Terror suspect held in custody

A 17-year-old boy caught with an explosive device in downtown Oslo just before Easter was ordered held in custody for at least another two weeks on Monday. Investigators say their suspicions that he was planning a terrorist attack have been strengthened. Kathrine Tonstad of state police intelligence unit PST, which took over the investigation, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

PST takes over after Oslo bomb scare

UPDATED: Norway’s police intelligence and anti-terror unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) has taken over an investigation launched late Saturday night following the discovery of a suspicious “object” believed to be a bomb in Oslo’s Grønland district. A large portion of the busy downtown district was cordoned off and subject to evacuation until the mysterious object could be destroyed. There was a […]

Passports needed for trips to Sweden

The terrorist attack that stunned Sweden heading into the weekend has prompted the country to tighten border control. That means Norwegians also need to take their passports with them when crossing the border, even for just an Easter week daytrip for shopping. “My general advice is that everyone traveiling to and from Sweden should have […]

Islamist dreamed of ‘crushing’ City Hall

A young Norwegian Islamist convicted of recruiting others to the terrorist organization ISIL wants to destroy all the statues around Oslo’s City Hall and longs for the day when Muslim prayers will stream out of the landmark building’s tower instead of chimes. Ubaydullah Hussain said so himself, along with many other things, in a long-anticipated documentary that was […]

Islamist sentenced to ‘historic’ jail term

UPDATED: The Oslo City Court sentenced one of Norway’s most high-profile Islamists, Ubaydullah Hussain, to nine years in prison on Tuesday for having been a member of the terror organization ISIL and recruiting others to join it. Legal experts called the sentence “historic” because it’s the first to address illegal participation in a terrorist organization, and sets […]

Secrecy hinders defense of security

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government’s insistence on withholding a highly critical State Auditor General’s report on the status of national security has made it difficult if not impossible for police and defense officials to defend themselves from allegations of incompetence. Defense ministry officials claim they can’t comment on the contents of the report, because it’s classified as confidential. Some may argue that […]

‘Security so poor’ it ‘had to be hidden’

UPDATED: Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) has gained access to a State Auditor General’s report on national security that was intended to be made public, but which the Norwegian government has withheld on the grounds it would further endanger it. The report shows that efforts to improve Norway’s national security following terrorist attacks in 2011 have […]

Stoltenberg, Brende condemn attack in London

NATO’s Norwegian chief Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Børge Brende were among those attending a meeting of the Coalition against terror organization IS in Washington DC on Wednesday, and who all condemned Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London. Norway’s own police intelligence service was evaluating the terrorist threat level, as support poured in for London residents. Both Stoltenberg […]

Secrecy surrounds a lack of security

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and both her defense and justice ministers have had to admit this week, at public hearings called by the Parliament’s disciplinary committee, to serious shortcomings in national preparedness and security. Solberg’s government is still insisting, however, on keeping a state auditor’s highly critical report on the situation secret, and that’s setting off even more criticism […]

MPs debate lessons from Afghanistan

The Norwegian government and Members of Parliament (MPs) finally took time in the New Year to study and debate Norway’s lengthy participation in the war in Afghanistan. Most agree, at least, on one conclusion from a critical report by experts last year: Norway proved itself to be a good and reliable ally of the US, which led the […]