justice Minister Per-Willy […]

King Harald sends condolences to Spain

Norway’s King Harald V joined leaders around the world in sending messages of condolence to the people of Spain, following Thursday’s terrorist attack in Barcelona. The Norwegian government also sent its sympathy shortly after at least 13 people were killed when a van believed to have been driven by a teenage Muslim ran them down. […]